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Epik High‘s Tablo to comeback as a radio DJ

Epik high‘s rapper Tablo is returning ... high‘s rapper Tablo is returning to the radio after he left it in June 2009. Tablo will be hosting MBC FM4U’s 'Tablo and Dream Radio' every 10:00 PM till midnight starting April 21st. Tablo

Cha Seung Won takes on action-packed scenes in thrilling trailer for upcoming movie 'High Heel'

The trailer for upcoming movie "high Heel" ... high Heel" directed by Jang Jin shows a sexy Cha Seung Won baring impressive abs in action-packed scenes. This is the first time in six years that Jang Jin and Cha Seung Won have reunited for a new production as they previously worked together on "Murder, Take One" (2005) and "My Son" (2007). Fans of the previous works are

After School’s Jooyeon in Wedding Dress for Upcoming Drama

The production team of MBC’s new Wednesday – Thursday ... school’s Joohyun on April 15. In the drama, Jooyeon plays Mi Ri, the leading female character Ji Yoon’s (Park Min Young) best friend. Through her character, Ji Yoon and Seok Joo (Kim Myung Min) meet for the first time. Ji Yoon and Seok Joo are invited to Mi R

Cha Seung Won To Film An Action Movie “High Heel”

  The collaboration of actor Cha Seung Won and director ... high Heel," is finally going to unveil itself after six years of production. The movie production company Lotte Entertainment released a few pictures of the movie "high Heel." In the released photos, actor Cha Seung Won turned into a detective perfo

Suzy shows fan her high level of professionalism in ‘Let It Go’ performance

It was reported a few days ago that Suzy hurt her ankle ... It was reported a few days ago that Suzy hurt her ankle during a concert in Beijing, but was doing all right despite the injury. Now, fancams of the actual performance of “Let It Go” and her alarming fall are circulating the internet, grabbing a lot of attention from people who found her professionalism the most notable thing in the videos as she stood right back up and continued singing

It's All About EXO:SM Announces Their Solo Concert & Their 'Overdose' Video Premier Hits A High Note

EXO transform into twelve versions of Do Min Joon ... EXO transform into twelve versions of Do Min Joon for their upcoming concert. EXO continued to fan the flames of anticipation for the release of their newest album by delivering a stellar performance during the live stream event held by Samsung Music on April 15

Brave Brothers’ Next 10th Anniversary Collab Project with Juniel, Following 4Minute, After School, and Others

For producer Brave Brothers’ 10th anniversary project ... For producer Brave Brothers’ 10th anniversary project part five, Juniel’s “The Next Day” was released on online music sites on April 16. “The Next Day” is a slow-tempo ballad that puts an emphasis on Juniel’s smooth and soft vocals, drawing the scenario of the aftermath of a breakup: drunk-calling one’s boyfriend and not being able to remember anything the next day

After School’s Jooyeon transforms into a beautiful bride for drama “A New Leaf”

Jooyeon from girl group After school ... girl group After school transformed into a beautiful bride for upcoming MBC‘s Wednesday – Thursday drama ”A New Leaf“!In this drama, Jooyeon portrays Mi Ri, who is the best friend of Ji Yoon (played by Park Min Young). Ji Yoon an

Actor So Ji Sub and After School’s Jooyeon are dating?

Actor So Ji Sub (37) and Aftrer school“s ... school“s Jooyeon (27) are rumored to be dating!According to the woman”s magazine Women Sense“s January issue, the pair have been dating for a year and 4 months already. They met in the Summer of 2012,

Seo In Guk to become male lead for new drama “High School King”

Seo In Guk had a busy year and he has already chosen ... high school student pretending to be an executive.In the past year he played the second lead, head security agent Kang Woo in the popular drama “The Master”s Sun.” After giving So Ji Sub some competition for Gong Hyo Jin”s attentions, he followed that

Hyun Bin’s new pictorial + talks about his friendship with ‘Reply 1994′s Jung Woo for ‘High Cut’

Hyun Bin opened up about his long-awaited return to ... high Cut”!The actor looked like he got even more handsome with age, either that or he”s been gone from the screen for a while that this served as a good reminder on how charismatic he is. His suave hairstyle and urban-chic outfits got fans ready for the much-needed dose of Hyun Bin to come in his upcoming film “The King”s

MBLAQ’s G.O. Explains Rumors on Setting Up So Ji Sub and After School’s Juyeon

MBLAQ’s G.O. expressed his thoughts on being falsely ... school’s Juyeon up on a blind date.During the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, MC Shindong brought up the issue saying, “I heard you got upset when you were involved in the dating rumors between So Ji Sub and Juyeon.”G.O. explained, “I’ve known Juyeon for a long time. One day I was eating with her when

Seo In Guk to co-star with Lee Hana in new tvN drama “King of High School Life”

tvN“s new Monday & Tuesday drama “King of high ... high school Life” revealed on April 14 that the leads will be played by Seo In Guk and Lee Hana!According to the reps, Seo In Guk will be playing Lee Min Suk, an immature high school student and ice hockey player, who suddenly enters a major company as an executive in his brother”s stead. At the company, he meets Lee Hana”s character,

Park Hae Jin earns high praise for his good deeds

Recent charity efforts by Park Hae Jin show that the ... Recent charity efforts by Park Hae Jin show that the actor has a big heart.The actor, who was last seen in “You Who Came From The Stars,” is a star whose charitable efforts have been praised in both Korea and China

After School Juyeon is lovely in wedding dress for MBC new drama 'A New Leaf'

After school Juyeon is a beautiful bride in ... school Juyeon is a beautiful bride in the preview photos from MBC's upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama 'A New Leaf'.Juyeon will play the role of Lee Mi Ri, a bubbly and energetic friend of female lead played by Park Min Young. The d

After School’s Nana to make a cameo appearance in upcoming movie ‘Fashion King’!

After school“s Nana will be playing a cameo ... school“s Nana will be playing a cameo role in the upcoming film “Fashion King“!She will be playing the part of “Kim Hae Na”, the icon of sexiness at her high school. Alth

15& gets high ranking on music charts with “Can’t Hide It”

15&“s latest digital single release, “Can”t ... 15&“s latest digital single release, “Can”t Hide It“, surged to the top of the charts mere hours after its release!With the pent-up demand for Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin“s comeback, 15&”s performance was especially notable given their long absence from the music stage

Uee Talks about Graduating from After School and Her Acting Career

Last month, Uee successfully finished the MBC weekend ... school’s Uee, but the actress, Uee. Recently, Uee had an interview with Daily Sports on the drama and her career with After school. -I DON’T THINK WE’VE SEEN YOU TAKE A BREAK, GOING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN ACTING AND PERFORMING WITH AFTER scho

Seo In Guk to star in tvN's upcoming drama 'Life of A High School King'

Seo In Guk will make his comeback as an actor in an ... high school King"(working title)."Life of A high school King" will be a romantic-comedy drama which is about Lee Min Suk(Seo In Guk) who is a high school student and also the best striker in a hockey team. As a reckless person, he suddenly becomes a substitute for his brother who works at an IT c

Seo In-guk and Lee Ha-na in "High School King"

Singer and actor Seo In-guk and actress Lee Ha-na ... high school King". New tvN miniseries "high school King" is romantic comedy about a high school student becoming a part of management in a major company. Seo In-guk takes on the role of Lee Min-seok, a popular boy at school wh