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Dohee's height is 151.8cm

Tiny G's member Do-hee height has been revealed. ... height has been revealed. Dohee appeared on the KBS 2TV show "1:100" and solved some quizzes. She mentioned that the average height in Tiny G was 153 and that the youngest one was getting taller. Dohee said, "I am smal

Dohee reveals the short height that allowed her to be in Tiny-G + the company's stance on dating

Mnet"s "Beatle Code 3D" had Tiny-G"s Dohee as a guest ... height and she revealed to everyone"s surprise, "I am precisely 151.8 centimeters tall," making her very close to 5 feet tall

Rain: “I met Kim Woo Bin not too long ago, and I was really surprised at his height.”

On January 9th, singer Rain performed his ... his special comeback stage on Mnet MCountdown where he met actor/ MC Kim Woo Bin for the first time. During an interview with eNEWS, Rain revealed, “I met Kim Woo Bin not too long ago, and I was really surprised. I usually don’t lose in terms of OHK

Two Song Place parody EXO, Trouble Maker, 2NE1, and more in 'Age-Height' MV

F.T. Island"s Seunghyun and comedian Song ... and"s Seunghyun and comedian Song Eun Yi teamed up as Two Song Place for duet song "Age-height" and now the MV has finally been released with the parodies you"ve been waiting for! The two have joined forces as "Two Song Place" (referring to both their last names being Song) to reveal the song. Song E

Two Song Place (Song Eun Yi, FTISLAND's Song Seung Hyun) Releases Parodical Music Video "Age-Height"

Comedian Song Eun Yi and FTISLand’s ... and FTISLand’s Song Seung Hyun came together for an odd duo, Two Song Place, and recently released a music video their first song, “Age-height.” “Age-hei

Two Song Place crack fans up with their MV for 'Age-Height'

Two Song Place, a duo composed of FNC's Seunghyun ... and and Song Eun Yi, release their hilarious MV for 'Age-height'. The MV's concept is a compilation of fun parodies from hit kpop group's music videos such as Troublemaker, 2NE1, EXO, Miss A and many more. The MV will surely crack fans up as they did perfect parodies

F.T. Island's Song Seung Hyun and Song Eun Yi Parody EXO, Trouble Maker and More in "Age-Height" Teaser

F.T. Island’s Song Seung Hyun and ... and and Song Eun Yi, release their hilarious MV for 'Age-height'. The MV's concept is a compilation of fun parodies from hit kpop group's music videos such as Troublemaker, 2NE1, EXO, Miss A and many more. The MV will surely crack fans up as they did perfect parodies

Two Song Place parody EXO, 2NE1 and more in MV teaser for 'Age-Height'

FNC's witty duo Two Song Place (FT Island's ... and's SeungHyun and comedian Song Eun-Yi) release their MV teaser for 'Age-height'. Like what they said, the witty duo parodied popular choreographies such those from EXO's, TroubleMaker's, 2NE1's and many more. With their unique and witty con

Two Song Place release 'Age-Height' and perform at MCD!

Two Song Place formed by Song Eun-Yi and ... and FT Island's Song Seung Hyun release their duet 'Age-height' today. The song tells a story of a guy who only likes tall and young girls which is an obvious contrast to comedian Song Eun-Yi. The two made their debut performance

Rain Expresses Satisfaction Over His Height and Talks About Heel Inserts

Solo artist Rain recently shared a few words about ... his height and heel inserts. The charismatic singer appeared on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” on January 5, having made his comeback just a few days ago. After sharing which junior artists that hav

BESTie, Average Height 168cm 'Long Legs' Album Jacket Photo

Bestie bestie new album jacket photo Girl ... height of 168cm, have been maintaining their bodies through exercise. Even though they were not wearing high heels in the picture, they revealed sexy, long legs

Lee Ki Kwang’s Father Apologized to Him for His Short Height

On the recent episode KBS’s “Birth of a Family ... lee Ki Kwang revealed a series of text messages he shared with his father. lee Ki Kwang texted his father, “Among the traits I inherited from you, is there anything you regret passing on to me?” his father answered, “I feel guilty that I didn’t get to help you maintain your health. Perhaps you didn’t grow taller because of this

Lee Bo Young Reveals True Height and Weight

Actress lee Bo Young revealed her true height ... lee Bo Young revealed her true height and weight, according to Sports Chosun. On July 31, lee Bo Young was featured on SBS program “One Night of TV Entertainment” for an interview. She reve

Brian Of Fly To The Sky Considered Committing Suicide At The Height Of His Band's Fame: Thanks Bandmate Hwanhee For His 'Endless Support'

Fly to the Sky, Brian, Hwanhee Brian (right) ... his 13th floor apartment. Brian of the South Korean R&B duo Fly To The Sky says he considered jumping out the window of the 13th floor apartment he shared with bandmate Hwanhee when his band was at the pinnacle of their fame. Brian, whose also uses the stage name is Brian Joo, made the stunning admission on Thursday's episode of the Seoul Broadcasting System televis

"Cyrano Agency"s" Cast Boast an Average Height of 181cm

TvN′s upcoming drama Cyrano Agency is going to be ... lee Jong Hyuk, lee Chun Hee, Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sooyoung, Hong Jong Hyun and Jo Yoon Woo, boast an average height of a whopping 181cm.It is especially surprising that the average is still 181cm even with the addition of Sooyoung′s

T-ara’s Boram has a hard time competing on ‘Dream Team’ because of her short height

T-ara‘s Boram had an unfortunate moment on the ... height. On the April 28th broadcast of ‘Dream Team,’ T-ara members competed with Vietnamese models. While in the pool, they had to push each other off of a floating flat tube. When she fell into the pool

f(x)’s Sulli is Stressed Out From Her Tall Height

On the August 28 broadcast of SBS’ Strong Heart, ... height. Sulli started off on the subject by spilling, “I’m stressed whenever the people around me ask whether I’ve grown again whenever they see me. Some say that I’m taller than 170cm, but I’m not.”Sulli is nicknamed ‘Giant Baby’ because she is t

SNU Team Finds Genetic Factors for Height

A team of Korean researchers claims to have found genetic ... height.In all, 80 percent of a person's height is believed to be due to genetic factors and the remaining 20 percent to environmental factors, but until the study by Prof. Kim Hee-bal at Seoul National University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, only a small p

Uee-Hyorin, Their Height Difference Was That Big?

uee, hyorin, after school, sistar, mbc, idol star olympics ... height difference After School Uee and SISTAR Hyorin's height difference is becoming an issue. Recently in an online community forum, a picture was posted under 'The real height difference of Uee and Hyorin.' The picture was from MBC "The 4th Idol Star Athlete Swimming ChampionsOHK

Kwanghee’s profile height no longer exists, leaving fans wondering

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee failed at his attempt ... his attempt to edit his online profile. On the recent episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married,’ Kwanghee visited a gym with Sunhwa where he measured his height. He shared, “Last year, I