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Juniel reveals preview reaction of comeback track "I Think I"m in Love" and album highlight medley!

Juniel reveals preview reaction of comeback track

Juniel has revealed a reaction video of her comeback track “I Think I”m in Love” as well as the highlight medley for her first digital single album!

“I Think I”m in Love” is another sweet love song made even sweeter by her soothing vocals, and the single album sounds like its full of perfect romantic melodies. The album is slated to be released on September 29.. ... Read more

Ailee wins #1 on SBS" Inkigayo" + performances from Juniel, Soyu X Urban Zakapa, & more

Ailee wins #1 on SBS

After last week”s cancellation, SBS” Inkigayo has dropped another great hour of fantastic stages, eclectic sounds, and excitement! Joining us will be hosts Lee Yu Bi, ZE:A“s Kwanghee and 2PM“s Wooyoung and Nichkhun. . ... Read more

Juniel sings "Please" for "Still the Water" OST

Juniel sings

Juniel has released the song “Please” for the Korean release of the Japanese film “Still the Water“.

Juniel”s vocals are the perfect addition to the calm, acoustic song about a separation. The lyrics say, “Come back to me. Oh, please come back,” expressing the feeling of someone who wants a lost love back. “Still the Water” is slated to premiere in South Korea on October 9.. ... Read more

Juniel releases highlight medley for "I Think I"m In Love"

Juniel releases highlight medley for

Juniel give previews of her upcoming tracks from their 1st digital single album “I Think I”m In Love”.

Aside from her title song, two tracks are also included “Bug Off”, and  “Please”. The songs boast Juniel”s angelic and enchanting sweet vocals.. ... Read more

Juniel launches latest album

Juniel launches latest album

Female singer-songwriter Juniel, 21, released a new album Monday, after showcasing the title track “I Think I”m in Love” earlier Sunday on a stage that was set up along Cheonggye Stream in central Seoul. . ... Read more

Netizens are swooned over Juniel"s photos during her junior years

Netizens are swooned over Juniel

Netizens are making rounds by sharing Juniel”s photos during her junior years.

Undeniable because the photos show the younger and delicate-looking teenager holding a guitar and wearing a white dress. The photos were assumed to be taken during her early days of being an FNC trainee and we could definitely see an idol-like visual in these photos.. ... Read more

AOA"s ChoA and Juniel spotted hanging out in Japan


FNC Entertainment labelmates and friends AOA”s ChoA and Juniel took some time to hang out together in Japan.

On October 2, their agency released the above photos of the two ladies hanging out together back when they were in Japan for their FNC Entertainment family concert earlier this year. It”s been revealed that their friendship goes back 8 years when Juniel, who was a trainee back then, helped ChoA get recruited by her agency, playing a big role in ChoA”s debut as a member of AOA. . ... Read more

Juniel releases piano version and MV making of "I Think I"m In Love"

Juniel releases piano version and MV making of

Juniel who makes her return with 1st single album today also follows up a piano version of “I Think I”m In Love” and its MV making.

Not only her appearance is cute and lovely, but her voice is soft and sweet as well. Check out her skillful piano skills below while enjoying the BTS of her MV.. ... Read more

Juniel says "I Think I"m In Love" in MV teaser for comeback

Juniel says

Juniel dropped her MV teaser for comeback track, “I Think I”m In Love,” another sweet love song made even sweeter by her soothing vocals.
The teaser also shows clips of a budding romance between her and her significant other, showing the two running in the rain under the safety of his blazer. Humorously enough, this does not save her from running mascara! . ... Read more

Newsen interviews Juniel ahead of her comeback

Newsen interviews Juniel ahead of her comeback

Before Juniel released her first digital single on September 29th, Newsen interviewed her on September 23rd. 
On her interview, Juniel shared her feelings and her activities before her comeback. She told that her preparations included hiking with her mother, exercising regularly, and changing her hair color and make up style.
She said that she is excited but nervous at the same time for her return. She also gives some explanation of her song “I Think I”m in Love” saying, “It will make you want to be in love, and for those who are already in love may relate with it.”
See her photos:

written by: SOURCE: Newsen. ... Read more