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Detective Lee Sun Gyun - Killer Jang Dong Gun... The Striking Transformation of Actors in Their Forties

Crime action movie "A Hard Day""s Lee Sun Gyun and ... dong Gun demonstrated the power of actors in their forties with their transformation. Lee Sun Gyun played the role of detective Go Gun Soo, who tries to cover up his mistake in movie "A Hard Day". Lee Sun Gyun threw aside his romantic guy image to take on a new persona.

Yoo Eun-ho joins "Gabdong - Memories of Murder" as Seong Dong-il's daughter

Actress Yoon Eun-ho is starring in the new tvN drama ... dong - Memories of Murder". She is the daughter of Seong dong-il in the drama. She plays Yang Seon-joo, daughter of Yang Cheol-gon (Seong dong-il). She plays an important role as to why Yang Cheol-gon and

Song Hye Kyo, Kang Dong Won and Yoo Ah In’s Agency Send Needed Items to SEWOL Victims′ Families

UAA (United Artists Agency), which houses Song Hye ... dong Won and Yoo Ah In, have joined to help out the victim families of the SEWOL sinking tragedy. On April 16, at around 9 a.m., the passenger ship, SEWOL, began to sink. With so many victims still missing, the entire country of K

Song Hye Gyo, Kang Dong Won, and Yoo Ah In Donate to Ferry Disaster Relief Efforts

It has been belatedly revealed that artists from management ... dong Won and Yoo Ah In. A rep from UAA stated, “On April 18, the actors wanted to help even just a little so they sent relief goods.” Because the actors didn’t want a big

‘Gap Dong’ Lee Joon, This Is Why He Deserves To Be Called ‘Acting Idol’

(Photo : tvN) (Photo : tvN) MBLAQ"s Lee Joon is being ... dong" aired its first episode on the 11th, and is known to be a follow up work of PD Jo Soo Won, who directed SBS" "I Can Hear Your Voice." The show was also introduced as a TV series of the movie Memories of

ZE:A’s Dong Jun Stars in Drama to Benefit Disabled People

ZE:A’s dong Jun decided to help raise awareness ... dong Jun decided to help raise awareness and understanding of disabled people by donating his talent to a special drama.dong Jun attended press conference for drama Climbing Sky Wall (translated) on April 16 in Duksung Girls Middle School. The eve

Lee Dong Wook and Cho Sae Ho Revealed to Be Roommates for ‘Roommates’

Putting two contrasting figures in one room, SBS’ ... dong Wook and comedian Cho Sae Ho as roommates. On April 15, the Roommates, who have been revealing information on the roommates of the shows one by one, announced that Lee dong Wook and Cho Sae Ho are sharing a room on the new variety program. Cho Sae Ho also posted a picture on his Facebook, writing, "My roommate hyung

Lee Seung Gi reveals his thoughts after Kang Ho Dong left “Strong Heart”

Although Lee Seung Gi did an amazing job as the sole ... dong”s leave, he revealed that it wasn”t as easy as it appeared and he felt like running away several times because of the responsibility and pressure.On the April 14th broadcast of Lee Sun Hee‘s special on SBS‘ ‘Healing Camp’, Lee Seu

“Kap Dong”: Lee Joon is a psycopath!

(Photo : tvN)“Kap dong” Lee Joon considered ... dong” Lee Joon considered Lee Yeom Eun as the sacrifice character.On the 2nd episode of tvN “Kap dong” broadcast on April 12th, Ryu Tae Oh (played by Lee Joon) who came out of the protection agency started to look for a suspect. Lee Yeom Eun was Ta

‘Roommate’ teases viewers with character cards for Park Bom, Lee Dong Wook, and Park Min Woo

