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Girl’s Day Turn Bridal for "Something" Showcase

Girl’s Day released their music video for “Something,” ... Girl’s Day released their music video for “Something,” written by Double Sidekick, off their third mini-album, on January 3. They held a showcase in Gangnam yesterday to promote their new album, “Every Day Girl’s Day III – Something

Lee Hyori’s Bridal Comment, ‘Why do men fall asleep so quickly?’

Lee Hyori, Lee Sang Soon, Kim Jae Dong, Hye Park ... bridal Comment, ‘Why do men fall asleep so quickly?’ Lee Hyori is currently enjoying her newlywed life with musician Lee Sang Soon, and revealed a unique testimony. On November 12th, Lee Hyori wrote on her Twitter, "Why do men fall a

BESTie Celebrate Halloween a Little Early in Monster Mask Dance Practice Video

BESTie, Brave Brothers BESTie Halloween "Love ... BESTie, Brave Brothers BESTie Halloween "Love Options" Dance Video Halloween is almost upon us and some of our favorite K-Pop stars are even getting in the spooky mood. The gals of idol group BESTie released a Halloween-inspired dance practice video for their fans to enjoy

Ulsan Fetes Legend of Cheoyong with Mask Dances

The city of Ulsan in southwest Korea comes alive with ... The city of Ulsan in southwest Korea comes alive with singing and dancing every October when it holds a festival to commemorate the local legend of Cheoyong. This year, the festival was held from Oct. 3-6

Park Ki-woong, completely different from "Bridal Mask"

Park Ki-woong became a pretty bachelor. Pictures of ... bridal mask" or movie "Secretly and Greatly" went through a major transformation and plays the role of a spoiled wealthy prince who turns over a new leaf

2NE1 CL, Black Mask+Crop Tee 'Sexy Charisma'

2ne1, cl 2ne1 cl charismatic picture Group ... mask and a crop tee. On August 3, CL posted on her Instagram two pictures of herself. In the pictures, CL is wearing a black bandana over her mouth and a crop tee that revealed all of her waist an

KARA Kang Jiyoung Picture Before Going To Sleep, 'Face Mask'

KARA, Kang Jiyoung KARA Kang Jiyoung Picture ... ep, 'Face mask' Girl group KARA's member Kang Jiyoung revealed her beauty before going to sleep. Today, Kang Jiyoung posted on her Twitter, "I'm going to sleep after putting on face mask. Good night" along with a picture. In the picture, Kang Jiyoung is sho

Girls' Generation Taeyeon Shows off Leopard Print Eye Mask, 'Cute and Sexy'

Girls Generation, Taeyeon Girls' Generation ... mask, 'Cute and Sexy' Girls' Generation Taeyeon revealed her cute eye mask. Yesterday on her instagram she posted, "Have a good night," along with a picture. In the picture, she is wearing her leopard print eye mask and is making cute and s

Park Ki Woong of “Bridal Mask” Sets Enlistment Date

Sad news! Actor Park Ki Woong, who recently ... bridal mask” and “Full House 2”, has announced his military enlistment date. Fans, mark October 4 as a day of tears. Park Ki Woong will be joining the Seoul District Police D

Eun Ji Won Wore a Mask during his Days as an Idol

As a first generation idol group member, Eun Ji Won ... mask. On March 29, Eun Ji Won appeared as a guest on SBS’ Thank You as the bunch traveled to Suncheon to talk of life. Eun Ji Won shared about his experiences as the leader of Sechs Kies and how he pretended

SHINee Jonghyun Uses Face Mask on an Airplane? "The Flight Attendant Thought I Was a Ghost"

SHINee, Jonghyun, Dream Girl SHINee Jonghyun ... mask On an Airplane? "The Flight Attendant Thought I Was a Ghost" Group SHINee's Jonghyun revealed a face mask self-camera on the airplane. On March 16, Jonghyun posted on his Twitter, "I put on a fac

Se7en Reveals Picture with a Scary Mask On, 'Be Careful of the Flu'

Se7en Se7en Reveals Picture with a Scary mask ... mask On, 'Be Careful of the Flu' Singer Se7en revealed a self-camera photo full of his charisma. Se7en posted on his Twitter, "Be careful of the flu," along with a picture. In the picture, Se7en is wearing a mas

Korean drama of the week "Bridal Mask"

Korean drama of the week "bridal mask" ... bridal mask" (2012)Directed by Yoon Seong-sikWritten by Yoo Hyeon-miNetwork : KBSWith Joo Won, Jin Se-yeon, Park Ki-woong, Han Chae-ah, Shin Hyeon-joon, Song Ok-sook,...28 episodes - W

Teen Top's L.Joe Talks About "Mask Kiss" Scene with Shin Bora

The comedian Shin Bora appeared on Teen Top’s ... mask. Recently at a Teen Top showcase, L.Joe talked about the infamous “mask Kiss.” The Teen Top 1st official album showcase was held at the Interpark Art Center on February 26. At the showcase L.Joe stat

Lee Joon-ki dresses up in triangle hair and goblin mask

Lee Joon-ki posted on his Weibo, "I went out and looked ... mask and playing around. It's important to find the inner child in you". In the pictures, Lee Joon-ki is wearing a head mask that looks like a triangular kimbab and making a face so playful. Lee Joon-

G-Dragon poses with Anpanman mask

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently updated his Twitter ... ep and wake up it will be the Seoul concert. I hope all of you gain rest and tomorrow let’s go crazy. Everyone, good night. I will see you tomorrow yo.” Along with his tweet, the rapper shared a photo of himse

Wonder Girls’ Sunye Celebrates Bridal Shower with BFFs

Wonder Girls’ Sunye recently celebrated ... bridal Shower with BFF,” and attached several photos. As shown in the photo, the bridal shower was pretty low-key party with cake and flowers. Nonetheless, Sunye looks happy with a beautiful bridal glow. Netizens who

Wonder Girls’ Sun attends a bridal shower prior to her upcoming wedding

Wonder Girls‘ Sun recently had a lovely bridal ... bridal shower before getting married. Sun uploaded some pictures of the event on her Twitter account on the 21st and wrote, “bridal Shower with BFF @Lee Myung Soon Room in Paradise Hotel… Bright morning!!!”. Sun will be tying the knot to her fiance

Joo Won to re-enact “Bridal Mask” at “2012 KBS Drama Acting Awards”

On December 25th, a representative of KBS channel ... epresentative of KBS channel confirmed, “Actor Joo Won will be re-enacting the unforgettable scene from the drama ‘bridal mask’ at the ‘2012 KBS Drama Acting Awards.’” Joo Won has d

SooBin, Self-Camera With a Mask Over Her Eyes "I Got Plastic Surgery"

dal shabet, soobin, twitter dal shabet soobin ... mask over her eyes that has double eyelid eyes drawn on it. Internet users who saw this commented, "Scared me," "Looks good on her," "So cute