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K-Pop Girl Group AOA Set To Finish Their 'Short Skirt' Promotion This Week

(Photo : STARN) AOA didn"t forget to leave a comment ... up their "Short skirt" promotion.On February 14th, AOA was featured on KBS 2TV "Music Bank". They had their performance and also interview on the show. They said, "We think that we made a significant growth through this prom

G-Dragon Rocks a Skirt for J.Estina

G-Dragon daringly wears a skirt over pants ... skirt over pants in a way that very few models can. As one of the newest models for the Korean luxury brand J.Estina, Big Bang"s G-Dragon sports the daring skirt over pants look.As a fashion-forward model

G-Dragon′s Rocks a Skirt, Heels and Zebra Print

Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s backpack has been increasing ... skirt and heels. The zebra patterned backpack that he wore in the photo has especially been showing signs of hit, as inquiries have been made from not only in Korea but from overseas as well. A J.ESTINA rep said, “As soon as the photos were released on online, bus shelters and magazines, numerous inquiries have been made about his style

Girl's Day, Constantly Covering Their Legs That Show Through Their Slit Skirt? 'Busy Hands'

Girl's Day members were busy covering their legs. ... up Girl's Day's members Hyeri and Sojin were constantly taking care of their appearance. Even while laughing, they did not take their hands off their skirt and were busy covering their legs. Girl's Day's comeback outfits were all-white with a skirt tha

Why Did Teen Top's L.Joe Try on a Skirt?

Recently, idol group Teen Top‘s member ... up Teen Top‘s member L. Joe once again proved why he is nicknamed the “Lightweight Idol.” On the episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” which was aired on September 11, an interview took place with Teen Top. During the show, L

miss A Suzy's Rebellion? Leather Skirt + Smokey Eye Makeup "Sexy"

miss a, suzy miss a photo shoot with mlb miss ... miss a, suzy miss a photo shoot with mlb miss a photo shoot with mlb The sports casual brand MLB revealed their photo shoot with miss A. MLB revealed the 2013 F/W season photo shoot with miss A

Clara, "I'm Going To Wear a Slit Skirt For My Next Baseball Game"

clara, mbc, three wheels clara next baseball ... skirt with slit on the side," and she said, "That sounds like a good idea

'We Got Married' Jung Jin Woon, Considerate of Go Joon Hee Wearing a Short Skirt

jin woon, 2am, go joon hee, we got married, mbc ... skirt Jung Jin Woon showed consideration for Go Joon Hee wearing a short skirt. In MBC entertainment program "We Got Married" season 4, Jung Jinwoon showed concern for his virtual wife Go Joon Hee when they were going up the stairs during their honeymoon trip to Japan. He said, "Your skirt is short. Even if you're wearing pants under," and made Go Jo

Girls' Day Minah Turns Into a Cute Cook In Red Skirt

Girls Day, Minah Girls' Day Minah Turns Into ... skirt Group Girls' Day's member Minah wore a red skirt, turning into a cook. Today, Minah posted on her Twitter, "Queen cook" along with a picture. In the picture, Minah is wearing a red skirt with a bow aroun

Lee Hi Rocks a Plastic Skirt? 'Unique Fashionista'

Lee Hi, Concert Lee Hi Rocks a Plastic skirt? ... skirt? 'Unique Fashionista' Singer Lee Hi gained attention for her unique fashion sense. At her first solo live concert, 'RE-HI', she revealed her plastic skirt and gained much attention. This concert was held to celebrate her first

Juniel Reveals Teaser Video Online, 'Cute Pink Mini Skirt'

Juniel, Comeback, MV, Teaser, A Cute Guy Juniel ... skirt' Singer Juniel has revealed her teaser video online for "A Cute Guy" today. Juniel revealed her cute dance in the teaser video today. She wore a pink mini skirt and sneakers and revealed a cute and feminine image. This new

Ivy Mini Skirt Fashion Becomes An Issue, 'Super Model'

Ivy Ivy Mini skirt Fashion Becomes An ... skirt Fashion Becomes An Issue, 'Super Model' Ivy showed off her skinny legs through a mini skirt fashion. Ivy attended the '2013 Seoul Fashion Week Song Yoo Jin Fashion Show' held in Seoul. On this day, Ivy w

miss A Suzy Flaunts Her Legs in a Tight Skirt? 'Healthy'

miss A, Suzy miss A Suzy Flaunts Her Legs in ... skirt? 'Healthy' miss A member Suzy showed off her leg line. Recently on an online community, miss A Suzy was seen with her members on set while they were filming. Suzy showed off her clean-cut image with her jacket and O

'We Got Married' Jung Jinwoon, At Go Joon Hee Wearing a Short Skirt 'I Don't Like Short Skirts'

2AM, Jung Jinwoon, Go Joon Hee, MBC, We Got Married ... uple 2AM's Jung Jinwoon and actress Go Joon Hee came to a disagreement. In MBC "We Got Married" aired today, Jung Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee met for the first time and had time to get to know each other. While naming things they like, Jung Jinwoon said that he doesn't like people who wear short skirts

Girls' Generation Yoona Reveals Photo Shoot in Mini Skirt, 'Non-Edited'

Girls Generation, Yoona Girls' Generation Yoona ... skirt, 'Non-Edited' Girls' Generation Yoona Reveals Photo Shoot in Mini skirt, 'Non-Edited' Girls' Generation (SNSD) Yoona showed off her charm through outdoor outfits. Yoona recently held a photo shoot with France premium outdoor brand Eider for the

SISTAR Dasom-Hyorin On a Outing... Gets Skirt Bitten By a Dog

hyorin, dasom, sistar hyorin and dasom outing ... up SISTAR, Hyorin and Dasom, went on an outing together yesterday in Seoul. On this day, Hyorin wore a tight black sleeveless shirt with shorts, and with black ankle boots to match her outfit. Her tanned

Uee, See-Through Skirt That Shows Her Legs 'Miss Butterfly'

uee, after school Uee campus 10 After School ... uee, after school Uee campus 10 After School Uee turned into a 'butterfly goddess'. In the magazine "Campus 10" released today, Uee showed a mysterious and seductive look. In the photo shoot with the theme of 'Miss Butterfly', she showed a lovely and bright look, contrary to her usually sexy, charismatic look

SNSDs Hyoyeon wears a big skirt: Did she lose weight?

SNSD’s Hyoyeon is getting a lot of attention ... skirt. On June 26, Hyoyeon appeared at the ’12 F/W New Collection’ for casual brand 96ny holding her skirt so that it doesn’t fall down. Hyoyeon wore a white shirt and blue mini skirt but she

Park Jin Young appears in a long skirt at Mnets 20&

Singer and producer Park Jin Young recently showed ... skirt with a back placket. Park received the Do Don’t Award at the awards as a multi-talented entertainer

Girls' Generation Hyoyeon Too Skinny for Her Skirt

On June 28, many celebrities including Girls’ ... skirt with cream-colored top to this event. Although she looked good in the outfit, her skirt seemed a little too big for her. She firmly held onto her skirt skillfully from behind and