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Gummy Pushes Back Album Release to Beginning of May

Gummy pushed back her comeback date to May. Although ... album release and reschedule her June solo concert. Gummy"s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated: "After long discussion, we decided to push back Gummy"s comeback. We"re still trying to adjust dates for the concert and future promotions". Gummy had originally planned to rele

Lunafly Reveals Wanting to Release a Spanish Album at Press Conference in Peru

The members of Lunafly were in Peru to do several ... The members of Lunafly were in Peru to do several activities in part of their Latin American tour earlier last week. On April 14, members Sam, Teo and Yun, joined by Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA, landed in Peru at 11:40pm (PET) and were welcomed by dozens of dedicated fans

Phantom to delay the release of their new album

Hiphop Group Phantom joins the line-up of celebrities ... album "Phantom Power" which was originally scheduled to release on April 24th has been delayed","The whole Korea is currently in deep grief. The Phantom members thought that they shouldn't release their album while everyone is in the mourning for the accident

TVXQ to release new Japanese single album 'Sweat/Answer' in June

TVXQ are releasing a new single album 'Sweat/Answer' ... album 'Sweat/Answer' in June 11. The official notice has been put up on their official Japanese website on April 22.The single album consists of two new tracks 'Sweat' and 'Answer'. The CD version includes 'less-v

Sun Mi Mini Album Vol. 1 - Full Moon

This Review is sponsored by Sunmi received ... kpop scene transforming herself into a vampire with 'Full Moon'. This is the first collaboration between Brave Brothers and JYP and it has been proven to be a success with the love Sunmi received from fans while promoting

Akdong Musician's Debut Album Ranks Second On U.S. Billboard World Albums Chart

Duo Akdong Musician has made it to number 2 on the ... albums Chart. On April 18, Billboard revealed that Akdong Musician"s debut album, PLAY, had ranked number 2 on the World albums chart. This chart ranked foreign artists based on album sales. Ak

Akdong Musician Rank #2 on Billboard’s World Album Chart!

The brother and sister duo, Akdong Musician, once ... album Chart recorded Akdong Musician’s debut album, “Play,” as second on the chart. First on the chart was the all-female Irish group, Celtic Woman‘s “Emerald: Music Gems.” The success of “Play” is quite impressive for t

EXO's mini-album to be delayed for a tentative date

The brother and sister duo, Akdong Musician, once ... album is next to be postponed for an uncertain period of time. nfirmed."

Block B Postpones New Album Release - Mourning For Lives Lost From Ferry Tragedy

(Photo : OSEN) Boy group Block B has delayed the release ... album because of the unfortunate sunken ferry tragedy. Block B"s agency Seven Seasons announced through their official Twitter and SNS on the 16th that they would be delaying the release of Block B"s new single "Jackpot". Block B stated, "This comeback title song is called "Jackpot", an

EXO 'Overdose' Album Release Postponed To Undetermined Date Due To Ferry Tragedy

EXO"s "Overdose" release date has been delayed. Through ... EXO"s "Overdose" release date has been delayed. Through a statement on the official EXO website, SM Entertainment has made the decision to postpone the release of Overdose until a yet to be determined date

EXO to delay the release of new mini album 'Overdose' due to the ferry tragedy

In condolence to the ferry tragedy, EXO decided to ... EXO"s "Overdose" release date has been delayed. Through a statement on the official EXO website, SM Entertainment has made the decision to postpone the release of Overdose until a yet to be determined date

Akdong Musician charts at #2 on Billboard's World Album Chart

Akdong Musician"s debut album "PLAY" charted ... album "PLAY" charted at #2 on Billboard"s latest weekly World albums Chart! SEE ALSO: Akdong Musician"s "Galaxy" deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS Akdong Musician made their successful debut with "PLAY" which achieved an all-kill on its day of release on April 7 and their "200%" MV surpassed one million views on YouTube within just three days. All the tracks of the

EXO ‘Overdose’ Album Release Postponed to Later Time

With the ongoing tragedy of the sunken passenger ship, ... album Overdose will be released at a later time. On April 18, SM Entertainment announced through EXO’s homepage, explaining that everyone at SM Entertainment is currently grieving over the recent tragedy of SEWOL, the passenger ship that sunk on April 16. Due to the incident, EXO’s new mini album, Overdose will not be releas

Akdong Musician Stays at No.1 for 149 Hours and No.2 on Billboard World Album Charts

Only just getting started, Akdong Musician is seeing ... album, Play,/strong>. As of April 18, Akdong Musician’s title song 200% has stayed in the number one position on the real time charts of the online music site, Genie, for a total of six days. The real-time chart takes downloads and streaming into consideration an

F.T Island's fourth Japanese studio album 'New Page' to be released in May

F.T Island recently announced the upcoming release ... album! SEE ALSO: F.T. Island record for MTV"s "Unplugged" in Japan The album entitled "New Page" will be the boys" fourth studio album in Japan and is set for release on May 28. The title song will be "Be Free," but you can check out the rest of the track lis

U-KISS delay their album release + to promote without AJ

U-KISS was originally slated to make their comeback ... album release date. Agency NH Media stated to media outlet OBS, "The comeback initially planned for April has been pushed back to May. The mini-album will be released after the middle of May. Work on the album has fallen behind. Even now,

K-Pop Album Picks: Inside The Crazy Rhythms of Kim Dae Hwan's "Drum! Drum! Drum!"

(Photo : Photo courtesy of Kim Dae Hwan could ... album entitled "In-A-Kadda-Da-Vida" as a member of Shin Jung Hyun and Questions. By 1972, he"d formed his own band, The Kim Trio and released "Drum! Drum! Drum!," an album of rhythmically a

K-Pop Crossover: Bjork And The Beatles Lead Our List Of Top 5 Craziest Album Cover Shoots Ever

(Photo : Twitter) On Tuesday it was revealed that ... album. The WINNER album is arguably the most anticipated release in the South Korean music scene right now, yet it"s likely the photographer will attempt anything as wild as the artists on this list

SECRET Hyosung To Release Solo Album This May

Girl group SECRET member Jun Hyosung will be releasing ... album this May. An official stated today, "It is planned to be released in May, but they are still debating on a specific date." The official continued, "She has worked with producer Double

Secret’s Hyosung to Release Solo Album in May

Hyosung, a member of the girl group Secret, will be ... album in May. According to multiple industry insiders, Jeon Hyosung will be making a comeback with her own solo album. Duble Sidekick composed the title track, and the album is at