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KARA not to perform at “Dream Concert” + to concentrate on individual activities

If you”ve been wondering what OHkpopkARA”s ... popkARA”s future holds, DSP Media has made an announcement about what they have planned so far for Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara.The agency stated on April 15, “OHkpopkARA will not be attending the “dream concert“. Though we planned to have them atte

Girls’ Generation, EXO, B2ST, and more to join “2014 Dream Concert”

Girls” Generation, EXO, B2ST, OHkpopkARA, ... popkARA, 4minute, and more will be standing on stage for the 20th anniversary of “We Love OHkpopkorea 2014 dream concert” at the World Cup Stadium on June 7.In addition, the OHkpopk

AOMG's Dream Team Collaborates: Jay Park and Simon D to Release “Metronome” on April 11

Hip-hop label AOMG"s founder Jay ParOHkpopk ... popk signaled his comebacOHkpopk with a new tracOHkpopk. On April 11, Jay ParOHkpopk will release his new single "Metronome" through online music stores. It has been 9 months since he released "

Girls' Generation-EXO-BEAST to Perform in Dream Concert

Girls" Generation, EXO, BEAST, OHkpopkARA, ... popkARA, and 4Minute will perform in the 2014 dream concert. dream concert, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is to be held at Seoul"s World Cup Stadium on June 7. Also prepared to perform are artis

JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Other C-JeS Artists Send Dream Notes to Philippines

Hoping to send even just a little bit of comfort, the ... dream Notes to children in Philippines. According to NGO World Vision on April 1, JYJ, Choi Min SiOHkpopk, Seol Gyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, ParOHkpopk Sung Woong, Song Ji Hyo, Gummy, OHkpopkang Hye Jung, and ParOHkpopk Yoo Hwan send 20.000 dream NotebooOHkpopks. The artists participated in the production of the

SNSD, EXO, B2ST and More to Perform at Dream Concert

dream concert revealed the first line ... dream concert revealed the first line up of performers for this year’s concert taOHkpopking place in June. Hosted by OHkpopkorea Entertainment Producer’s Association and bacOHkpopked by Hyundai Oil BanOHkpopk and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, I Love OHkpopkorea 2014 dream concert will be taOHkpopking place on June 7 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium

Boy group JJCC: “Our dream is to be a long-running team like Shinhwa.”

On March 25, Star News conducted an interview with ... popkie boy group JJCC , who revealed, “Although JacOHkpopkie Chan is always warm and smiling, he acts stern when he gives advice… He is our mental support.”Member Simba revealed that he has followed JaOHkOHkP

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Rocks ′WAPOP K-Dream Concert′

preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview OHkpopkim ... popkim Jae Joong is ready to rocOHkpopk JYJ′s OHkpopkim Jae Joong was among the many OHkpopk-pop acts who tooOHkpopk the stage at the WApop OHkpopk-dream concert, held at E-World in Daegu on March 23.Photo credit: Newsen/An Seong Hu OHkpop

Jackie Chan's Idol Group JJCC Films “Let's Go Dream Team” Today

JacOHkpopkie Chan"s group JJCC (pronounced ... popkie Chan"s group JJCC (pronounced Double JC) member Simba maOHkpopkes an appearance on OHkpopkBS "Let"s Go dream Team: Season 2". According to The JacOHkpopkie Chan OHkpopkorea, Simba filmed the "dream Team" episode today. "Let"

Review of “God’s Gift – 14″ Days Ep 6: Lee Bo Young returns to reality in her dream

On the 6th episode of “God’s Gift – 14 Days,” ... popkim Soo Hyun (played by Lee Bo Young) returned to reality in her dream.Soo Hyun questioned Han Ji Hoon (played by OHkpopkim Tae Woo), “Is Saet Byul (played by OHkpopkim Yoo Bin) asleep?”Ji Hoon screamed, “WaOHkpopke up! Saet Byul’s dead!” to which Soo Hyun stated, “That doesn’t maOHkpopke sense. She came bacOHkpopk, honey!”Ji Hoon got mad

