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MBC Offers Official Statement For ‘Infinite Challenge’ Gil Caught Driving Drunk

Group leessang member Gil was caught ... leessang member Gil was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, and he"s been confirmed to leave the show. On the 23rd MBC stated, "First of all we would like to bow our heads and offer this message to the viewers. We sin

‘Infinite Challenge’ Real Competitor Is… Itself?

MBC entertainment program "infinite Challenge" ... infinite Challenge" is at their 9 year anniversary, and the show"s real competitor is not another entertainment program that airs during the same time slot. As time passes the "greedy

Infinite’s L is Sad to Say Goodbye to ‘Cunning Single Lady’

infinite’s l shared his feelings ... infinite’s l shared his feelings on wrapping up Cunning Single lady.MBC’s Cunning Single lady recently uploaded a video featuring an interview with infinite’s l on its homepage

‘Infinite Challenge’ Will Not Have A 9 Year Anniversary Special

(Photo : iMBC) MBC entertainment program "infinite ... infinite Challenge" is currently not planning for a 9 year anniversary special. One MBC rep stated, ""infinite Challenge" is not planning to broadcast a 9 year anniversary special. Instead, we will focus on

Makeup Brand ‘Shara Shara’ Featuring Infinite′s L as Model to Launch in China

Makeup brand ‘Shara Shara,’ which infinite’s ... infinite’s l currently models for, will be launching in China. Shara Shara announced on April 22, “On April 14, we signed a contract for sole agency with China’s Etude Global to launch the brand in China.” With the signing of the contra

B.A.P, EXO, VIXX and Infinite Fans Send Jindo Care Packages

A number of boy band fan groups have announced that ... ll be sending care packages to the southern city of Jindo, where families of those affected by the passenger ferry disaster are still gathered. Fans of B.A.P, VIXX, EXO, infinite and other arti

Fans of INFINITE, EXO, B.A.P and more hand out relief goods at site of ferry incident

Idol fans of B.A.P, infinite, EXO, ... l fans of B.A.P, infinite, EXO, and more were reported to be handing out relief goods at the site of the ferry incident under the name of the celebrities they liked.

EXO, INFINITE, BEAST - The Pretty Boys Are Coming Back

This spring season has been an exciting season of ... infinite, and BEAST are coming back to satiate their fans" thirst. EXO, the ones who are being called the "Trend of K-Pop", held their "Comeback Show" in front of 8,000 fans with a new mini album, "Overdose." Suho commented on the new album, saying, "We really gave it our a

Fans of EXO, BAP, VIXX, Infinite and many more to send in their supports for the Sewol victims

People around the world are grieving ... le around the world are grieving over the Sewol tragic accident, and they are all sending in their sincere condolences to everyone who involved, especially many it's heartwarming to see many K-Pop fans are doing good deeds on behalf of their idols.On A

Infinite Hints at Nearing Comeback with “Last Romeo” Website and Posters

Attention all Inspirits, we have new ... ll Inspirits, we have new updates on infinite‘s upcoming comeback! On April 17, the official homepage of infinite underwent a complete transformation, and the visitors are now met with a simple black-and-white message saying “infinite Season 2.” Written

INFINITE Mystifies Fans With 'Last Romeo' Teasers

(Photo : Woollim Entertainment) infinite ... llim Entertainment) infinite appears to be preparing for a comeback with "last Romeo." Although there have been rumors since last year that infinite will be making a comeback in the first half of 2014, the group has been stealthy about it. The tea

INFINITE to make a comeback with ‘Last Romeo’?

infinite fans are in a tizzy with signs that ... infinite fans are in a tizzy with signs that their boys could be back soon. At the end of a recent episode of MBC”s “Radio Star“, a clip with the title last Romeo

Popular Group Comeback Lineups! EXO, INFINITE, BEAST, 2PM

Here"s the order of lineups for top group ... lineups for top group comebacks! Top groups have the possibility of their comeback dates being switched up at any moment. But it"s expected that EXO, infinite, BEAST, and 2PM will be unveiling their new music in that order. With the exception

INFINITE’s Hoya celebrates his birthday with fans

Happy birthday to infinite”s Hoya, who turned ... lineups for top group comebacks! Top groups have the possibility of their comeback dates being switched up at any moment. But it"s expected that EXO, infinite, BEAST, and 2PM will be unveiling their new music in that order. With the exception

Clara To Join ‘Infinite Challenge’ As They Travel To Brazil For World Cup

(Photo : Clara Twitter) Actress Clara ... lara Twitter) Actress Clara may join the cast of "infinite Challenge" for a trip to Brazil. Clara revealed that she is currently in discussions with the producers of MBC"s "infinite Challenge" to travel with "infinite Challenge" members and cheer on Team Korea for the World Cup. They are

Eric Nam Struts His Stuff and More in ‘Ooh Ooh’ MV Feat. Infinite’s Hoya

Making a splashing return after much too long, ... lashing return after much too long, Eric Nam finally hopped back into the spotlight to show what he was capable of. In his newest music video for Ooh Ooh, Eric Nam tossed his trademark glasses aside to take over the dance floor with his buddy Hoya of infinite. E: Oh

Eric Nam unveils “Ooh Ooh” MV featuring INFINITE’s Hoya

Eric Nam has just unveiled the music video ... led the music video for his new title track ”Ooh Ooh” featuring infinite‘s Hoya.“Ooh Ooh” marks Eric Nam’s first comeback in over a year. This talented guy made his official debut in 2013 after receiving a lot of love as one of 5 finalists of MBC‘s ‘Great Birth‘. He is current

Eric Nam Goes “Ooh Ooh” in New MV with INFINITE’s Hoya!

The wait is over because Eric Nam is finally ... lly back in the music scene! The singer has just dropped the music video to his comeback single, “Ooh Ooh” featuring infinite’s Hoya. “Ooh Ooh” is a funky jazz beat trac

Nell's Number 1 Fan: INFINITE's Sungkyu Supports His Label-Mates At Recent Concert

One of Korean rock band Nell"s most ... ll"s most prominent fans, infinite member Kim Sungkyu, recently attended their concert in Seoul. When K-Pop idols are asked who they were fans of growing up, there are a few common answers: Michael Jackson is often noted, as are early K-Pop acts like H.O.T and Seo Taiji And Boys