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Jo Kwon is the Counselor for JYP Entertainment?

The male group 2AM‘s Jo Kwon confessed ... The male group 2AM‘s Jo Kwon confessed that Wonder Girls‘ Sohee came to him to consult about her concerns. On June 22, Jo Kwon made an appearance on SBS “GoShow,” and confessed his experiences on consultations he had with people in JYP Entertainment

2AM’s Jo Kwon reveals he is the unofficial counselor at JYP Entertainment

2AM‘s Jo Kwon admitted that he once gave advice ... counselor of JYP Entertainment.” Jo Kwon revealed, “Even Jinyoung hyung (J.Y. Park) comes to me with his problems sometimes.” He evoked laughter by adding, ”When he was a judge for

52-Year-Old Woman who Looks 20-something Appears on 'Hello Counselor'

On the episode of KBS 2 TV's "hello counselor" ... hello counselor" that aired on Feb. 6, a 52-year-old woman with a baby-faced appearance and perfect physique like that of a girl in her 20s, appeared, becoming a subject of conversation. On the episode, Park Gi-moon