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FIESTAR Releases Three More Teaser Photos For Their Single, One More'

FIESTAR just keeps releasing teaser photos ... ing teaser photos on their official Facebook page.This time, it looks they will return with a sexy concept because the photos show them sitting on the floor of a laundry room wearing leggings, short tops, and shorts. Their single t

Empress Ki" Lim Joo Eun Reveals Her Relaxation Photos

(Photo : MBC) MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Empress Ki" ... ing teaser photos on their official Facebook page.This time, it looks they will return with a sexy concept because the photos show them sitting on the floor of a laundry room wearing leggings, short tops, and shorts. Their single t

Super Junior’s Heechul and his wife updated photos and a clip from their amusement park date on Instagram

Super Junior”s Heechul and his Taiwanese “wife” Guo ... couple photos and clip from their amusement park date for “We Got Married – Global Edition”!SEE ALSO: inFOGRAPHIC Tournament Battle of the Best Boy and Girl Groups! Heechul shared on his instagram on the 15th, “Everyone, date with not the 2D woman that everyone wants but a real woman. We look like a newlywed couple from the “80s in this photo

Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook enjoy a romantic bench date in stills from 'Cunning Single Lady' + BTS photos

"Cunning Single Lady" was canceled ... ing Single Lady" was canceled yesterday but viewers were still able to get a peek at some of the must-watch scenes in still cuts and BTS photos! SEE ALSO: Could inFinITE be returning with "Last Romeo"? The still cuts show Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook enjoying a romantic bench date at Seonyudo Park, displaying how sweet making up can be. The

Yano Shiho’s childhood photos surface online

Model Yano Shiho, who has been known as Choo Sung Hoon‘s ... of cute girl Choo Sarang, is currently a hot topic online with her childhood photos.Her past photos were shared on an online forum with the title “Sarang’s mother Yano Shiho during her elementary school days,” catching attention with her unique beauty even when she was young.Netizens left comments on the photos such as, “Sarang really resembles Yano Sh

“Three Days” updates viewers with BTS photos of the cast

SBS‘ action thrilling drama “Three Days” ... ing drama “Three Days” recently dropped out the behind-the-scenes photos of the cast members on set, catching attention with their bright and cheerful atmosphere.The photos

UEE shows her perfect body in additional photos for “H:CONNECT”

After School‘s UEE took part in a photoshoot ... in a photoshoot for a new pictorial for “H:CONNECT“.Recently, the brand updated fans with additional photos of UEE, drawing all eyes with her flawless body figure in chic outfits.The brand’s marketin

2NE1′s Dara reveals photos posing with G-Dragon

2NE1″s Dara shared a snapshot of herself ... of herself and Big Bang”s G-Dragon at the “2014 YG Family Concert” in Osaka, Japan this past April 12-13.She tweeted on the 15th, “GD&TOP? No, it”s about GD&SAN. Took a photo with GD while we

Photos of Song Joong Ki and his sister surface online

Following Lee Seung Gi and his little sister, ... ing Lee Seung Gi and his little sister, Song Joong Ki and his sister Song Seul Ki have become a hot topic online. Though the Lee siblings made headlines for looking like each other, the Song siblings were noticed for the opposite.The

Sandara Park and Taeyang Take Adorable Photos with Haru

2NE1 member Sandara Park and Big Bang member Taeyang ... photos of their meeting with Tablo’s daughter, Haru! On April 13, Sandara tweeted a photo of her making V-signs with Haru along with the caption, “Harudara (Haru + Sandara Park)! Our pretty Haru~ with auntie Dara.” Big Bang’s Taeyang also shared a photo he had taken with

“Golden Cross” reveals BTS photos of Han Eun Jung

(Photo : KBS)A picture of actress Han Eun ... of actress Han Eun Jung in the waiting room of KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama “Golden Cross” was released.On April 7th, Han Eun Jung”s management company released a picture of the waiting room. in the picture

‘Big Man’ unveils BTS photos of Lee Da Hee

Lee Da Hee looked like the most beautiful camera woman ... in behind-the-scenes photos for “Big Man”!The actress is reported to have been the source of the happy virus on set and joined the staff as a VJ, lightening the mood in her stylish office attire for her role as career woman So Mi Ra.Lee Da Hee shared, “All of my co-stars and staff w

“Glorious Days” reveals Jung In Shik’s photos on the filming set

(Photo : SBS)SBS new weekend drama “Glorious Day” ... of Jung Man Shik in the filming set.On “Glorious Day” which will be broadcast on April 19th for the first time, Jung Man Shik plays the role of divorcee Kang Hyun Bin and will be showing a character that is 180 degree different than before. He is a skilled dentish that runs a small private hospital and laughs well and is good hearted as his transformation to

Yonghwa looks lovely in pink for 'Shu Uemura' behind the scene photos

CNBLUE official Facebook just unveiled some ... official Facebook just unveiled some of the photos of Yonghwa while he was taking on a photoshoot for cosmetic brand "Shu Uemura".Yonghwa was wearing a pink sweater while holding onto a guitar, exuded his charm as a romantic guy. OHKPO

Ahn Jae Hyun shows his charisma in poster photos for ‘You’re Surrounded’

Ahn Jae Hyun shared cool photos from his poster ... photos from his poster shoot for the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama ”You”re Surrounded”.He”s joined the handsome lineup, which includes Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won, in the drama as the chic character Park Tae Il. The poster cuts h

5urprise’s Seo Kang Jun looks cute in childhood photos

5urprise”s Seo Kang Jun showed fans that despite ... ing older, he still has the same cute boyish face from his childhood days.His agency Fantagio shared the before-and-after photos of Seo Kang Jun holding up a flower in his hand when he was little and holding up his agency employee identification card as an adult. The photo comparison shows fans that he still has t

Busker Busker Jang Bum Joon's Wedding Photos 'Cherry Blossom Love'

Busker Busker"s vocal Jang Bum Joon"s wedding ... ing photos were revealed. (Photo : jang bum joon) Busker Busker"s vocal Jang Bum Joon"s wedding photos were revealed. Jang Bum Joon got married to Song Ji Soo today in Seoul. The wedding was held

SNSD, SUJU and More Celebrity SNS Photos

preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview From ... of our favorite star SNS photos from the week! SNSD′s Yuri knows how to kill us with the cute. Secret′s Hyosung continued the celebrity pet parade with this. And, of course, we died. It′s getting hot out. Stay cool, Kim

Eric’s Supposed Girlfriend Na Hye Mi’s Childhood Photos Revealed

Childhood pictures of actress Na Hye Mi, who ... of actress Na Hye Mi, who was earlier rumored to be in a relationship Shinhwa member Eric, prove that her beauty has been there from the beginning. The recently surf

Busker Busker's Jang Bum Joon and actress Song Ji Soo tie the know today + wedding photos revealed

It was revealed that Jang Bum Joon and Song Ji Soo ... ing on today April 12th.The wedding ceremony was taken place at wedding hall "The Laville" in Samsung-dong, Gangnam, Seoul at 5pm kst. It was said that only family members and close friends of the