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Park Shin-hye Graced The Stage of "Gangnam Blues" VIP Premier

Park Shin-hye Graced The Stage of

On January 20th, Park Shin-hye showed support for her “ex-boyfriend” Lee Min Ho at the VIP premier of his film “Gangnam Blues” in Seoul Megabox.. ... Read more

Song Il Gook Explained About Meaning of His Sons' Names

Song Il Gook Explained About Meaning of His Sons' Names

On the November 11 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show,” “Superman Returns” father Song Il Gook has opened up about the meaning of his kids’ names, which is the combination of “Korea, hurray”. ... Read more

Sex Scene Of Lee Min Ho & Kim Ji Soo Was Cut Out Of "Gangnam 1970"

Sex Scene Of Lee Min Ho & Kim Ji Soo Was Cut Out Of

It is revealed that the sex scene  of Lee Min Ho and actress Ji Soo was cut out of the upcoming movie, “Gangnam 1970.”

On January 13th, a press conference was held for the upcoming movie “Gangnam 1970” at CGV Theater in Seoul Wangship-ri. Staff and actors of the movie, including director Yoo Ha, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Rae Won, participated in the press conference.. ... Read more

"The Heirs" Friendship Still Goes Strong, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin Show Support For Lee Min Ho's "Gangnam Blues"


The main cast of “The Heirs” built strong friendship. On January 20th, Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye showed their support for Lee Min Ho’s upcoming movie “Gangnam 1970” by attending its VIP premiere.. ... Read more

Lee Min Ho Was Admitted To Hospital Emergency Room While Shooting "Gangnam 1970"

Lee Min Ho Was Admitted To Hospital Emergency Room While Shooting

Lee Min Ho has opened up about rehearsal of his action scenes in the movie “Gangnam 1970.”

On January 6, Lee Min Ho attended Gangnam 1970 Red Carpet & Showcase at Time Square, Youngdeungpo and shared, “I went to the emergency room while filming the mud action scene.”. ... Read more

"Gangnam Blues" released uncut version, Lee Min-ho"s taking off shirt scene and Kim Rae-won"s sensational bed scene and more


The uncut version of movie, “Gangnam Blues” has been released through IPTV.

Gangnam Blues” said on March 19th, “We are releasing the uncut version through VOD service, which contains the scenes viewers could not see in theaters unfortunately”. . ... Read more

B2ST"s Junhyung talks about feeling stressed for comeback + the meaning behind "12:30"


During a recent broadcast of SBS Power FM“s “Cult Two Show”, B2ST member Junhyung showed how much he prepared for the group”s latest comeback.

The DJs said to Junhyung, “Your face has gotten a lot smaller. Of all the times I”ve seen you, this is the smallest it”s been.” Junhyung answered, “Because I stressed a lot, I lost weight.” The DJ teased, “Why? Because of a girlfriend?” Junhyung replied, “It”s not because of a girlfriend, but because of the pain of composition. It was very difficult,” revealing that he was stressed while working on B2ST”s latest album “TIME“. . ... Read more

Release date for Lee Min Ho"s movie "Gangnam 1970" pushed back to January

Release date for Lee Min Ho

Although Lee Min Ho”s upcoming film noir-style action movie, “Gangnam 1970,” was planned to premiere in November, it has now been pushed back to January.

Showbox, in charge of distributing the movie, disclosed through a statement on October 24, “”Gangnam 1970″ has changed its premiere date to January of next year. We changed the premiere to January to safely meet many more viewers because it is the peak time in the market.” . ... Read more

Epik High reveal the meaning behind "Shoebox," + perform "Spoiler," "Happen Ending," and "Fly" on "Sketchbook"

Epik High reveal the meaning behind

On the October 24 airing of KBS”sYoo Hee Yeol”s Sketchbook,” Epik High talked about the meaning behind their album title “Shoebox“, Mithra Jin”s weight loss, and what they see themselves doing 10 years from now.. ... Read more

Gangter Lee Min Hoo Caught People Eyes in "Gangnam Blues"

Gangter Lee Min Hoo Caught People Eyes in

Recently, the upcoming movie “Gangnam Blues” has raised more and more the curiosity of fans as its production team has released more stills of the main actor Lee Min Ho.
Shaking the beautiful image of a rich dude off that he had portrayed before; In “Gangnam Blues“, Lee Min Hoo has totally incarnated the tough gangster. The viewers couldn’t see the fair and smooth skin of Lee Min Ho; Instead, they would be attracted by a new strong and mature man.. ... Read more