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SHINee's Onew is confirmed for musical 'ingin' In The Rain' + EXO's Baekhyun to join the cast

On April 16th, it was revealed that SHINee's onew ... onew along with Super Junior's Kyuhyun are confirmed to play in upcoming musical "Singin' In The Rain", also EXO's Baekhyun is likely to join the the cast as well.SM Entertainment said,"onew and Kyuhy

'Law Of The Jungle' Same Age Onew-Seo Ha Joon, Become A Dancing Duo

In SBS entertainment program "Law Of The Jungle", ... onew and actor Seo Ha Joon turned into a dancing duo together. (Photo : sbs) In SBS entertainment program "Law Of The Jungle", SHINee"s onew and actor Seo Ha Joon turned into a dancing duo together. Before the team"s first meal, the two did a dance of j

Onew shows his easy-going side on ‘Laws of the Jungle’

onew showed off that he was not a picky eater ... onew showed off that he was not a picky eater on the April 4 installment of SBS“s “Laws of the Jungle in Borneo“! Although the other cast members shook their heads, saying they could not eat the coconut, onew ate it with enjoyment

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Announces Marriage Plans, Toheart Makes Onew Sandwich and More

preview nextview 1/10 preview nextview Happy ... preview nextview 1/10 preview nextview Happy April Fool’s Day. To see what the stars were up to in the SNS world, check out today’s Twitter Roundup. SNSD’s Sunny posted a photo with Yoona from their recent date on Instagram, writing “Had some time while shooting, so ate out with Yoona

SHINee’s Onew and Actor Seo Ha Joon Quickly Become Friends in “Law of the Jungle in Borneo”

A fun friendship between SHINee‘s onew and ... onew and actor Seo Ha Joon has been formed on the survival reality show “Law of the Jungle.” SHINee’s onew joined the cast of “Law of the Jungle” in Borneo on the recent episode of the survival show. He arrived a bit later than the oth

Onew and Seo Ha Joon Became Friends on SBS's "Law of the Jungle"

Since they are the same age, it was only a matter ... onew and actor Seo Ha Joon become friends. onew joined SBS"s "Law of the Jungle" back in January amid a warm welcome from the cast members. That is also when actor Suh Ha Joon "confessed" that he and onew

Lyn: “It has been 10 years since I did the surgery and my nose is like a pig’s nose.”

Lyn made a guest appearance on the April 2nd broadcast ... nose, they say that the implant gets stuck to the skin and curls up

Jung Yong Hwa-Lee Joon-Onew, Best Friends Picture 'Good Looking Three Musketeers'

Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Joon, and onew took a picture ... onew took a picture together. (Photo : twitter) Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Joon, and onew took a picture together. Today, CNBLUE"s member Jung Yong Hwa posted on his Twitter, "Faces that I love to see" along with a picture. In the picture, Jung Yong H

Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Joon, and Onew Crowd in for a Photo

Triple the eye candy! Three pretty boys of K-Pop gathered ... onew. He captioned it, “Faces I’m happy to see,” and theu are certainly faces K-Pop fans are happy to see together. Jung Yong Hwa takes the picture with Lee Joon behind him holding up a “peace” sign” while onew smiles widely at the ve

Airport Fashion Spotlight: Onew's Track Suit Style, Is it Too Comfortable?

onew Recently, SHINee"s onew and Shinhwa"s ... onew Recently, SHINee"s onew and Shinhwa"s Minwoo came back to Korea after filming for the season of reality show "Laws of the Jungle" in Brazil. onew and Minwoo had filmed only half of the show since they had conflicts with their schedule

Onew, Lee Joon, Yonghwa take a friendly photo together

On March 30th, Yonghwa updated his Twitter,"Welcoming ... onew, Lee Joon and Yonghwa were seen looking straight at the camera and showed their bright smiles. Because today is Inkigayo and both CNBLUE and MBLAQ were presented so onew made an appe

Kim Jae-won's fractured nose

Actor Kim Jae-won managed his Japanese fan meeting ... nose. Kan Enterprise claimed that the actor experienced a minor nose fracture during his Japanese fan meeting. Prior to his fan meeting on the 23rd in Osaka with 1,000 fans, Kim Jae-won fractured his nose on a prop during rehearsals. However, he continued with the usual plan and successfully ended his f

Kim Jae Won Carries on Japanese Fan Meeting Despite Nose Injury

Actor Kim Jae Won fractured his nose during ... nose during his fan meeting rehearsal in Japan. Kim Jae Won had a fan meeting scheduled on March 23 in Theatre Brava in Osaka. During rehearsal prior to the fan meeting, which sold out all 1,000 tickets, he injured his nose by getting hit by one of the stage props. Despite the injury, the actor

Kim Jae Won Suffered Fractured Nose, Yet Continued On With Fanmeeting

Talk about dedication! Actor Kim Jae Won suffered ... nose fracture when he was rehearsing for his Japanese fanmeeting, but was adamant on meeting his fans. According to a representative, the actor insisted on appearing for his Japanese fans who had been eager to see him. In regards to the actor’s health, Kim Jae Won’

Actor Kim Jaewon fractures his nose at a fan meeting in Japan

Actor Kim Jaewon fractures his nose at a fan ... nose at a fan meeting in Japan Actor Kim Jaewon was revealed to have fractured his nose during a rehearsal for his fan meeting in Japan. Kim Jaewon had been rehearsing for this fan meeting in Japan on the 23rd of March, when he fell over and fractured his nose. Despite the injury, Kim Jaew

Kangin and Hyuk to Replace Lee Min Woo and Onew on ‘Laws of the Jungle Brazil’

Grabbing the passing baton, Super Junior’s Kangin ... onew’s place on SBS’ The Laws of the Jungle. On March 14, Newsen spoke with SBS, who stated, “Super Junior’s Kangin and VIXX’s Hyuk will be leave the country on March 15 to join The Laws of the Jungle Brazil Edition.”“Kangin and Hyuk will fill in the missing spots for onew and Lee Min Woo, who must return on March 17 due to schedules

Comedian Shin Bong Sun Reveals Her New Nose

Comedian Shin Bong Sun showed off her new nose ... nose on the MBC FM4U radio show “This Morning Is Jung Ji Young.” On the show, Shin Bong Sun also revealed a recently recorded song “Bong Sun’s Project 2 – Let’s Laugh.”  The comedian’s single “Let’s

SHINee′s Onew, Lee Min Woo and More Take Off for ′Jungle′

preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview Yeh ... onew, Lee Min Woo, Oh Jong Hyuk and more were among the stars who took off for SBS′ The Laws of the Jungle in Brazil via the Incheon International Airport on March 10. Photo credit: Newsen/Kim Chang Hyun onew takes off in camo SHINee′s onew

SHINee's Onew proves his status as a Game God

On March 3rd, SM Choreographer Shim Jaewon Instagram ... onew, and the photo was a screencap of a game for phone, so it was assumed that it was from onew's phone. The text on it said,"National Championship: 5th".onew is widely known as the "Game God" in the entertainment industry, as he previously won 1st place in Candypang Celeb

Shin Bong Sun reveals: “I redid my nose.”

Comedian Shin Bong Sun made a guest appearance on the ... nose.The comedian shared, “Previously, I did my nose, but someone told me it was a nose that would collapse someday. Those words kept weighing on my mind so I redid my n