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MBLAQ G.O Reveals Mir’s Plan to Audition for YG Entertainment

MBLAQ’s G.O made the whole studio burst out laughing ... MBLAQ’s G.O made the whole studio burst out laughing by blurting out Mir’s secret plans. During April 15’s broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, Mir said, “After MBLAQ debuted, Lee Joon hyung was the most popular member

“Kpop Star 3″ Almeng sing “Let’s Forget” for “Three Days” OST

(Photo : SBS)“K PopStar 3″ Almeng made a surprise ... audition kpop Star – Season 3″ with catchy and fresh songs will be releasing the OST of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama “Let”s forget”.Through “kpop Star 3″ Almeng showed unique sounds and was able to reinterpret melodies and was in the Top 6

Review of “Golden Cross” Ep 1: Seo Min Ji sleeps with Jung Bo Suk for her audition to become a star

In the first episode of Golden Cross, Kang Ha Yoon(played ... audition. Ha Yoon was excited about the offer and headed to Hong Kong for the audition. On the plane, she sat next to Dong Ha and the two talked during the flight.On the way to the hotel room, Ha Yoon got a phone call saying, “The

GOT7 and Park Jae Jung to team up for a special stage at the preliminary audition in Busan for ‘Superstar K6′

GOT7 and “Superstar K5” winner Park Jae Jung will ... audition for Mnet“s “Superstar K6″!The artists will perform and participate in the preliminary special event at BEXCO, Busan on the 12th at 10 AM KST. GOT7 will return to Busan to thank fans for the love poured out to them during their previous f

Wassup to perform at '2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards'

Wassup is going to perform with the professional ... 2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards' which will end the basketball season. Wassup will perform 'Nom Nom Nom' with the basketball players like Doo Kyungmin, Park Jaehyun, Han Hobin, Kim Sangyu, Chang Minguk, Jeon Sunghyun, Lee Jaedo, and many more.The agency of Wassup said, “Expect a very fantastic performance from Was

J.Y. Park named as the highest-paid composer in royalties for 2013

J.Y. Park was listed as the highest-paid composer ... 2013, which was his third consecutive year at #1.According to the Korea Music Copyright Association‘s ’2013 Total Composer Revenue’, J.Y. Park was determined to be the composer with the highest total ro

Akdong Musician - Audition Contestants Who Became True K-Pop Stars

(Photo : YG Entertainment) (Photo : YG Entertainment) ... audition star status and has grown into true K-Pop stars. The brother-sister group appeared in the last season of "K-Pop Star 2" with a guitar and sang "Don"t Cross Your Legs" with an unsophisticated look, but now they"ve taken control of the music industry. Not only have they taken all kills on music charts, but their title song "200%" music video already has over 1

Lee Sun Hee's 15th album ranks 1st on Billboard Kpop chart

Lee Sun Hee’s title song of her 15th album currently ... Lee Sun Hee’s title song of her 15th album currently ranks 1st place of Billboard K-Pop chart. The legend ballad singer, Lee Sun Hee has returned after a long time with her 15th album and was ranked on the top place of various music charts with her title song, 'Meet Him Among Them

M.I.B’s Kangnam to Take On Trot for Audition Show “Trot X”

Kangnam of hip hop group M.I.B will be giving his ... Kangnam of hip hop group M.I.B will be giving his take on trot. He will be the first idol to appear on MNet’s “Trot X” and showcase the variety of his singing ability. Being the main vocal of M

CL never want to see her YG audition demo tape again

The four ladies of 2NE1 featured on the April 3rd ... audition was mentioned, to which she shared, “That demo tape is still at the company, so the managers jokingly threaten to release the tape.”DJ Kim Shin Young responded, “I really want to see that tape.”In response, CL immediately stated, “I do not want to see it,” bringi

So Ji-sub, in an audition

Actor So Ji-sub mentioned Yoo Seung-ho and his next ... Actor So Ji-sub mentioned Yoo Seung-ho and his next piece of work. So Ji-sub interviewed with the star style magazine High Cut. Pictures of the actor taken by High Cut revealed his muscular arms in a sleeveless shirt

JYP Entertainment to Launch Eleventh Official Audition

JYP Entertainment is launching its eleventh official ... audition.Starting on April 1, JYP will be looking for the artists to follow in the footsteps of 2PM’s Wooyoung, GOT7’s Jr and more. Working with Smart uniforms, the audition can be registered through the Smart uniform stores across the country and the online registration will become available soon as well. Those who register will be eligible to participate

BEAST to Release a 2009-2013 Compilation, “BEAST Works”

BEAST will be releasing a best hits and clips collection ... 2013! The group just revealed a teaser for the new compilation on YouTube, featuring clips from their biggest hits such as “Bad Girl” (2009), “Beautiful” (2010), “Beautiful Night” (2012), and “Shadow” (2013). “BEAST Works 2009-2013″ will be a 2CD limited edition, with both group and so

KPop flash mob in Tunisia

Amazing kpop fans from Tunisia show their ... kpop fans from Tunisia show their love for kpop through some slick dance moves from their favorite kpop songs. They are kpoppera from Tunisia and they started to organize this event from January, they gathered the dancers (about 25 dancers) and practiced for a week. The tra

CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry” Is One of 2013′s Most Loved Songs in Taiwan

Idol band CNBLUE‘s “I’m Sorry” has been confirmed ... 2013. CNBLUE confirmed their popularity by landing on the sixth spot on the list. Out of the 100 most played tracks, 54 songs are sung in Chinese, 18 tracks are from Indonesia, and the rest are from various countries

Taiwan Chooses CN Blue’s ‘I’m Sorry’ as the Most Loved Korean Song in 2013

CN Blue’s I’m Sorry ranked as the most loved Korean ... 2013.According to Taiwanese radio music program called Hit FM, CN Blue’s I’m Sorry ranked number six on the 100 songs single chart in 2013. Out of the 100 songs, 54 were Chinese songs, 18 were international pop a

Taiwan Radio Program Hit FM Reveals CNBLUE 'I'm Sorry' To Be Most Loved K-Pop Song For 2013

Band CNBLUE"s song, "I"m Sorry," was chosen as the ... 2013 in Taiwan. On March 26, FNC Entertainment stated that Taiwan radio program, Hit FM, revealed that CNBLUE"s song, "I"m Sorry" was ranked number 6 on the 2013 100 Song Single Chart with Chinese and pop songs combined. This chart had 54 Chinese songs, 18 international songs and 17 Korean s

SHINee And Toheart Singer Key Recalls His Original Audition For Label S.M. Entertainment

(Photo : Mnet) No one can say SHINee and Toheart Singer ... audition for his record label SM Entertainment. "During the SM audition, they told me that everyone seemed like they came out of a factory," Key said

’2014 K-POP Cover Dance Festival’ holds local audition in Vietnam

The “2014 K-POP Cover Dance Festival” held its ... The “2014 K-POP Cover Dance Festival” held its local preliminary round in Vietnam on the 21st with the winning teams being rewarded the opportunity to go to the “2014 HEC Korea Festival” which feature performances by idol groups!  “2014 K-POP Cover Dance Festival”s local round in Vietnam was held at Stadium of Military No

Orange Caramel’s Nana lands 2nd on TC Candler's 100 list of Most Beautiful Faces of 2013!

Many Koreans made it on TC Candler's 100 list of ... 2013.Orange Caramel’s Nana landed on the highest spot for the Koreans. She ranked second to the winner, Marion Cotillard.The others who made on the list were:9. Taeyeon14. Suzy Bae20. Jessica Jun