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Gil Of LeeSsang Departs 'Infinity Challenge' After Viewers Demand His Firing Following DUI Charge

(Photo : Facebook) Viewers of the South Korean reality ... leessang was allegedly busted for drinking and driving early that morning, in the Hapjeong neighborhood of Seoul. Later day, hours after Gil"s arrest, MBC executives announced they were giving into the pressure to fire the leessang singer in what they described as a mutual decision, in a statement released through various media outlets, inc

Leessang's Gil apologizes and decides to leave 'Infinity Challenge'

Facing the consequences of his action, leessang's ... leessang's Gil, who is reported this morning to have his license revoked upon caught driving under the influence of alcohol issues an apology and decides to leave his variety show, Infinity Challenge.On April 23, a representative of MBC's

LeeSsang’s Gil to Leave ‘Infinity Challenge’

Having caused public criticisms for drinking and driving, ... leessang’s Gil will be stepping down from Infinity Challenge.An affiliate of MBC’s Infinity Challenge told Newsen on April 23, “Gil expressed his desire to leave the show today and the production team decided to accept his request.” According to at Mapo police station, Gil was caugh

LeeSsang’s Gil Releases Official Apology and Netizens Demand His Leave from ‘Infinity Challenge’

With LeeSssang’s Gil caught drinking and driving ... leessang Company, Gil’s agency, released an official apology on April 23, writing, “Gil is currently repenting and reflecting on himself for drinking and driving, without making any excuses. We are truly sorry for causing public criticism due to inappropriate actions and disappointing the fans and everyone else who

Leessang's Gil issues apology for his drinking and driving incident

As reported earlier, Gil was caught drinking and driving ... leessang Company, Gil commented, "I have no excuse and I"m deeply reflecting... I sincerely apologize for causing trouble and disappointing fans and those who have given me love all this time because of my inappropriate actions

LeeSsang’s Gil Drinks and Drives, and Gets License Revoked

leessang’s Gil has been caught drinking and ... leessang’s Gil has been caught drinking and driving. On April 23, Mapo police department spoke with Newsen on April 23, “Gil Sung Joon was caught drinking and driving on April 23 at around 12:30 AM (KST) near Hapjeong

Leessang's Gil faces DUI, license revoked; what will happen to Infinity Challenge?

leessang's member Gil is facing a controversy ... leessang's member Gil is facing a controversy for driving under the influence of alcohol.On April 23, Gil is caught driving drunk along the neighborhood of Mapo-gu, Seoul around midnight. It was reported that his alcohol level was 0.

Leessang’s Gil Caught Drunk Driving, License Canceled

Member of hip hip duo leessang and permanent ... leessang and permanent cast member of the variety show “Infinity Challenge,” Gil (full name Gil Sung Joon) was caught drunk driving on April 23 around 12:30 AM KST. The Mapo District police stated on April 23, “Gil Sung Joon was caught drunk driving around 12:30 AM and his driver’s license was canceled. We are planning to su

Leessang's Gil reportedly caught drunk driving

It has been reported that leessang"s Gil (37) ... leessang"s Gil (37) had his driver"s license revoked after getting caught drunk driving. Reps at the Mapo Police Station mentioned to several media outlets on the 23rd, "Gil Sung Joon Gil had his driver"s license revoked after drunk driving near Hapjeongdong at 12:30 AM KST today... We plan to summon him f

Gary shows his jealousy to Song Ji Hyo and Dong Joon on “Running Man”

 The “I Like Sundays – Running Man” member gary ... gary got jealous of Song Ji Hyo”s partner and singer Dong Joon.On the SBS entertainment program “I Like Sundays – Running Man” which aired on April 13, 2014, each of the Running Man team members invited a guest and went on a trip together using public transportation. Son Ji Hyo got teamed up with singer Dong Joon.

Gary Gets Jealous Over Song Ji Hyo and ZE:A’s Dongjun on “Running Man”

gary expressed his jealousy towards Song Ji ... gary expressed his jealousy towards Song Ji Hyo and ZE:A’s Dongjun’s teamwork. On the April 13 broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man,” the cast set out on a camping trip with guests Kim Min Jong, Kim Jung Ran, Lee Sang Hwa, Dongjun, and Im Joo Hwan.

“Running Man” Gary Looks Manlier than Usual for New Sports Commercial

gary looks all buffed up for his recent sports ... gary looks all buffed up for his recent sports commercial “Mizuno.” Stills from the set revealed on April 8 show the hip hop and variety star in top form. It has been reported that he even wrote the lyrics of his rap for the commercial.

“Running Man”: Gary once again gets jealous of Song Ji Hyo’s Partner

 The latest episode of SBS entertainment program ... gary once again got jealous of Song Ji Hyo‘s partner.For this broadcast, each “Running Man” cast members brought a guest with them for a trip by public transportation.Before starting the games, the cast and guests had to paired up. Gaeri teamed up with Lee Sang Hwa while Song Ji Hyo teamed up with

Gary shows his love for Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man”

gary showed his love to his “Monday girlfriend” ... gary showed his love to his “Monday girlfriend” Song Ji Hyo on the most recent broadcast of variety show “Running Man“!On this episode, the cast members were divided into tents for the night

“Monday Couple” Gary and Song Ji Hyo act as exes on “Emergency Couple”

leessang’s Kang gary and actress ... leessang’s Kang gary and actress Song Ji Hyo has been receiving a lot of love as the “Monday Couple” on SBS variety show “Running Man“.On the past episode of the show, a fortuneteller said, “The two have good marital compatibility

Gary Calls Himself and ZE:A’s Dongjun as “Song Ji Hyo’s Men” on “Running Man”

On the episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” which ... gary turned on a song. ZE:A’s Dongjun, who shared the tent with gary asked, “What is love?” gary answered, “There is no answer to love. I’ve loved for 20 years, but I can’t find an answer

Gary: “I don’t do April Fool’s Day pranks by selling another person out!”

On April Fool’s Day, an imposter created a fake ... leessang‘s gary.The imposter then caused a fire by writing, ”I love you, Song Ji Hyo,” catching a lot of attention and argument from netizens.On April 2, regarding this problem, gary updated his official Twitter with the message, “I do no

Leessang's Gary gets angry over an April Fools' joke

April Fools' Day is a chance for everyone to pull ... gary, he is currently pissed off with a joke about him and also involves Song Ji Hyo. On April 2nd, he tweeted,"I do not sell other people just for April Fools' joke. I really wanted to curse but because it's in the

LeeSsang’s Gary Seemingly Angered by April Fool’s Prank Regarding Song Ji Hyo

Not everyone was into the fun and games on April Fool’s ... leessang’s gary. On April 2, he tweeted, “I do not pull pranks on April Fool’s Day by selling other people. I want to curse, but since it’s the morning, I’ll hold it in.”Alth

Who is the best partner for Song Ji Hyo? Gary or Choi Jin Hyuk?

The “Monday couple”, actress Song Ji Hyo and leessang’s ... leessang’s gary, have been earning a lot of love from viewers of variety show “Running Man“. These two artists have been expected to become a couple in real life.However, in fact, Song Ji Hyo is dating a CEO na