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V.O.S’ Choi Hyun Joon to Have May Wedding with Model Girlfriend

V.O.S’ Choi hyun Joon is getting ... hyun Joon is getting married. Star Empire entertainment spoke with Newsen on April 23, saying, “Choi hyun Joon will be getting married on May 18 at a wedding hall in Gangnam Daechi-dong. The officiat

Jun Hyun Moo, Park Ji Yoon, SJ-M Henry, and Hong Jin Ho Film ‘Crime Scene’ Today

The new mystery variety program, Crime Scene is coming.According ... ing.According to several broadcast affiliates, jTBC’s Crime Scene began shooting privately on April 23. As stated previously, Jun hyun Moo participated in the closed shooting of Crime Scene on this day, along with Park Ji Yoon, pro-gamer Hong Jin Ho, lawyer Lim Bang Geul, Super Junior-M’s Henry, and NS Yoon Ji. The diverse group of people on the show attracted

V.O.S' Choi Hyun Joon to tie the knot next month

V.O.S" Choi hyun Joon has confirmed his wedding ... hyun Joon has confirmed his wedding date for this May. His agency Star Empire told Newsen on April 23, "Choi hyun Joon will hold his wedding ceremony at a wedding hall in Daechidong in Gangnam, Seoul on May 18. The detail

Actor Jang Hyun Sung speaks up about signing on with YG Entertainment

Back in January, it was reported that plethora ... in January, it was reported that plethora of actors signed on with YG Entertainment. This included actor Jang hyun Sung, whom many may recognize from "Three Days" or "Superman is Back" in which he appears with adorable sons Jun Woo and Jun Suh.

Chinese Magazine Releases Cover Image Featuring Jun Ji Hyun

Actress Jun Ji hyun will be featured on the ... hyun will be featured on the cover of the May issue of the Chinese edition of fashion and style magazine Harper’s Bazaar. The front cover image was released on the magazine’s official Weibo site, and features the actress dressed in a hot pink dress with matching lip gloss. Chi

Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Min Jung show off their friendship in BTS photo for 'Gabdongi' + still cut

Yoon Sang hyun and Kim Min Jung showed ... hyun and Kim Min Jung showed that they support each other both onscreen and off in a behind-the-scenes photo from their tvN drama "Gabdongi"! SEE ALSO: Drama Review "Gabdongi" - episode 2 Yoon Sang hyun plays the role of detective Ha Moo Yeom, and Kim Min Jung plays the role of doctor Maria Oh. The two

Jun Ji Hyun is pretty in pink for China's 'Harper's Bazaar' magazine

On April 21, China"s edition of "Harper"s Bazaar" ... ina"s edition of "Harper"s Bazaar" magazine released the cover of their May issue featuring the lovely actress, Jun Ji hyun. Sporting a subtly waved hairstyle and a hot pink look on her cheeks, lips, and outfit the timeless beauty drew all eyes to the bright cover. i

Hyun Bin’s Comeback Movie “The Fatal Encounter” Hits N. American Theaters in May

“The Fatal Encounter” will be coming to ... ing to many theaters in North America next month on May 23. For hyun Bin, this is his first major movie role after completing his mandatory military service. Also starring in the

Jun Ji Hyun Covers A Fashion Magazine In China

  Actress Jun Ji hyun covered a fashion ... hyun covered a fashion magazine in China. Harper"s Bazaar China on April 21, 2014, posted the cover of the May issue on its official Weibo account. in the cov

Hyun Bin Shows Off His Sexy Charisma

  Actor hyun Bin recently posed ... hyun Bin recently posed for the celebrity style magazine High cut for awesome fashion photos. in the follow up interview, hyun Bin discussed his recent times in the Korean military, and filming the movie "Yuk Rin," a story of the Korean king Jung Jo. i

Kim Hyun Joong On Love, Dating And Marriage, “I Don’t Think I Will Get Married”

  Because of his passion and dedication for acting, ... ing, Kim hyun Joong thinks that he might not get married at all. During his interview with news portal Newsen, he was asked to share his thoughts on marriage, to which he answered, "I don"t think I can get married." He continued, "By the time I f

Melody of Love Episode 118 Review: Kim Hye Sun Tells Baek Sung Hyun to Break Up with Da Som

in Melody of Love, episode 118, Yoon ... in Melody of Love, episode 118, Yoon Ji Young(played by Kim Hye Sun) told Park hyun Woo(played by Baek Sung hyun) to break up with Gong Deul Im(played by Da Som). Previously, Ji Young found out that Gong Soo Im(played by Hwang Sun Hee) has been investigating Park Bum Jin(played by Sun Woo Jae Duk) and Yoon Suk Tae(played by Kang in Duk) and got mad.

Kim Hyun Joong Refuses To Portray Flower Boy And Student Roles In The Future

Despite being known for portraying ... ing known for portraying flower boy and top student characters, actor Kim hyun Joong admitted that he wants to break away from this stereotype by refusing to portray such roles in the future. "I want

Kim So Hyun shows up for two minutes at the Hyundai Car Exhibition in Beijing

Actor Kim So hyun proves he is not someone ... hyun proves he is not someone who breaks his promise especially to his fans.On April 20, Kim So hyun attended the 'Beijing Car Show at hyundai Car Exhibition held in Beijing as he is its promotional brand model. The '

Actress Jun Ji Hyun Graces The Cover Of China's BAZAAR Magazine

Actress Jun Ji hyun has been featured on the ... hyun has been featured on the cover of China"s BAZAAR magazine. On April 21, China"s Harper BAZAAR revealed the May edition"s cover photo through Weibo. in

Kim Soo Hyun Waits Four Hours to Apologize to Fans

Excitement was thick in the air for eight ... in the air for eight thousand Chinese fans who came to see Kim Soo hyun at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. Unfortunately, however, the actor was only able to attend the event for about two minutes. Kim Soo hyu

Kim Soo Hyun Brought Thousands Of Fans To Chinese Motor Show

Actor Kim Soo hyun attracted approximately ... hyun attracted approximately 8,000 fans just to see him in 2014 Beijing Motor Show event.The actor has been signed as the promotional model for hyundai at the auto show. Despite the d

Kim Soo Hyun Attends Motor Show in China for Two Minutes

Kim Soo hyun attended a motor show in ... hyun attended a motor show in China but left after two minutes. Gathering popularity in Chinese speaking countries after starring in You Who Came From the Stars, Kim Soo hyun attended ‘2014 Beijing Motor Show’ that launched on April 20. Accord

Actor Jang Hyun Sung Joins Other Top Actor For A New Film 'C'est Si Bon'

Multi talented actor Jang hyun Sung, who was ... hyun Sung, who was well known for his protrayal on "Three Days" or Jun Woo and Jun Suh"s dad on hit variety show "Superman is Back", has another anticipated role on the upcoming movie "C"est Si Bon". One film inside

Kim Soo Hyun brings thousands of fans to Chinese motor show

Hallyu actor Kim Soo hyun brought in ... hyun brought in over 8,000 fans who clamored for a glimpse at their favorite Korean actor at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show! The actor had been signed as a promotional model for hyundai at the auto show. Despite a delay due