“Roommate” unveiled the character cards for 2NE1″s ... park Bom, Lee dong Wook, and park Min Woo!Following the character cards for After School“s Nana, 5urprise“s Seo Kang Jun, shin Sung Woo, and Hong Soo Hyun, park Bom, Lee dong Wook, and park Min Woo were up next and were introduced by their age, career, as well as three charms or interesting facts about themselves.park Bom (31, Singer)- World class TOP artist!- A

Gary shows his jealousy to Song Ji Hyo and Dong Joon on “Running Man”

 The “I Like Sundays – Running Man” member Gary ... dong Joon.On the SBS entertainment program “I Like Sundays – Running Man” which aired on April 13, 2014, each of the Running Man team members invited a guest and went on a trip together using public transportation. Son Ji Hyo got teamed up with singer dong Joon. After completing the mission for the first day,

Jang Soo Won, Kang Min Kyung, Lizzy, Park Dong Bin To Appear On "Radio Star"

(Photo : TV Report) Jang Soo Won, Kang Min Kyung, ... park dong Bin will appear on the "Godly Actors" edition of "Radio Star." This is a sarcastic title, of course, as the four guests scheduled to appear have been called out by the viewers for their poor acting. Jang Soo Won, who was criticized the most among the four

Review of “Hotel King” Ep 4: Lee Dong Wook gives Lee Da Hae a hug

In Hotel King, episode 4, Cha Jae wan(played ... wan(played by Lee dong Wook) hugged Ah Mo Ne(played by Lee Da Hae).Previously, Jae wan found out that Ah Sung Won(played by Choi Sang Hoon)’s death was related to Lee Joong Goo(played by Lee Duk Hwa), and that he was used by Joong Goo to kill Sung Won.Mo Ne was sad thinking of her fat

Review of “Hotel King” Ep 4: Lee Dong Wook Discovers That Lee Da Hae’s Father Did Not Commit Suicide

In Hotel King, episode 4, Cha Jae wan(played ... wan(played by Lee dong Wook) found out that Ah Sung Won(played by Choi Sang Hoon) did not commit suicide.Previously, Jae wan heard from Ah Mo Ne(played by Lee Da Hae) that Sung Won never had depression, and went to see Sung Won’s doctor. He asked him, “Are you and the

Review of “Hotel King” Ep 3: Lee Da Hae starts suspicious at Lee Dong Wook

In Hotel King, episode 3, Ah Mo Ne(played by Lee Da ... wan(played by Lee dong Wook).Previously, Mo Ne found a dead bird on her bed and was shocked. As Jae wan gave her a hug saying it was okay, she shouted, “Get lost! Get out of here right now!”Jae wan said, “I’ll track down someone who did this.” Mo Ne replied, “You don’t have to. There’s only one person in this hotel

Review of “Hotel King” Ep 3: Lim Seul Ong gets mad at Lee Dong Wook

In Hotel King, episode 3, Sun Woo Hyun(played by Lim ... wan(played by Lee dong Wook).Previously, Ah Mo Ne(played by Lee Da Hae) found her father’s watch in Jae wan’s room and believed that he was the one who killed her father. She poured wine on his head right before an important meeting to ruin it. As Mo

Jang Dong-gun, Won Bin, Lee Na-young and Kang Dong-won drinking

Pictures of stars drinking with friends have been ... dong-gun and other male stars getting drunk" was posted on an online community recently. The picture is of Jang dong-gun and Hyeon Bin, Hwang Jeong-min and Cha Tae-h

Shindong and Shin Dong Yup’s “Beatles Code” to Wrap Up Season 3, Future Uncertain

MNet’s talk show “Beatles Code 3D” will sadly ... shin and Yoo Se Yoon chosen as the MCs

2NE1′s Park Bom shows her support to Lee Dong Wook and his drama “Hotel King”

2NE1″s park Bom cheered on her “Roommate” ... park Bom cheered on her “Roommate” actor Lee dong Wook.The two must have gotten close over filming as she tweeted on April 10, “Everyone, I watched episodes 1 and 2 of “Hotel King” exactly 4 times. Why? Be