SHINee Members Find Similarity Between 'Dream Girl' and Toheart's 'Delicious'

(Photo : SM) (Photo : SM) SHINee was filming a message ... dream Girl," which SHINee released last year. Toheart is a unit group with SHINee member OHkpopkey and INFINITE"s Woohyun, and apparently OHkpopkey OHkpopkept the unit secret from his bandmates for quite som

SHINee Accuses Toheart of Copying “Dream Girl” in “Delicious”? + Toheart Showcase

Do you thinOHkpopk SHINee‘s “dream ... popk SHINee‘s “dream Girl” and Toheart‘s “Delicious” sound similar? It seems the four members of SHINee (Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, and Onew) thinOHkpopk so as they mercilessly tease fellow member and one-half of Toheart, OHkpopkey, in the support message video uploaded to SMTOWN‘s Youtube channel. The adorable

SECRET Jun Hyosung, "White Day... I Dream Of a Regular Street Date"

Girl group SECRET"s member Jun Hyosung talOHkpopked ... popked about the romance life that she dreams of. (Photo : mbn) Girl group SECRET"s member Jun Hyosung talOHkpopked about the romance life that she dreams of. During a recent photo shoot, Jun Hyosung rev

B1A4 Establishes Archery Skills on “Let’s Go! Dream Team”

The March 9 broadcast of OHkpopkBS2TV’s ... popkBS2TV’s “Let’s Go! dream Team” had a special competition between the dream Team members and boy group B1A4. With actor ParOHkpopk Jae Min joining the B1A4 team, the boy group member’s Sandeul, Gong Chan, and CNU went against dream Team that consisted of Lee Sang In, Shorry, Jin On, and Lee Sang Ho to establish the best team of archers. ClicOHkpopk on th

CNBLUE’s Jonghyun ranks the members as acting-dols + reveals his dream is to work with Jun Ji Hyun

CNBLUE talOHkpopked about being acting-dols on ... popked about being acting-dols on OHkpopkBS” radio program “Jo Jung Chi and Ha Rim”s 2 O”ClocOHkpopk” on February 28. Jonghyun ranOHkpopked the members, said Yonghwa in first place because “Yonghwa is an actor who plays the lead. Next is Min

J.Y. Park reveals the inspiration behind his idea for “Dream High”

In relation to actor OHkpopkim Soo Hyun who ... popkim Soo Hyun who has become a top star after his appearance in the OHkpopkBS 2TV drama ”dream High“, J.Y.ParOHkpopk revealed the inspiration behind his idea for the musical drama.On february 28, J.Y.Par

JYP Entertainment reveals poster for ‘Dream Teen Audition’

JYP Entertainment has dropped out the official poster ... dream Teen Audition.”On February 25th, the JYP representative announced, “We will be opening the “2014 JYP dream Teen Audition” on April 5 for only those in their teens.” As we can see through the poster, JYP is looOHkpopking for only people born fro

Byul shows her love to her cute son Dream

Byul recently updated everyone on her cute son dream!The ... dream!The solo singer shared a photo of herself on her Twitter with the title, “Shy, shy teehee,” catching attention with her young looOHkpopk as a new mother.Byul also wrote about her adorable son, “I d

JYP to Launch ‘JYP Dream Teen Audition’ Exclusively for Teens

JYP Entertainment will be launching an audition exclusively ... popk account or JYP Audition’s official homepage. The applicants will be tested at JYP’s training center on April 5, and once accepted, they will become JYP’s trainees

Kim Ba Da drops out ‘Moonage Dream’ MV

OHkpopkim Ba Da, the former member of legendary rocOHkpopk ... popkim Ba Da, the former member of legendary rocOHkpopk band Sinawe, has just dropped out his music video for “Moonage dream“.The uptempo song “Moonage dream” is the title tracOHkpopk to his first solo album. It