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Sohee shares her love for makeup, nail art, and perfume on 'Get It Beauty'

Fans were able to learn more of Sohee"s beauty tips ... nail art, and what kind of perfume she uses to match her outfit and occasion for different days

Hello Venus' Lime And Yoonjo Shared Their New Nail Art

nail arts can be addictive for all girls, ... nail arts can be addictive for all girls, it is part of fashion and can also catch anyone"s attention. K-Pop girl group Hello Venus got the chance to have their girly bonding time, doing nail art together.

Lunafly Reveals Their Extravagant Hair Salon and More in “Sam Cam” Part 3

All great things must come to an end and, unfortunately, ... All great things must come to an end and, unfortunately, “Sam Cam” is not an exception. Sam Carter, a member of 3-member group Lunafly, shared with Soompiers the last of his 3-part series “Sam Cam

Male Stars Who Rock Nail Art

It takes a real man to get a manicure. Would I want ... nail art? No way, but if he were a K-Pop star, it would be A-OK! Here are some sexy male singers with nail art! Hongki"s nail art is the fiercest of them all! T.O.P makes painted nails so manly. Sometimes, I really truly think G-Drag

Han Chae Young Takes Beautiful Selca While at the Salon

Actress Han Chae Young has posted candid selca photos ... salon on her Chinese Weibo page along with the message “Doing my hair!! Is it pretty? Hahaha.” The actress laughs at the end of her post, as if she knows what a silly question she asked. Of course your hair looks gorgeous! The actress manages to still look lovely

Kim Tae-hee spotted at a salon

Actress Kim Tae-hee was spotted at a hair salon. ... salon. Pictures of her came up online titled, "Kim Tae-hee at the salon". Kim Tae-hee is speaking with the hair designer in the picture. She's wearing a sleeveless blue dress showing off her glamour. Netizens say, "She's a goddess", "She sh

FT Island’s Lee Hongki wins ‘Best Men’s Nail’ award

FT Island member Lee Hongki’s talent in nail ... nail arts has been recognized in Japan. Lee Hongki received the ‘Best Men’s nail’ award at the recent ‘nail Queen 2013’ awards ceremony held in Tokyo, Japan on November 11th. He also became the first foreigner to ever rece

Soyou of SISTAR shows off her nail art

SISTAR Soyou of Sistar showed off her nail ... nail art. On October 26, she tweeted, “Soyou Concert’s over! Hahahaha~ New~ nail! Do you know what these initials mean? The answer is STAR1~!” In the picture accompanying the tweet, Soyou stares sexily into the camera. She holds her hands up so her nail

SISTAR's Soyou Reveals Her Calligraphy Nail Art

SISTAR member Soyou recently showed fans her cool ... nail art!  On October 26, Soyou tweeted a photo of her calligraphy nail art along with the following caption, “I’m done with my activities! Hee hee~ New nails! Can you guess what the letters and number stand for? The correct answer is STAR1~!” Soyou makes various poses with her manicure in the four photos. The letters spelling STAR and the number one look

miss A Suzy Reveals Selca from a Salon, Gearing up for a Fall Look?

miss A, Suzy, fall, hairstyle, looks, outfit ... salon and got her hair done. Known for her natural and well-loved charm, Suzy added some excitement to her fans as she displayed her cute pose. Fans loved her fall outfit displaying long leathe

Suzy, "Gonna Cheer Up Today Too" Picture At the Salon

miss a, suzy miss a suzy picture at salon ... salon Girl group miss A's member Suzy cheered herself up. Today, Suzy posted on her Twitter, "Gotta cheer up today too" along with a picture. In the picture, Suzy was getting her hair done at the salon. She was wearing jeans and a shirt with un

K-pop Nails: Who's Got the Most Fashionable Nail Art?

fashion, nail art, kpop, Minzy, Dara, Gna, ... nail art, kpop, Minzy, Dara, Gna, Suzy Women are born with true fashion on their blood, sense of style and fashion dos and dont's. Women knows how to enhance and recreate themselves. Now, we

What is the best nail-biting ending scene of Good Doctor?

The popular TV series Good Doctor brought the ... nail-biting ending scenes. At the first place, Good Doctor (written by Park Jae Beom, directed by Ki Min Soo, producted by Logos Film) have been way ahead of the other Wednesday-Thursday drama during the 14 episodes. Taking actual medical cases for example, it drew huge attention of audiences by dis

What inspires Hongki for his Chuseok nail arts?

For Chuseok, FT Island's Hongki revealed his special ... nail art dedicated for the holiday. His agency revealed that his nail art for Chuseok is inspired by 'full moon' that happens during the special day. He took the idea from there and designed special glow-

FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki Reveals Chuseok Message with Unique Nail Art

FTISLAND, Lee Hong Ki FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki Reveals ... nail Art FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki posted a Chuseok message online. In the picture, he is showcasing his unique nail art. His nails have messages and pictures related to Chuseok and a gained much at


2013 SEOUL AUTO salon: Everything about Car ... salon: Everything about Car Aftermarket – 1. A Vibrant Exhibition The 2013 SEOUL AUTO salon Exhibition, held at Seoul COEX for 11–14 July, showcased trends in the automotive aftermarket from customization to maintenance. The exhibition

Girl's Day Minah receives Nail Book from Lee Hongki

Girl's Day Minah receives nail Book from ... nail Book from Lee Hongki Girl's Day Minah shows her nail Book which she received from FT Island's Lee Hongki. On July 27, she wrote on her twitter account, "Lee Hongki oppa's nail BOok is really fun and interesting!!! There are many things in here~~~!! Thank you oppa~~~~+_+ hehehe," along with this is a proof selca. Lee Hong Ki released hi spe

'Nail Book' Lee Hong Ki, "I Don't Care What Others Think... This Is Who I Am"

FTISLAND, Lee Hong Ki lee hong ki interview ... nail book Group FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki has an odd charm. He shines enough on his own, but his nails are different from other boy idol group members. Lee Hong Ki has been interested in men's nail

My K-pop Stash: Unboxing Video of Lee Hong Ki's Nail Art Book

my k-pop stash, lee hong ki, ftisland, nail ... nail art Lee Hong Gi nail Book Awarded the "Fashionista Award" at the Golden Disc Awards in Malaysia earlier this year, FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki cemented his fashion-forward status in K-pop.  Ever since 2010, the rock band'

FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki Nail Art Book Becomes Best Seller in Korea-Japan

FTISLAND, Lee Hong Ki, nail Art Book ... nail Art Book FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki nail Art Book Becomes Best Seller in Korea-Japan Band FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki's nail art book has become a best seller in both Korea and Japan. His book has ranked t