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IU, MBLAQ's Thunder, Fiestar's Hyemi & HIGH4's Kim SungGu release group photo taken in 2012

Kpop idols have surprising deep friendship indeed. ... episode 5 of MBLAQ's Idol Management, while IU has been friend with him since 2006

Hyosung shares her thought on her first drama ‘Ghost-Seeing Detective’

In a recent interview, Secret‘s Hyosung shared her ... ghost-Seeing Detective“.In this OCN‘s drama, Hyosung portrayed a ghost girl who helped the detective to solve mysterious cases. The drama came to an end on the 7th.Hyosung expressed, “I thank all the fans who

Busker Busker’s 2012 Hit “Cherry Blossom Ending” Enters Top 10 Chart Once Again

With the upcoming spring season and warm weather in ... With the upcoming spring season and warm weather in Korea, Busker Busker‘s springtime hit “Cherry Blossom Ending” has entered the Top 10 charts for various music portals. As of 3PM (KST) on March 16, “Cherry Blossom Ending” ranked #3 on Melon

Fans support Hyosung with lunch and snacks for 100 cast and staff members on the set of ‘Ghost-Seeing Detective’

SECRET”s Hyosung had a surprise when her fans gave ... ghost-Seeing Detective”!SEE ALSO: Hyosung reveals her dating style + how she acts around crushes Hyosung showed her happiness with a big smile especially stood out as the only girl in a room full of charismatic cast and staff. She showed her cute charms even while eating like everyone else

SECRET Jun Hyosung Plays Ghost In ‘Cheo Yong’

SECRET member Jun Hyosung did a great job in the role ... ghost student and received a passing grade as an actress. The February 16th episode of "ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong" featured female student ghost Han Na Young (played by Jun Hyosung) taking an active part in the investigation. Han Na Young has no memory of her life, and doesn"t know how or

Hyosung Receives Acknowledgement for Acting Debut in “Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong”

Jeon Hyosung of Secret plays high school student ... ghost, Han Na Young, in her acting debut on the cable network OCN‘s drama “ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong,” which premiered on February 9. She made her first appearance in school uniform a

Hyosung Transforms into High School Girl for New Drama “Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong”

Secret’s Hyosung has recently updated her Instagram ... ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong.” In the drama, Hyosung takes on the role of the high school ghost student Han Na Young who becomes visible to detective Yoon Cheo Yong and helps him investigate mysterious cases . Check out Hyosung’s photos below! Lovely Hyosung sends a heart out to her fans

Secret’s Hyosung earns praise for acting debut in “Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong”

On February 9, Secret member Hyosung made her acting ... ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong.” In this drama, Hyosung plays the role of Han Na Young, who is a high school student ghost stuck in the present world, unable to move on to the afterlife. She will help the police in their investigations after it is discovered that she is visible to Detective Y

"Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong" Oh Ji-ho saves Oh Ji-eun

Oh Ji-ho saved Oh Ji-eun with his gift. Yoon Cheo-yong ... ghost seeing detective. He traced the hint which was left to him by a ghost. He found out there was a hint at the hospital. However, he lost consciousness when a criminal hiding there attacked him

"Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong" Episode 1

I know I should not compare this drama too much to ... ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yeong" is entitled to do its own thing, and while both dramas feature police officers with the ability to see ghosts, there are clear fundamental differences that make these dramas fundamentally different. But right now, I'm sorry, I just can't help it. "ghost Seeing Dete

SECRET's Hyosung talks about receiving hard acting training from the director for 'Ghost-Seeing Detective'

I know I should not compare this drama too much to ... ghost-Seeing Detective" in anticipation for the first episode on February 9. In the drama, she plays the spirit of a female high school student. s on the 9th!

SECRET's Hyosung handwrites a letter analyzing her character in OCN drama 'Ghost-Seeing Detective'

SECRET"s Hyosung showed her passion and immersion into ... ghost-Seeing Detective". The production team revealed on February 4, "Hyosung sent us a handwritten letter analyzing her character, high school ghost Han Na Young." In the letter, Hyosung wrote, "I think Na Young shows her gum when she smiles, and sh

"Hero - Drama - 2012"

OCN has taken a big step into the world of dramas ... 2012' is OCN's drama directed by Kim Hong-seon-I ('Fireworks - 2006', 'Warrior Baek Dong-soo') and written by Goo Dong-hoi ('Yaksha')

Secret’s Hyosung to make her acting debut with “Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong”

Secret member Hyosung will be debuting as an actress ... ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong!” On January 24th, several stills from Hyosung’s filming were revealed to public, catching a lot of attention. In this drama, Hyosung takes on the role of a high school student transformed into a OH

More pictures revealed of SECRET's Hyosung for drama 'Ghost-Seeing Detective'

And the supernatural dramas continue in 2014 with upcoming ... ghost-Seeing Detective," starring SECRET"s Hyosung as the helpful spirit of a high school student. More pictures of Hyosung on set were revealed, showing her wearing her cute high school uniform while showing a variety of facial expressions. SEE ALSO: Hyosung perches on top of a traffic signal for drama "O

Hyosung in "Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong"

Secret's Hyosung is scene in the OCN drama "ghost ... ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong". In the role of high school student ghost Han Na-yeong, Hyosung is busy with her script in hand. Her fair skin and uniform look so good on her. She said, "I am happy to act for the first

Changmin to act out the tender feelings of a first love on Mnet's new ghost drama 'Mimi'

TVXQ"s Changmin will showcase his acting skills as ... ghost drama "Mimi"! An Mnet rep stated on the 22nd, "Changmin will star as the male lead in the four-part ghost romance drama "Mimi"." "Mimi" portrays the story of a popular webtoon writer Minwoo who is on the s

Hyosung perches on top of a traffic signal for drama 'Ghost-Seeing Detective'

SECRET"s Hyosung tried out acting with wires for the OCN drama ... ghost-Seeing Detective"! The drama "ghost-Seeing Detective" is about (drumroll please...) a ghost-seeing detective, his rookie partner, and a high school ghost who helps them out. Hyosung plays the high school ghost, and she pulled off f

VIXX: From Boy Scouts in 2012 to Boy Voodoo Dolls in 2013 - Year in Review

VIXX Voodoo Poster VIXX started the year off with ... VIXX Voodoo Poster VIXX started the year off with a bang when leader N tweeted I don't want to be an idol..... I have to worry about cameras, managers;;; I can't even date... It has to turn out well.

Yeon Je-wook to star in "Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong"

Actor Yeon Je-wook is starring in a movie as a detective. ... ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong" along with Oh Ji-ho, Oh Ji-eun and Hyosung from Secret. He takes on the role of hot detective Lee Jong-hyeon. Yeon Je-wook has been known for his roles as a p