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Three Korean Movies to Screen at Cannes Film Festival

Three korean movies are scheduled ... korean movies are scheduled to screen at the Cannes International Film Festival in May this year. The three films are “The Target”, “A Girl at My Door” and “Breath”. Festival organizers have announced that action thriller “The Target”, starring Ryu Seung Ryong (star of “Midnight in Cell No. 7”)

Son Seung Hun and On Joo Wan Show the Difference Between Good Guy and Bad Guy in New Movie Stills

The recently released movie stills of the ... movie stills of the upcoming movie “Human Addiction” displayed the difference between a good guy and bad guy. As Son Seung Hun acts as a military superior name Jin Pyung and On Joo Wan acts as one of Jin Pyung’s inferiors, Woo Suk, the movie will focus on two men’s love for one woman within the military quarters. “Human Addiction

South Korean Celebs Kim Yuna, Ha Ji Won, Cha Seung Won Donate $100,000 To Victims Of Sewol Ferry Tragedy

(Photo : blogspot) (Photo : WikiMedia Commons) (Photo ... (Photo : blogspot) (Photo : WikiMedia Commons) (Photo : WikiMedia Commons) As divers continue to search for survivors among the wreckage of the Sewol ferry, several of South Korea"s top celebrities have pledged their support for the victims and their loved ones in the form of generous charity donations

SBS Apologizes For Airing Reporters Grinning At South Korean Ferry Disaster Site

(Photo : SBS) (Photo : SBS) As the death toll of ... korean network"s explanation, the reporters were not discussing or reporting on the Sewol ferry tragedy when they were seen smiling on camera in a live shot broadcast on Sunday

Actor Lee Byung Hun Begins Filming For Hollywood Movie, 'Terminator 5'

Actor Lee Byung Hun has begun filming for the Hollywood ... movie, "Terminator 5." On April 22, the movie production posted a picture of crank in online to announce that the filming for the movie has officially begun. Lee Byung Hun will be working with Arnold Schwarzenegg

Kim Jun Hee, "For The First Time, I'm Ashamed To Be Korean"

Broadcaster Kim Jun Hee talked about the S korean ... korean Ferry incident. (Photo : review star) Broadcaster Kim Jun Hee talked about the S korean Ferry incident. Recently, Kim Jun Hee posted on her Instagram, "Changing your words. Avoiding your responsibilities. Rules that

Lee Byung Hun heads to the U.S. to begin filming for his next Hollywood movie 'Terminator 5'

Lee Byung Hun has begun filming for his next Hollywood ... Lee Byung Hun has begun filming for his next Hollywood film "Terminator 5"! SEE ALSO: Lee Byung Hun cast in his next Hollywood film "Terminator 5" His agency BH Entertainment rep stated, "Lee Byung Hun recently left for the States and joined the production crew, and started his first filming

Hwayoung's 'Cousin' Hong Ga Hye In South Korean Police Custody For Allegedly Impersonating Rescue Diver In Ferry Disaster

(Photo : YouTube still) (Photo : YouTube still (MBN)) ... korean business channel Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN), according to the website allkpop

Hyun Bin’s Comeback Movie “The Fatal Encounter” Hits N. American Theaters in May

“The Fatal Encounter” will be coming to many theaters ... movie role after completing his mandatory military service. Also starring in the movie is Jung Jae Young (Welcome to Dongmakgol), Jo Jung Suk (The Face Reader), and Han Ji Min (Rooftop Pr

Rain in talks to star in new Korean drama 'Indian Summer'

Rain may be making his comeback in Korea as an actor ... Rain may be making his comeback in Korea as an actor as he received an offer to join a new drama. His agency Cube DC told Star News on April 21, "Rain recently received an offer to star in new drama "Indian Summer," which will be directed by Producer Lee Hyung Min

Bridal Mask's Park Ki Woong releases poster for omnibus 3D zombie movie 'I Saw You'

Bridal Mask's actor Park Ki Woong, who takes his first ... Bridal Mask's actor Park Ki Woong, who takes his first zombie role in the upcoming 3D zombie film 'I Saw You' releases the promotional poster and release date.After 6 months since his last appearance on big screen through 'Secretly Greatly', Park Gi Woong is going to have a new character which is a zombie named Yeowool

'Sunken S Korean Ferry' 2PM & 4Minute Send Condolences As Well

Many stars have been sending condolences to the victims ... korean Ferry. (Photo : ajunews) Many stars have been sending condolences to the victims and families of the sunken S korean Ferry. On April 16, the Jindo ferry that was on its way to the Jeju Island containing high

Fans Of Idol Groups, Send Relief Supplies To Korean Ferry Site

Fans of idol groups are actively helping out the rescue ... korean ferry. (Photo : twitter) Fans of idol groups are actively helping out the rescue site of the sunken korean ferry. After the incident of the sinking of the ferry happened on April 16, fan

Korean Celebs Help Out In The Sewol Ferry Disaster Relief Efforts

(Photo : KpopStarz) In the wake of a national tragedy, ... (Photo : KpopStarz) In the wake of a national tragedy, it is not at all uncommon to see citizens from all walks of life coming together for the greater good.With the recent Sewol Ferry tragedy, the entire nation of South Korea has been stricken with grief and many are doing what they can to help

Movie Attendance Drops Due to Sewol Ferry Tragedy

The number of moviegoers has dropped drastically ... moviegoers has dropped drastically due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy that has cause the nation to fall into grief and anger. Comparison of last week Saturday’s top five box office sales with this Saturday’s top five shows just how deep in sorrow the whole nation is under. Last Saturda

Shin Ji Hoon sings theme song for animated movie, "Beyond beyond"

'K-Pop Star 2's Shin Ji Hoon lends her angelic voice ... movie 'Beyond Beyond'. The song title is "Happy Ending", its beautiful melody and lyrics are well presented through Shin Ji Hoon's pure and innocent voice.A rep of Cube entertainment said, "'Beyond Beyond' is an animated movie that is perfect fo

Movie 'The Fatal Encounter' to be shown in North America!

The to-be-released movie of Hyun Bin entitled ... movie of Hyun Bin entitled 'The Fatal Encounter' will be shown in North America also. Locally, 'The Fatal Encounter' (aka The King's Wrath) is scheduled to premiere on April 30th. Fortunately, the st

The number of Korean moviegoers drop severely in light of the Sewol incident

The Sewol sinking has hit the movie industry ... movie industry as well. The number of moviegoers on Saturday the 19th, as compared to previous weekends and previous years, has been cut severely. Last week on the 12th, almost 500,000 people were watching movies, including Hollywood movies such as "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and korean movies such as "Wandering Blade". The number is already small,

Korean Music Industry Insiders Suggest The Reign Of Girls' Generation May Soon Be Over

(Photo : SM Entertainment) In a Korea Times feature ... korean music industry insiders suggest that the famed girl group is nearing disbandment. Despite being regarded as the most popular K-Pop girl group with dedicated fans around the globe, is Girls" Generation on the way out? That is was some korean music industry professionals seem to think. In a piece published in the Korea Times last week, it was suggested that the recently revealed rel

BoA’s “Make Your Move” Movie Review and Premiere Coverage

Soompi covers BoA’s highly anticipated “Make Your ... korean woman set on following her dreams with her fusion hip-hop Taiko group COBU