How To Win Flower Power On My Candy Love

"Boy over flower" Kim Joon to be back to small screen with "Endless love"


T-max’s member, Kim Joon, is reported to take SBS new weekend drama ‘Endless Love’ as his first project in Korea since his discharge.
In the drama, Kim Joon will play the role of Kim Tae Kyung, a perfect guy who has wealth, intelligence, and artistic capacity. ... Read more

"High School: Love On" ranks #1 in content power for the 2nd week of July


High School: Love On” has ranked #1 in content power for the 2nd week of July!
Content power is measured by CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea, and it”s a ratings system that integrates the different types of media and measures consumer activities around a certain product. Three different items are taken into account: the issue ranking that analyzes the number of people who read news related to the program, the search ranking that measures the number of people who searched for the site on portal sites, and a buzz ranking that a program has on SNS.. ... Read more

MAMAMOO dance to "Like A Cat", "Candy Jelly Love" & "Luv"

MAMAMOO dance to

MAMAMOO showcase their talent in dancing by covering AOA”s Like A Cat, Lovelyz”s Candy Jelly Love and Apink”s LUV, check out their “slightly” powerful dance below:

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Lovelyz Unveils MV Teaser for “Candy Jelly Love”

Lovelyz Unveils MV Teaser for “Candy Jelly Love”

After having a showcase earlier, Woolim Enterainment’s new girl group, Lovelyz has released the teaser for their debut track, “Candy Jelly Love.”

Unlike their pre-released track, “Goodnight Like Yesterday,” “Candy Jelly Love” has is a more upbeat song. The girls are sporting the uniforms they were wearing in the image teasers that Woollim Entertainment released a few days ago. . ... Read more

Lovelyz Shows Unique and Innocent Image in “Candy Jelly Love” MV

Lovelyz Shows Unique and Innocent Image in “Candy Jelly Love”  MV

Fans couldn’t hold back their love for girls of Lovelyz as they looked so sweet and lovely in the latest music video teaser for “Candy Jelly Love” single. . ... Read more

Hyunyoung and Sool J drop next collaboration MV "Love Flower", featuring Woori

Hyunyoung and Sool J drop next collaboration MV

Rainbow”s Hyunyoung has paired up with Sool J for another sweet love song, “Love Flower“, this time with the help of Woori!

The song is sweet and summery, capturing the heart fluttering moments of a relationship. Hyunyoung is likewise cute and cheery as she sings in the recording studio while Woori can be seen hard at work for her feature. . ... Read more

[Spoiler] "The Queen"s Flower" Lee Jong-hyuk tells Kim Seong-ryeong, "I realized that I can love again"


Min-joon (Lee Jong-hyuk) confessed his love for Rena (Kim Seong-ryeong).

On the sixteenth episode of the MBC weekend drama “The Queen”s Flower”, Min-joon entered Rena”s apartment because of the pretence she put on that a stalker was bothering her. . ... Read more

RAINBOW"s Hyunyoung & rapper Sool J release another collaboration track, "Love Flower" ft. Woori


On May 7th, RAINBOW”s Cho Hyun Young and rapper Sool J released another new collaboration song called “Love Flower,” featuring Rainbow”s Woori.
“Love Flower” is a sweet song with spring vibe. ... Read more

Lovelyz release "Candy Jelly Love" MV teaser

Lovelyz release

New girls Lovelyz release the MV teaser of their debut track titled “Candy Jelly Love”, check out the teaser below:

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Rainbow's Woori In Love With Park Jae Joon In "Flower of the Equator"

Rainbow's Woori In Love With Park Jae Joon In

Singer Woori from girl group Rainbow has been cast for MBC’s upcoming weekend drama, “Flower of the Equator.”

Woori will be playing the role of Seo Yura, who seems to display signs of bipolarity. However, as she falls in love with Park Jae Joon, the main character, her mood seems to soften. Her love for him changes her into a more mellow and balanced person.. ... Read more