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Shin So Yul of 'Reply 1994' fame is ravishing in white for 'A.H.C' cosmetics

Actress Shin So Yul of "reply 1994" ... reply 1994" fame showed a sweet and pure image as the model for cosmetics brand "A.H.C." A few cuts were revealed of her looking radiant in white, perfectly capturing the air of innocence with her sweet smile. Her agency Family A

MBLAQ, "We Contact Rain But He Doesn't Reply"

Idol group MBLAQ revealed their relationship with ... eparate CEO

Hyun Bin’s new pictorial + talks about his friendship with ‘Reply 1994′s Jung Woo for ‘High Cut’

Hyun Bin opened up about his long-awaited return to ... reply 1994“s Jung Woo for “High Cut”!The actor looked like he got even more handsome with age, either that or he”s been gone from the screen for a while that this served as a good reminder on how charismatic he is. His suave hairstyle and urban-chic outfits got fans ready for the much-needed dose of Hyun Bin to come in hi

Producer Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung plan to make another “Reply” series

Producer Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung have ... reply 1997” and “reply 1994“. They are planning to make the third ”reply” series.A representative from tvN shared, “It is true that Producer Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo

'Reply' PD and scripwriter are preparing for a new work,'Will it be 'Reply' season 3?'

Shin Won Ho PD and Lee Woo Jung scriptwriter from ... reply 1997” and “reply 1994“. They are planning to make the third ”reply” series.A representative from tvN shared, “It is true that Producer Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo

“Reply 1994” PD Shin Won Ho Working on New Drama

PD Shin Won Ho, director of hit tvN dramas “reply ... reply 1997” and “reply 1994,” is working on a new drama. According to a tvN representative on March 25, PD Shin Won Ho is in the middle of planning a new project. PD Shin and the “reply

Will there be a 3rd season for the “Reply” series?

Will there be a 3rd season for the “reply” ... reply” series? There have been some rumors that the “reply” series, such as “reply 1997” and “reply 1994”, will be making a 3rd series soon. On an employment site, a job openin

Looking Back at “Reply 1997″ and “Reply 1994″

Warning: Contains Spoilers 1. Introduction ... 1. Introduction Last year, tvN scored a smash hit with “reply 1997,” transporting us to a much simpler decade infused with nostalgia, growing pains, 90s pop culture and fan girls. The drama premiered with li

INFINITE reveal Sunggyu’s most common phrases + Hoya shares reason for crying while watching “Reply 1994″

On the March 13 episode of “This ... 13 episode of “This Is Infinite“, INFINITE members showed how well they understood each other.Sunggyu asked his fellow members, “What do I say often these days?” One member answered, “That”s contrived,” but the other members continued, “Snap out of it,” “You idiot,” “Let”s get a drink” and, “Come to Cheongdam.” Finally

Infinite’s Hoya Says He Didn’t Watch ‘Reply 1994’

While everyone was raving about tvN’s reply ... reply 1994, Infinite’s Hoya may have been crying about it. In the recently recorded episode of Mnet’s This is Infinite, the members participated in a game to get to know each other better. With the beginning of the new school y

Brave Entertainment’s New Female Artist Park Soo Jin Releases MV Teaser Featuring “Reply 1994″ Kim Sung Kyun

Park Soo Jin is one step closer to her official ... ep closer to her official debut the release of her first music video teaser for debut single, “My Story.” The music video features actor Kim Sung Kyun of the hit drama “reply 1994.” In contrast to his

Go Ara shares a friendly photo with 'Reply 1994' cast

Go Ara shared a photo with Yoo Yeon Suk, Kim Sung ... 14* Yes!"In the photo, all four of them were looking at the camera that Yoo Yeon Suk was holding and showed their bright expressions.It's nice to know that the cast still keep in touch with each other

Several “Reply 1994″ Cast Members Reunite

Actress Go Ara recently caught up with a few of her ... reply 1994.” On March 9, actress Go Ara shared the photo to her Twitter with the following caption, “Spring snow. Today feels like Christmas in March. It’s been snowing heavily since this morning, on Ma

Ha Ji Won Shows Off Natural Beauty 17 Years Ago in 1997 Drama “A Bluebird Has It”

Ha Ji Won shows off her natural beauty in a scene ... 17 years ago from the 1997 drama “A Bluebird Has It.” The old scenes of the actress were shown on March 3 broadcast of talk show “YeoYouManMan.” The show was doing a top ten list of the highest rat

Eunji and Dohee share each other’s respective ‘Reply’ characters

Eunji and Dohee gave praises for each other!On SBS” ... enge 1000 Song“, MC Lee Hwi Jae said, “Eunji and Dohee were on “reply 1997” and “reply 1994“, respectively. It”s a unique relationship. What did you two think about eac

Apink's Eunji was impressed with Do Hee's dialect in 'Reply 1994'

On March 2nd, Apink's Eunji and Tiny-G's Do Hee appeared ... 1000 Songs Challenge".During the show, when MC Lee Hwi Jae mentioned that both of them starred in "reply 1997" and "reply 1994", Eunji then said,"I made a phone call to Shin Won Ho director of "reply 1994" and he said this to me,"There's someone who is just like you. She really just speaks with her dialect. It was fun filming with her""She

A Pink’s Eunji Compliments Tiny-G’s Dohee on Her “Upgraded” Satoori in “Reply 1994″

On March 2, A Pink’s Jung Eunji and Tiny-G’s Dohee ... 1000 Songs Challenge.” The rest of the A Pink members made guest appearances as well. Sometime during the show, MC Lee Hwi Jae asked Eunji and Dohee, “Eunji and Dohee have both appeared on ‘reply 1997’ and ‘reply 1994,’ respectively. What do you both think of each other?” Jung Eunji said, “When I spoke with directo

VIXX’s N chooses Seohyun as his dreamed type and reveals a story from his ‘Reply 1997′ audition

The VIXX members appeared on SBS“s radio show “Cultwo ... reply 1997,”" “How bad was his accent?” and more

VIXX’s N Failed His Audition for ‘Reply 1997’ Because of His Accent

It looks like VIXX N was another idol group member ... reply 1997 but failed. On February 25, N appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s Two O’clock Escape with BTS’ Rap Monster and ToppDogg’s Sando. The three idols played out a skit with Cultwo, in which N’s character was

Olympic Champion Usain Bolt Sends a Reply Tweet to “Infinity Challenge”

Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter and Olympic Champion, ... enge.” On the Jamaica special on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” which aired on February 22, HaHa, Noh Hong Chul, and Jung Hyung Don made an attempt to get in contact with Usain Boil through Twitter. The reply Usain Bolt sent to HaHa on February 6 was revealed on the show. The