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Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Ask to Postpone Concert, Lotte Objects

“The Heirs” stars Lee Min Ho and park ... park Shin Hye have been caught in a dilemma. Originally, the two actors were going to be attending the four-day ‘Hallyu Star Family Concert,” put on by Lotte at the Olympic park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul. However, in light of recent events c

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s Lotte Event to Be as Simple as Possible

Lotte Duty Free will be simplifying the event with ... park Shin Hye. From April 18 to April 20, Lotte Duty Free were to hold the Family Concert with Hallyu Stars at the Jamsil Gymnastics Stadium with Lee Min Ho and park Shin Hye present. However, on April 16, the tragic sinking of the passenger ship h

Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye, to cancel or not?

Actor Lee Min-ho and park Shin-hye were to ... park Shin-hye were to attend the Hallyu Star Family Concert in the Olympic Stadium on the 18th. However, several stars appearing in the concert including the two of them have requested to postpone the event to mourn for the tragic incident that happened on the 16th. However, Lotte Duty

Park Hee-jin is a completely different person

park Hee-jin is posing during an interview ... park Hee-jin is posing during an interview with News N. park Hee-jin starred in the MBC daily drama "The Daughter of the Emperor" and said, "I wasn't criticized so much for this drama.

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Continue to Request for Hallyu Event to Be Postponed

While the situation is still up in the air, onlookers ... park Shin Hye will attend a hallyu event. After jumping to incredible popularity after SBS’ The Heirs, Lee Min Ho and park Shin Hye have been picked out as 2014’s hottest hallyu stars. Their popularity in China is especially unimaginable, with fans from overseas naturally co

Korean movie 'Gyeongju' releases teaser posters of Shin Min Ah and Park Hae Il

Director Zhang Lu"s first comedy/melodrama movie "Gyeongju" ... park Hae Il on April 17. The two are basking in the warm sun for a natural spring look and looking off into the distance. It suggests an interesting romance budding between the two as park Hae Il"s poster asks, "Can I hold you

ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik and Kahi to Meet as Lovers in “Bonnie & Clyde”

ZE:A’s park Hyung Sik and Kahi will be meeting ... park Hyung Sik and Kahi will be meeting as lovers in the “Bonnie & Clyde” musical. The two actors attended a press conference for the musical on April 16, where they released a still cut of the couple, which shows Kahi leaning on park Hyung Sik, who is hugging her from behind. The phot

A Witch's Love" Um Jung Wha And Park Suh Joon's Foam Kiss

(Photo : tvN) "A Witch"s Love" Um Jung Wha and park ... park Suh Joon had a foamy kiss. On the 2nd episode of tvN "A Witch"s Love" broadcast on April 15th, Ban Ji Yeon (played by Um Jugn Wha) and Yoon Dong Wha (played by park Suh Joon) kissed. Ont his day, the two people meet each other a

ZE:A's Park Hyungsik & Kahi's kiss, 11-year age gap doesn't matter

ZE:A's park Hyungsik and Kahi had their kissing ... park Hyungsik and Kahi had their kissing scene from 'Bonnie and Clyde' Musical performed on April 16 at BBC Hall, BBC Art Center, Shinsadong, Seoul.The two actors showed an intense and thrilling love story. Hyungsi

‘K-Pop Star 3’ Comes To An End – Bernard Park Goes to JYP, Where Are the Others Going?

"K-Pop Star 3" has come to a close, and news of the ... "K-Pop Star 3" has come to a close, and news of the contestants" whereabouts is intriguing the fans of "K-Pop Star". YG Entertainment Chief Producer Yang Hyun Suk announced his plan to recruit "K-Pop Star 3" contestant Lee Chae Young as a trainee

Super Junior’s Heechul and his wife updated photos and a clip from their amusement park date on Instagram

Super Junior”s Heechul and his Taiwanese “wife” Guo ... park date for “We Got Married – Global Edition”!SEE ALSO: INFOGRAPHIC Tournament Battle of the Best Boy and Girl Groups! Heechul shared on his Instagram on the 15th, “Everyone, date with not the 2D woman that everyone wants but a real woman. We look like a newlywed couple from the “80s in this photo

Jay Park Brings Up Lady Gaga Watching Him Perform at ′SXSW′

Jay park brought up about Lady Gaga.During ... park brought up about Lady Gaga.During April 15’s broadcast of Mnet’s 4gaji Show, Jay park held an interview, during which he brought up SXSW (South by South West), where he performed in March. He

Enjoy the Old and New K-Pop with Mad Clown, Jay Park, Lee Seung Gi and More

preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview With more ... preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview With more and more artistsmaking their anticipated comebacks, the K-pop charts have been getting filled with songs that we must listen to. And some of the artists making their returns have been those who got their names out more than a decade ago

Song Seung-heon, Park Hwi-soon and others pray for the missing

Actors are mourning for those missing in the sinking ... park Hwi-soon tweeted, "I hope everyone is safe! All your families are worried and I am so heartbroken. I wish for a miracle!". Comedian Jeong Jong-cheol Tweeted, "It's a sad day

Review: Jay Park Proves He's More Than Just A Rapper On 'Metronome'

(Photo : Youtube still ) (Photo : Youtube still ) ... park got his start as the leader of the K-pop boy band 2PM. In 2009, park found himself being accused of being anti-Korean, after remarks he made five years earlier were published online. He was consequentially pushed out of the group. Chalk it up to overzealous Hallyu fans

Actress Park Jin Hee to Marry a Lawyer Five Years Younger Next Month

Actress park Jin Hee (age 35) will hear wedding ... park Jin Hee (age 35) will hear wedding bells soon. She revealed earlier this month that she’s dating a man five years her junior. On April 15, someone close to park Jin Hee revealed, “Both sides are planning to hold a very small and intimate wedding with only family and closest friends. Both th

Lena Park Reveals Teaser for “Double Kiss”

Lena park revealed the music video ... park revealed the music video teaser for her new track "Double Kiss" on April 15. The new song, shortly introduced in the teaser clip, features ballad-singer Lena park"s attempt at singing to a sentimental electronic sound. "Do

Kahi, ZE:A′s Park Hyung SIk and More Heat Up ′Bonnie & Clyde′

preview nextview 1/18 preview nextview ... park Hyung Sik, Oh So Yeon and Enoch heat up the stage at the press call for musical Bonnie & Clyde, held at the BBC Art Center in Seoul′s Sinsa-dong on April 16.Photo credit: Hea Jung Min Oh So Yeon shows some leg Kahi, ZE:A′s park Hyung Sik, Oh So Yeon and Enoch

Seo Kang Jun and Park Min Woo become roommates on reality show “Roommate”

5urprise‘s member Seo Kang Jun and actor park ... park Min Woo have officially become roommates on the upcoming reality show “Roommate“.Seo Kang Jun and park Min Woo have been known with their appearances in high rating dramas “Cunning Single Lady” and “Can We Love?“. Both of these guys impressed people with

Sandara Park and G-Dragon Take a Goofy Shot Together

YG Family‘s Sandara park and G-Dragon took ... park and G-Dragon took a goofy picture together. This was posted through Sandara park’s Twitter on which she also wrote, “GD and Top? No~ GD and San. We took this picture while waiting for our turn to perform at the Osaka Family Concert.” The picture shows