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Jun Hyun Moo, Park Ji Yoon, SJ-M Henry, and Hong Jin Ho Film ‘Crime Scene’ Today

The new mystery variety program, Crime scene ... scene is coming.According to several broadcast affiliates, jTBC’s Crime scene began shooting privately on April 23. As stated previously, Jun Hyun Moo participated in the closed shooting of Crime scene on this day, along with Park ji Yoon, pro-gamer Hong jin Ho, lawyer Lim Bang Geul, Super Junior-M’s Henry, and NS Yoon ji. The diverse group of people on the sh

Lee Jong Suk bares his abs in the intense shower scene for 'Doctor Stranger'

In the third teaser clip for the upcoming SBS medical ... haracter.He shows off a carefree and clumsy character first but got serious later. An intense and fierce scene shows the actor in a shower naked while screaming leaving a strong impact like the other cOHK

Song Hye Kyo and UAA Actors Deliver Relief Goods to Sewol Scene

Actors of Song Hye Kyo, Kang Dong won, and ... won, and Yoo Ah In"s agency UAA sent relief goods to the jindo harbor, where the families of the missing are currently boarded. On April 21, UAA staff stated: "The actors of our agency sent relief goods in unity. They donated the goods under the

Pause in The K-Pop Scene Continues This Week

On April 16, the Sewol ferry sunk into the ocean. ... scene followed suit, bringing all to a halt; after all, it is inappropriate and superficial for a cheery song to be broadcasted when the nation lies in devastation. April 21, six days after the incident, is a Monday -- another start to a brand new week. But the K-pop scene remains si

BoA Was Startled By Paparazzi When She Filmed Kiss Scene On Street

With her first Hollywood film Make Your Move about ... hared her thoughts on having starred in her first film. In a recent interview with Newsen, BoA said, “Even though I showed my acting previously through KBS 2TV’s Looking Forward to Romance, my actually first project is Make Your Move. So my first kiss scene was not with Im Si Wan, but was with

Woman claiming to be a volunteer diver at the ferry tragedy scene revealed to be the imposter who posed as Hwayoung's relative

Rescue efforts continue on to recover the missing passengers ... have been pointing fingers at the government for not doing enough and even preventing rescue efforts. Various broadcast stations have been airing interviews from those on scene, and earlier today, MBN aired theirs with a woma

Yonghwa looks lovely in pink for 'Shu Uemura' behind the scene photos

CNBLUE Official Facebook just unveiled some of the ... hotos of Yonghwa while he was taking on a photoshoot for cosmetic brand "Shu Uemura".Yonghwa was wearing a pink sweater while holding onto a guitar, exuded his charm as a romantic guy. In particular he was also holding a notebook which

Actor Jung Il Woo Names “49 Days” Lee Yo Won as Best Kiss Scene Partner

On the April 13 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV ... ha Ae Ryun

A-Prince reveals 'Kiss Scene' BTS video

On the April 13 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV ... hannel. The video features the behind-the-scene cuts of their latest music video for 'Kiss scene.'Watch below: written by: [email protected]: A-Prince Official

'Big Man' Lee Da Hee, Behind-The-Scene Pictures As VJ

Actress Lee Da Hee turned into a beautiful VJ, spreading ... happy virus. (Photo : kbs) Actress Lee Da Hee volunteered as a beautiful VJ, spreading her happy virus. Today, the staff of KBS 2TV drama "Big Man" posted pictures of Lee Da Hee behind the scenes. Lee Da Hee is playing the role of the career woman So Mi Ra

Nam Ji Hyun Had Her First Kiss During Kiss Scene in “Angel Eyes”

It was revealed that the kiss scene ... hat the kiss scene in SBS‘ “Angel Eyes” was actress Nam ji Hyun‘s first kiss… ever! As the drama focuses on the innocent first love of a blind girl named Soo Wan and a smart student named Dong Joo, the first two episodes of the drama displayed the cautious, but sweet relationship of the two child actors. As Nam j

First Quarter Analysis Of The K-Pop Scene

(Photo : Star N) (Photo : Star N) ... hoto : Star N) (Photo : Star N) (Photo : Star N) The first quarter of K-Pop has already passed, and it"s time to see what the trends were in K-Pop for the first three months of 2014.

Lee Min Ho reveals BTS story of his kiss scene with Park Shin Hye in “The Heirs”

 Actor Lee Min Ho shared the behind stories ... hared the behind stories of the kiss scenes in the SBS drama “The Heirs.”Lee Min Ho in a recent interview with the fashion magazine At Style shared the behind stories of the kiss scenes. Lee Min Ho said,

A-PRINCE come back with MV for ‘Kiss Scene’

After being slapped over and over by “Princess Onami” ... have been bringing laughs with their hilarious teasers, being rejected by with painful slaps. But perhaps they”ll finally get lucky in the full MV?Find out by checking out their MV above for their song “Kiss scene” (Korean title: “Want to Kiss?

"The Girl's Grave" subway scene

The movie "The Girl's Grave" is retaking the subway ... scene. Ghost Pictures recently had a rough patch with the Seoul Metropolitan Railroad Construction for receiving permission to shoot on the trains. This became an issue as critics brought up the gener

Jung Il Woo and UEE talk about their kiss scene in “Golden Rainbow”

In a recent interview on ”Section TV“, Jung Il ... scene in the recent concluded MBC drama “Golden Rainbow“.UEE revealed, “I think we had more kiss scenes when I was crying”. Regarding her crying scene, the idol-turned-actress shared, “I did

"The Story of Kang-gu" Park Joo-mi and Lee Dong-wook's kiss scene

Park Joo-mi and Lee Dong-wook's kiss scene ... scene moved the netizens. SBS 3D drama "The Story of Kang-gu" showed Kyeong-tae (Lee Dong-wook) and Moon-sook (Park Joo-mi) becoming a couple. Moon-sook was sick and was waiting for the day she died and Kyeong-tae was preparing a big business despite the threats from a gang organization. They still fell in love with each oth

A-Prince charm with their MV for 'Kissing Scene'

A-Prince is back with the release of their MV for ... scene'.The five princes display an enchanting and fairy-tale like atmosphere in their newest video making charming and adorable mood. The boys appear sweet and cute which match to the music th

A-PRINCE update fans with their group teaser image for “Kiss Scene”

A head of their comeback, A-PRINCE recently updated ... scene“.The teaser was uploaded onto their official Twitter page along with statement, “Want a kiss with A-Prince ♥ (Kiss scene) Mark your calendars! March 28, 2014 is #APrinceKISS day!” raising more anticipation to A-PRINCE’s upcoming comeback to the music scene.티져 에이프린스 A-PRINCE 키스할래요 ♥ (Kiss scene) Mark your calendars! March 28, 2014 is #A

ZE:A’s Hyungsik: “I’ll go nude if it’s a scene needed for the production.”

ZE:A‘s Hyungsik made a a guest appearance on the March ... hat people are even comparing me with Siwan hyung. Siwan hyung acts way better than I do.”He also talked about his co-stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in “The Heirs“, “The actors are all the same age, so the atmosphere was always bright and good