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Top stars G-Dragon, Hyorin, and more express their concern for the passenger ship victims

In addition to the mass cancellation of events, shows, ... hyorin wrote on SISTAR"s official Twitter, "I am sincerely praying for the safe return of the Jindo passenger ship"s missing people." NS Yoon-G wrote on her own Twitter, "Ah, please everybody, return safely

Hyorin and Bora show their sweet charms for “Plastic Island”

Fashion brand “Plastic Island” released their 2014 ... hyorin! The two girls shed their fierce and sexy stage image for a more sweet and bright look fitting the warm weather.A rep of “Plastic Island” said, “SISTAR members hyorin and Bora, who have been modeling for “Plastic Island” for the 5th year now,

Mad Clown brings out MV teaser for ‘Without You’ featuring Hyorin

Mad Clown released an MV teaser for his upcoming song ... hyorin”s soothing voice.His mini album will be out on April 4 so mark your calendars!

Mad Clown & Hyorin: The Korean Eminem and Rihanna?

The live performance clip of rapper Mad Clown and ... hyorin"s "Without You" is hot topic. The "Without You" clip, revealed through Starship Entertainment"s official Youtube channel on April 8, featured Mad Clown and hyorin"s perfect harmony. Mad Clown spills out his passionate rap in a cas

SISTAR’s Hyorin features in Mad Clown’s comeback track

SISTAR”s hyorin showed her support for labelmate Mad ... hyorin showed her support for labelmate Mad Clown by participating in the featuring for his upcoming mini-album!Starship Entertainment tweeted on the 28th, “SISTAR”s hyorin! Why is she at the studio this time? She is working hard to record her featuring for Mad Clown”s mini-album title track which is set for release on April 4. Please lo

SISTAR’s Bora and Hyorin Sport Youthful Look for Grazia

Girl group SISTAR members Bora and hyorin ... hyorin recently opted for a more innocent and youthful look for Grazia magazine as opposed to their healthy and sexy concept that they are known and loved for. On April 8, fashion magazine Graz

Mad Clown and Hyorin pour their emotion in a live performance of 'Without You'

Mad Clown and SISTAR hyorin perform an emotional ... hyorin perform an emotional live of their duet song 'Without You'.Mad Clown lays his rapping skills with his nasal tone which perfectly compliment to hyorin's emotional husky voice. The two harmonize an

Mad Clown teams up with Hyorin in special performance clip of “Without You”

Mad Clown‘s latest track “Without You” featuring SISTAR‘s hyorin is ... hyorin is currently ranking high on various music charts.Following their successful collaboration, the two artists recently teamed up in a special performance clip for “1theK” (formerly known as Loen).Watch the video above!

Mad Clown unveils MV for “Without You” featuring SISTAR’s Hyorin

Mad Clown has officially unveiled the music video for ... hyorin.“Without You” is a collaboration of Mad Clown and producer Kim Do Hoon. The rapper showed off his rap skills in this new track.Check out the MV above and tell us what you think! 

Mad Clown Makes Official Debut with “Without You” MV Feat. Sistar’s Hyorin

Rapper Mad Clown has made his official debut with ... hyorin through the official 1theK YouTube channel. “Without You” was produced by Bishop, who worked on the Korean version of the “Frozen” soundtrack. The song is about the emptiness that comes after an exhausting break up. In the artistic and dramatic music video, Mad Clo

Hyorin and Mad Clown Pose for Cute Photos During Recording Session

Label mates hyorin and Mad Clown took a few ... hyorin and Mad Clown took a few funny photos together as duet partners. The photos were released by their agency, Starship Entertainment. In the photos, hyorin and Mad Clown pose together in a recording studio. hyo

Mad Clown poses with SISTAR’s Hyorin in the studio

Mad Clown and SISTAR‘s hyorin have worked ... hyorin and Mad Clown took a few funny photos together as duet partners. The photos were released by their agency, Starship Entertainment. In the photos, hyorin and Mad Clown pose together in a recording studio. hyo

Mad Clown Reveals “Without You” Teaser Featuring SISTAR’s Hyorin

Mad Clown‘s impending comeback is drawing nearer! ... hyorin from SISTAR, was released online. In the short video, Mad Clown dons a pair of broken glasses while smiling cheerfully at the camera. Previously, Mad Clown has revealed teaser images on the set of his music video “It’s Bearable.“ The new tracks will be released

Hyorin to Host “1000 Songs Challenge” on April 20

SISTAR"s hyorin will be the guest host for ... hyorin will be the guest host for SBS "1000 Songs Challenge". Agency staff stated that hyorin will be the guest host for 4 episodes of the show. MC Jang Yoon Jung, who hosted "1000 Songs Challenge" with MC Lee Hwee Jae, is currently on maternity leave, expecting her baby in June. Meanwhi

Mad Clown Releases Teasers for “It’s Bearable,” feat. SISTAR’s Hyorin

Prior to his comeback, Mad Clown recently revealed ... hyorin. The teaser photos show Mad Clown with Jo Min Ho, wearing similar outfits in similar poses, giving off a twin vibe. Netizens who saw the teaser images commented that the two look like brothers, and that they’d believe it if they were told that the two were twins

Jang Yoon Jung to leave + Hyorin to become guest MC of “1000 Song Challenge”

Jang Yoon Jung will be leaving SBS‘s “1000 Song ... hyorin has been chosen to replace Jang Yoon Jung as a guest MC for four weeks.Broadcasting insiders said to TV Report on March 31, “Jang Yoon Jung wrapped up her last recording of “Challenge 1000 Song.” hyorin was appointed as the guest MC of “Challenge 1000 Song” as Jang Yoon Ju

Jang Yoon Jung Stepping Down from Programs Due to Pregnancy, Hyorin to be Guest MC on “Challenge 1000 Songs”

Singer Jang Yoon Jung will be stepping down from various ... Singer Jang Yoon Jung will be stepping down from various programs in preparation for her baby, which is due in June. She has completed her final recording as MC for KBS 2TV’s “Escaping Crisis Number One,” SBS’s “Challenge 1000 Songs,” and CJ Hellovision theme concert “Good Day,” and will completely halt all activities as of March 31

Hyorin Recording in the Studio for a Mad Clown Featuring

Sistar’s hyorin will be featuring on hip ... hyorin will be featuring on hip hop artist Mad Clown’s new mini album. Starship Entertainment uploaded a picture of hyorin in the studio via their Twitter page on March 28. In the pic

Hyorin to feature in Mad Clown's upcoming mini album

Sistar's hyorin will lend her voice for Mad ... hyorin will lend her voice for Mad Clown upcoming mini album's title song.Starship Entertainment tweeted on March 28th,"Sistar's hyorin! How is she at the studio at this time? To release on April 4th, she is working hard on her recording for her featuring in Mad Clown's mini album. Please g

Duble Sidekick revealed that Girl’s Day’s 'Something' is 1st offered to SISTAR's Hyorin

Park Janggeun from the producer unit Duble Sidekick ... hyorin, but she declined it. She reasoned out as it being not compatible with her taste and for her solo album. When the song became a huge hit, Duble Sidekick humorously said that they were scolded by hyo