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TEEN TOP releases music video for "Missing"!

TEEN TOP releases music video for

TEEN TOP is finally back to set their fans” hearts asunder with the music video for their latest title track, “Missing“!

Featuring a post-apocalyptic theme that ties in nicely with the despairing lyrics that call out for a missing piece of themselves, the new track exemplifies the more mature side of TEEN TOP that is sure to set their fans on fire! . ... Read more

EXO"s Lay says he"s "Missing You" in Fly to the Sky MV remake


Lay is the next EXO member to take on a remake of the classic “90s!

He took on Fly to the Sky”s hit ballad, “Missing You,” a sweet and romantic track that never gets old.  Lay particularly stuns the crowd with his expressive acting while S.M.ROOKIE”s Taeyong seems to be playing his younger self. . ... Read more

TVXQ"s Changmin relays his sadness at missing out on meeting beautiful women in India


The first episode of KBS 2TV“s “Bounce Indo” in which the participants visit India together aired on April 10 with top stars like TVXQ”s Changmin.  However, it appears he missed out on the actual trip to India for which he showed disappointment.   . ... Read more

Nothing is Simple in Teen Top’s “Missing”

Nothing is Simple in Teen Top’s “Missing”

Nothing is Simple in Teen Top’s “Missing” Written by Gaya On September 29, 2014

Love them or hate them, Teen Top, flagship group of Shinhwa member Andy‘s Top Media, have always had interesting MVs. “Missing,” the title track for the group’s 5th EP Éxito, is no different in this regard. The group returns with a MV and a performance with more than initially meets the eye; but one aspect provides better results than the other. . ... Read more

Teen Top perform "Missing" and "Love Is.." live at Lee Sora"s Music Plaza

Teen Top perform

Teen Top made appearance at “Lee Sora”s Music Plaza” on September 16 to promote their new mini album.

The boys also performed their title song “Missing” and “Love Is..” live showcasing their vocal skills. The group made their comeback with “EXITO” on September 15 with a level-up grown up concept and emotional singing style.. ... Read more

Cha Tae Hyun doesn"t even try to hide his disappointment at missing Sunny on "Sunny"s FM Date"

Cha Tae Hyun doesn

Actor Cha Tae Hyun came onto radio program, “Sunny”s FM Date,” saw that it was actually a date with Kang Ye Won instead of Sunny and said, “See ya.” Well, basically. . ... Read more

Teen Top release dance version of "Missing" MV

Teen Top release dance version of

Teen Top release the dance version of their “Missing” MV.

The “grown-up” boys of Teen Top captivate fans with their classy and emotional knife-like dance choreography of their song. Complete with the artistic cinematography of the set, the mood of the song gets even more sentimental.. ... Read more

Teen Top release behind-the-scenes of their "Missing" MV

Teen Top release behind-the-scenes of their

Teen Top impress everyone with their surprising MV plot and tear-jerking acting in their newest music video for “Missing”.

The MV is described as a heartbreaking love story between three people which ended up in a miserable manner. While we witness their more mature and masculine approach through their MV, we are also left curious how did members pull out such intense and emotional singing with an amazing cinematography and story line.. ... Read more

Hwanhee reveals Fly to the Sky and BoA"s manager passed away during their "Missing You" promotions

Hwanhee reveals Fly to the Sky and BoA

Hwanhee talked about his past manager on “Hidden Singer 3“.
He was the singer on the September 13th”s episode of JTBC“s “Hidden Singer 3”, and the 3rd round of the show had Hwanhee and the challengers sing Fly to the Sky“s hit song “Missing You“. . ... Read more

TEEN TOP Wins Their First Trophy On 'Show Champion' For 'Missing'

TEEN TOP Wins Their First Trophy On 'Show Champion' For 'Missing'

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K-Pop boy band TEEN TOP is on top of their game with their latest single “Missing.”

On the September 24th episode of “Show Champion,” TEEN Top took home their first number one trophy for their single “Missing.”. ... Read more