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KBS, MBC, SBS Cautiously Announce Wed-Thurs Dramas Are a Go This Week, Variety Shows Are Still Canceled

The main three broadcast stations KBS, MBC, and SBS ... variety programs including “Vitamin,” “Radio Star,” “Midnight TV Entertainment,” respectively. Instead, the main three broadcast stations plan to fill in the variety show times

‘Seopyeonje’ Musical Actor G.O. Vs MBLAQ’s Lead Vocal G.O.

(Photo : MyDaily) (Photo : MyDaily) (Photo : MyDaily) ... mblaq G.O that we"ve come to know and love. "Seopyeonje" has made a comeback to the musical world since 2012, and the show contains a rich story and music line, as well as other elements that are exce

UEE comments on the roles that she wished she had, ambition for variety shows, and Orange Caramel

After School"s UEE shared her growing ambition for ... variety shows, and she also gave her two cents on her group"s subunit Orange Caramel. During a recent interview with TV Daily, UEE shared how she relieves her stress from filming, "Every time I finish a production, I get my hair dyed with a bright color and get my nails done to get out of my work zone." She also revealed she wants to appear on "1N2D" and "Runn

MBC variety shows to slowly get back

MBC is considering to get their regular variety ... variety shows back in the usual time slots. MBC has just announced variety show schedule for upcoming weekend. They will be slowly putting back the schedule to the normal setting. 'Infinite Challenge', 'We got Married',

MBC denies reports of resuming variety shows starting with 'Radio Star' tomorrow

MBC recently created some confusion with their schedule ... variety shows back in the usual time slots. MBC has just announced variety show schedule for upcoming weekend. They will be slowly putting back the schedule to the normal setting. 'Infinite Challenge', 'We got Married',

Dramas Return with Variety Slowly on the Way

Carefully but gradually, dramas are returning to television. ... variety shows are slowly making its way back on the small screen as well, with SBS’ My Heart Beats on standby for Tuesday night, depending on new updates on the Sewol tragedy

MBC’s “Empress Ki” to resume normal broadcast – Variety Shows still on hold

MB still continues with the cancellation of shows ... shows due to the Sewol Ferry incident that happened just recently killing passengers, mostly high school students and left a lot missing. As a sign of respect and mourning, MBC cancelled majority of its dramas last week as well as it weekend variety shows. Though now, they are about to resume airing the

MBC to continue cancellation of variety shows + to slowly start airing dramas again

MBC has spoken up about the cancellation of shows ... shows over the week. On the 21st, they announced, "MBC will be airing both news specials and regular broadcasts starting today. We will be slowly increasing the ratio of regular broadcasts such as dramas, but we will not be airing variety shows for the time being." nced to pay legal dues for a trainee who

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Confirmed as Recurring Member of Variety Show “The Human Condition 2″

Hip-hop star and Dynamic Duo member Gaeko is venturing ... variety programming with KBS’ second season of “The Human Condition.” Gaeko joins season one members Kim Joon Ho, Kim Joon Hyun, and Jung Tae Ho, and new members Kim Giri and Jo Woo Jong as the second season cast line-up for the male edition. According to KBS reps, Gaeko joined the April 19 filming of the OHKPO

3 Most Popular Singer Turned Actors In MBLAQ & B1A4

  Until now, the news that singers from idol singing ...   Until now, the news that singers from idol singing groups are filming a drama or a movie have been criticized by many. People have worried about their immature acting skills interfering with the whole of the movie or the drama

KBS cancels more variety programs for the upcoming week

In light of the continuing Sewol tragedy, KBS has made ... variety shows for the upcoming week. Most variety shows will be affected by the decision, including late-night weekday variety programs such as "Hello Counselor" on Monday, "Our Neighborhood Arts and Education" on Tuesday and "Happy Together" on Thursday. The variety outage will continue into the weekend of April 26-27, with no new episodes of "Immort

KBS Continues to Cancel Variety Programs for the Coming Week

It has been reported KBS will be canceling all variety ... variety shows for the whole fourth week of April. KBS announced through its broadcast roster on April 20 regarding its plan on which programs will be broadcasted. The most significant change is that all 11 PM

All Weekend Variety Programs Cancelled

Due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy that occurred on April ... variety programs have been cancelled for April 19 and 20. KBS, MBC, and SBS announced on April 19, they would be cancelling all variety shows due to the continuance of the sorrow and mourning that is taking place throughout Korea following the Sewol Ferry tragedy. On April 19, KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs,” “Entertainment

Suspension of variety programs and dramas to continue throughout the weekend

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the passenger ... shows into the weekend. MBC has confirmed that the weekend programs on April 19 and 20 will all be canceled. This includes "Show! Music Core," "We Got Married," "Infinity Challenge," "Quiz to Change The World," "Section TV Entertainment Relay," "Dad, Where Are Yo

MBLAQ's G.O. joins the musical 'The Kingdom of The Winds-Muhyul'

According to the press release from Seoul Performing ... mblaq's G.O. is cast in the musical 'The Land of the Wind', making it his 3rd musical after 'Gwanggwamun Sonata' and 'Seopyeonje'.The musical 'The Land of the Wind' is going to be shown in theater starting on May 11. G.O. will play the role of Hodong, the son of Daemushin/Mu

MBLAQ, "We Contact Rain But He Doesn't Reply"

Idol group mblaq revealed their relationship ... mblaq revealed their relationship with singer Rain. (Photo : mnet) Idol group mblaq revealed the status of their relationship with singer Rain. In Mnet "Beatles Code 3D" aired yesterday, mblaq talked about recently moving from J. Tune Enter

MBLAQ's G.O Will Play A Role In His Third Musical 'The Kingdom of the Winds'

mblaq"s G.O is said to be playing in the musical ... mblaq"s G.O is said to be playing in the musical remake of "The Kingdom of the Winds" ("The Land of the Wind")! According to Seoul Performing Arts Company on April 17 which they confirmed about the idol participation saying, "mblaq"s G.

MBLAQ's Lee Joon reveals he used to be a wig model before his debut

On the latest "Beatles Code 3D", mblaq"s Lee ... mblaq"s Lee Joon revealed that he used to be a wig model before his debut.  Lee Joon commented, "I was cast in the movie "Ninja Assassin" before my debut," and MC Shindong asked, "Anything before that?" The mblaq member responded, "Something like home shopping... I worked as a wig model," exp

Most Drama Broadcasts Return to Normal Tonight, Variety Shows Canceled

In light of the recent Sewol Ferry tragedy, many TV ... variety shows and dramas today, Thursday April 17, out of respect and to broadcast news updates. KBS is canceling the broadcast of its Thursday night variety show, “Happy Together.”

“Beatles Code 3D”, MBLAQ”s G.O used to suffer from narcolepsy while singing

On this week”s “Beatles Code 3D“, mblaq”s ... mblaq”s G.O revealed he used to suffer from narcolepsy, which is a tendency to fall asleep easily. He said, “I had narcolepsy, but it”s disappeared these days. It was severe back then. I would be sin