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G.Na poses in lingerie for Nylon Magazine

... nylon Magazine.She appears in the May issue of nylon Magazine with new photoshoot, check out the photos below as G.Na shows her feminine charm for the popular magazine.

2NE1 is colorful and sassy with Marvin Scott Jarrett in BTS clip for 'Nylon'

2NE1 met up with "nylon"s Marvin Scott Jarrett ... nylon"s Marvin Scott Jarrett who became their photographer for their latest pictorial for the Korean branch of the magazine. With CL"s fluent English, the girls had no trouble getting close and becoming "long-lasting friends for life" with Marvin Scott Jarrett. The sassy and col

Jessica and Krystal to pose for American ‘Nylon’ with Marvin Scott Jarrett

The sister fashionistas, Girls” Generation”s Jessica ... nylon” magazine!On April 3, SM Entertainment revealed that the two would be meeting up with the famous American photographer and director of ‘nylon’ magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett, this week for a unique photo shoot. The three of them will be fixing their attention on the global fans through the latest, trendy fashion styles in this interesting

Sisters Girls' Generation Jessica And f Krystal Pose For U.S. Nylon Photographer Marvin Scott Jarrett

Girls" Generation Jessica and f(x) Krystal met with ... nylon magazine photographer Marvin Scott Jarrett. The sisters have worked with Jarrett for a photo shoot and will be revealed in this week"s nylon magazine. This collaboration between one of the world"s biggest f

SNSD Jessica and f Krystal to Feature in Nylon Magazine in Korea and America

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Jessica and f(x)’s ... nylon′s editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett. Jessica and Krystal sisters will be attending a photo shoot with Marvin Scott Jarrett, joining hands with the magazine director.Jessica and Krystal have been recognized for their fashion sense through their looks shown at the airport or i

2PM's Jang Wooyoung Discusses His Songwriting Process And The Group's Planned April Comeback In Nylon Interview

(Photo : nylon) 2PM fans, brace yourselves. ... nylon) 2PM fans, brace yourselves. In an interview for the new issue of the fashion magazine nylon, 2PM singer Jang Wooyoung revealed that the band will be returning to the stage in just a few weeks. "We"re

G.NA shows off her lean and sexy body in ‘GUESS’ underwear for ‘Nylon’

G.NA greeted fans through her “GUESS” underwear ... nylon“!SEE ALSO: Album Review 4minute – “4minute World” G.NA looks like she has been diligently keeping her fit body during her hiatus as she showed off her amazing figure with toned abs and long lean legs in “GUESS” new underwear collection. She looked comfortable in her own skin and with a body like that, wh

G.Na poses sexily for Nylon Magazine

Sexy diva G.Na reveals sexy pictorials for nylon ... nylon Magazine.She teams up with Guess Underwear in her latest photoshoot. She confidently shows off her curvy figure and the photos will be included in the April issue of nylon Magazine.More photos below

Clara Accents Her Spring Makeup with Heavy Eyeliner for Nylon

Actress and model Clara toned down her trademark sexy ... nylon Magazine. In the pictorial, Clara models that spring make up with its various colors of blush can still be used to show different dimensions of a woman’s face. Through different styles of heavy black eyeliner, Clara shows an innocent, charismatic, and chic styles

Clara shows three different makeup types in white for ‘Nylon’

Clara looked lovely in white for ”nylon“. SEE ... nylon“. SEE ALSO: Clara shows off the sexy pole and stocking dances that are grabbing attention Clara, who recently became the face for makeup brand “VOV“, revealed her beauty secrets and healthy lifestyle tips during her interview with the magazine. She also had different makeup looks

Jaejoong various in-suit charisma in BTS clip for Nylon pictorial

The BTS clip from JYJ Jaejoong's pictorial for the ... nylon magazine has been released.The clip reveals more of Jaejoong unpublished shots wherein he wore various stylish suits and interpret them with his versatile charm.He can be sexy, pure, playful, and sexy from one pose to another p

JYJ's Jaejoong reveals his plans in March on NYLON magazine

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is the cover for the March ... nylon. Jaejoong wore a black suit and showed a sharp look on his cover. On his interview, he was asked on the matters he wants to do in March. He answered that he hopes to work on writing and producing

JYJ’s Jaejoong looks so cool in the making film for ‘Nylon’

The ’nylon‘ magazine recently revealed ... nylon‘ magazine recently revealed a making film featuring the charismatic JYJ‘s Jaejoong.Jaejoong had previously took part in a photoshoot for the March issue of the magazine where he dressed up and captured everyone with his cool and manly charm. The ta

JYJ’s Jaejoong poses for “Nylon” magazine

JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently participated in a photoshoot ... nylon” magazine!During the photoshoot, the JYJ member transformed into a charismatic rocker wearing a gray suit matching with his blonde hairs. His perfect look and professional poses earned a lot of praises from viewe

Park Hae Jin Emits Cool and Rebellious Charisma in “Nylon” Pictorial

Park Hae Jin has further spread the second male lead ... nylon” March issue and perfectly transformed into a rebel without a cause, bringing up images of the iconic James Dean. The actor wowed fans with his modelesque porportions, chiseled good looks and charismatic look. He sports the trademark James Dean ou

Jaejoong Is Mischievous and Sexy for Nylon Magazine

JYJ’s Jaejoong showed his piercing gaze on the ... nylon magazine.  The handsome singer was chosen to be the cover model of the fashion magazine’s March issue. For the cover, Jaejoong wore a textured black suit with a unique spotted white shirt. Finishing the look with a sleek thin tie, Jaejoong looks l

JYJ's Jaejoong Posed As A Rocker For 'Nylon' Magazine

JYJ"s Jaejoong has been an apple of the eye for all ... nylon magazine.  The handsome singer was chosen to be the cover model of the fashion magazine’s March issue. For the cover, Jaejoong wore a textured black suit with a unique spotted white shirt. Finishing the look with a sleek thin tie, Jaejoong looks l

K-Pop Crossover : Nylon Pink Gives Listeners a `Heart Attack’ With New Release and MV; Kiki Wongo Subs for Kaila Yu At SacAnime Show

(Photo : Screen Capture) K-Pop Crossover: nylon ... nylon Pink have been described as "Hello Kitty on acid" and I feel like I"ve been dosed. I just got a twitter message from their guitarist Kiki Wongo about their new song, Heart Attack, and I am kicking myself for not seeing it earlier. I felt my soul leave my body behind. OHK

“Plan Man’s” Han Ji Min Shows Off Wild Hair in Nylon Magazine

The lovely Han Ji Min has appeared in the February ... nylon fashion magazine with a spunky and artsy style. The beautiful actress keeps her hair looking wild with green highlights . She styles it with a black and white striped sweater that features a low cut to expose her shoulders and pairs it with shiny black leggings. Han Ji Min changes it up with a puffy white top and se

Secret Poses with Twin Concept for Nylon Magazine

After releasing their third single album, “Gift ... nylon and sat down for an interview as well. The photo shoot was done with a twin concept, which the girls of Secret pulled off perfectly. During the interview, Han Sun Hwa said that she definitely wants to be in a ro