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Dramas and Variety Shows Cancels to Focus on Sunken Ferry

Wednesday night was without entertainment as the ... the entire nation put its focus on the tragedy of the ferry that sank near Jindo in the early mornings of April 16. the ferry was holding more than 400

All dramas and shows cancelled due to sinking ship

All entertainment shows and dramas were cancelled ... dramas were cancelled in expression of mourning the victims of the passenger ship that sank in Jindo on the 16th. KBS1 broadcasted newsbreaks from 10AM onwards until 1:10AM on the 17th. "Secret of Birth", "

A Pink reveal their jealousy to Eunji’s popularity though dramas

the A Pink‘s members appeared as guests on ... the A Pink‘s members appeared as guests on the latest episode of Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 3D” where they revealed their jealousy to Eunji‘s popularity.Hayoung shared, “the audience”s shout is different for Eunji at events

Ratings for Mon-Tues dramas revealed!

the viewer ratings for Monday-Tuesday dramas ... the viewer ratings for Monday-Tuesday dramas were recently revealed in which “Empress Ki” once again dominated its time slot.According to information from AGB Nielsen Korea, the April 15th broadcast of MBC‘s “Empress Ki” received a 26

Lee Seo Jin Is Embarrassed of His Own Emotional Acting in Past Dramas

He may be known as the quirky and sassy baggage ... the quirky and sassy baggage boy on tvN‘s “Grandpa over Flower,” but before being known as Korea’s national tour guide, Lee Seo Jin has acted in numerous popular dramas in which his range of emotional acting has established his name as an actor. Yet, the a

‘Golden Cross’ comes in third in viewer ratings for Wed-Thurs dramas

With “Generation of Youth” over, “Three ... of Youth” over, “Three Days” became the hero of Wed-Thurs drama this week at #1 in its time slot.According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the April 10th episode of SBS” “Three Days” achieved a 12.0% viewer rating,

Street Foods in K-Dramas

 Many k-dramas feature at least one scene ... dramas feature at least one scene with mountains of tempting tasty-looking street food.In “bride of the Century,” Yang Jin sung introduces Lee Hongki tobaked sweet potatoes, something the young chaebol enjoyed as a child but had not eaten for a while.In “Sec

Which Korean dramas and movies will take off this year?

Ongoing SBS dramas Three Days and God’s Gift ... dramas Three Days and God’s Gift – 14 Days are currently getting positive reviews and feedbacks from the viewers.God’s Gift – 14 Days revolves around a story of a mother, Kim Soo Hyun, (Lee Bo Young) who tries to save her daughter, Saet Byul, (Kim Yoo Bin) as she goes back in time and was given 14 days to change her daughter’s fate. A former d

Student-Teacher Love in K-Dramas

“In “Secret Love Affair,” Yoo Ah In”s character ... the steamy romance is not the only k-drama in which a student falls for his or her teacher.Sometimes the lovers only temporarily have a student-teacher relationship.In “You Who Came For the Stars

K-Dramas hit America!

 the Hallyu wave, including K-Pop and K-Drama, ... the Hallyu wave, including K-Pop and K-Drama, has already hit America!In 2013, Psy brought the joys of k-pop to the USA but this year k-dramas are also getting some press.

Park Hyuk Kwan appears in two dramas at the same time

Actor Park Hyuk Kwan is currently appearing in both ”Secret ... the actor portrays the man who is in charge of investigating the president’s assassination.Park Hyuk Kwan has showed his acting skills in different roles at the same time

Piggyback Rides in K-Dramas

My Name is Kim Sam-soonWe’re here to kick off ... off a new series that we’re doing, to call attention to some of the recurring motifs in kdrama land, by way of pop culture. Topics will range from cultural bits OHKP

What is “Mahjong” in K-Dramas?

If you are a fans of K-dramas, you ... of K-dramas, you have probably seen the game Mahjong being played on the screen.But what is mahjong exactly?Mahjong, also spelled majiang, mah jongg, and numerous other variants, is a game that originated in China. It is commonly p

Why Can't Chinese Writers Create Dramas Like "My Love From the Star"?

(Photo : Hwa and Dam, HB Entertainment) Chinese screenwriters ... thered for the Hong Kong International Film Festival and discussed why a drama like "My Love From the Star" is not being written by Chinese writers. Most of the writers who were gathered g

TVXQ’s Dramas Rank No. 1 and 2 on Oricon DVD Chart

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin have taken over ... the Oricon chart with their respective dramas.According to the Oricon chart on March 26, the special preview DVD for Mnet’s Mimi, starring Max Changmin, ranked number one on the DVD daily chart. the premium making DVD for Yawang, starring U

Cuisine in K-Dramas: Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made of ... of seasoned vegetables and salt. Koreans eat it at nearly every meal. It can be fresh, like a salad, or it can be fermented.While the most popular variety isspicy kimchi made of cabbage, there are hundreds of different types of kimchi made of different vegetables, and not all of them spicy. Kimchi is also a main ingredient in o

K-Dramas with similar filming locations

While watching a drama, have you ever noticed the ... the locations used to film it? Here are some K-dramas with similar filming locations!If you watched a recent episode ofbride of the Century” and wondered why the restaurant that Yang Jin sung started looked familiar, that”s because you may have been there before. You may have visited there in anoOH

Weird Weddings and Engagements in K-Dramas

Alongside romantic wedding and engagement scenes, ... dramas also featured weird weddings and engagements, bringing out the feelings of craziness and scare.the latest k-drama to take on a convoluted engagement is “bride of the Century.” In that drama Yang Jin sung has to pretend to

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Prefers Serious and Heavy Dramas

Currently starring in SBS’s Three Days, JYJ’s Park ... the press conference for SBS’s Three Days along with the other cast members. As Three Days is a drama with a large scale and heavy storyline, the reporters asked, “Many of the projects in your filmography a

Two Dramas Center Around The “Noona Romance”

the “noona romance” is currently a hot ... the “noona romance” is currently a hot trend among K-dramas.In this kind of drama, the male lead is several years less than the female lead. This time, “Witch’s Romance” and “Secret Love Affair“both tackle this subject.