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Why Do Dramas Like The Gangnam Police Department?

(Photo : SBS) The common denominator between SBS Monday/Tuesday ... gangnam Police Department". In "God"s Gift", gangnam in Seoul is the place that Kim Soo Hyun (played by Lee Bo Young)"s family resides. Soo Hyun"s daughter Han Saet Byul (played by Kim Yoo Bin)"s kidnapping incident is under the ju

Hyun Bin’s Family Is Currently Building a 10 Billion Won Building in Gangnam

Actor Hyun Bin (age 32) is currently building a 10 ... gangnam District. On April 16, the gangnam District Office revealed that the organization Hyun Bin’s family is managing, HB Family Holdings, is allowed to build a 7-story building in the neighborhood of Cheongdam. The total floor space is 1,592.54 meter squared and the area is 362

Choi Jin Hyuk reveals his ideal type and dating style on TV Report

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk recently conducted an interview ... style.He shared, “I like women who have a pure image and cute charm. I would like her to have a personality filled with aegyo. Of course, only in front of me. I don”t like skinny girls.”Choi

Lee Min Ho says farewell to fans in China + comes back Korea for ‘Gangnam Blues’

Sad news for fans in China! Actor Lee Min Ho will be ... gangnam Blues.”He said farewell to his fans in China on April 11 via Weibo: “Everybody, I”m returning to Korea soon. I”m going to go to Korea and diligently take part in the movie filming. As quickly as poss

Choi Jin Ho to reunite with Lee min Ho in “Gangnam Blues”

 When Lee Min Ho shows up on the set of his first ... gangnam Blues,” he may find it reassuring to see a familiar face. Choi Jin Ho, who played Choi Young Do”s not-so-loving father in the SBS hit drama “The Heirs” has also taken a role in the gangster noir film.While the two did not interact too often on the popular k-d

Find Out More about Eddy Kim in His Showcase Interview! His Dating Style, Pledge for Number 1, and More!

On the afternoon of April 11, Eddy Kim filled the IFC ... musician whose interest in music began when he was young, starting with violin and studying classical music until high school

AOA to Come Back Again With a New Style

AOA, who became known as "sexy idols" in their short ... AOA, who became known as "sexy idols" in their short skirts in the beginning of the year, comes back again with a new song. Although the date is not specified, AOA is projected to return by May. Though their last title song put forth a sexy theme, the new song will probably target another concept

Choi Jin-ho-I in "Gangnam Blues"

Choi Jin-ho-I has been cast for the movie "gangnam ... gangnam Blues". Choi Jin-ho-I who played the role of Yeong-do's father in "The Heirs" last year, has been cast for the movie "gangnam Blues" as well. Choi Jin-ho-I takes on the role of Park Se

‘Young Do’s Dad’ Choi Jin Ho Confirmed to Join ‘Gangnam Blues’

Choi Jin Ho, who acted as ‘Young Do’s dad’ on ... gangnam Blues.Choi Jin Ho has been confirmed to take on the role of congressman ‘Park Seung Gu,’ a power hungry politician who joins hands with a gangster group headed by Baek Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won) to get what he wants. After reading scenario for gangnam Blues, Choi Jin Ho said, “The scenario pulls you in as y

Jiyeon to make her solo debut with a style that fans have never seen before

Word has come that T-ara”s Jiyeon will be coming ... style and choreography that she was never able to do before with T-ara.”“We prepared a song that is totally different from T-ara”s music… It is a song that brings out Jiyeon”s individual charms… We plan to show an unconventional and sensual choreography

4minute to appear as the 1st guests on new season of “Get It Style”

4minute will appear as the first guests for the new ... style“s ”Get It style”!While recording for the program, 4minute talked about their individual styles and revealed that Gayoon took the initiative as the team stylist for “Whatcha Doin” Today” and even made a presentation on her group”s concept. The girls also shared their fashion know-hows when it comes to

EXO’s Kris Shows Off Dance Moves and “Galaxy Style” In New Instagram Video

EXO’s Kris is the latest celebrity to be active ... style.” In the video, the EXO M leader has his back to the camera as he showed off some dance moves with the drop of the beat. It seems like he also updated his profile description, as it n

Eric Nam Gives Out Free Hugs at Gangnam and Myeongdong

Eric Nam presented special events in gangnam ... gangnam and Myeongdong to promote his new song Ooh Ooh.The singer showed up in the bustling streets of gangnam and Myeongdong on April 5 with pickets that said ‘Ooh Ooh,’ gathering large crowds in the area. Despite the chilly weather, he g

“Style Log” Nana, Hong Jong Hyun and Jo Min Ho Strike a Pose

style Log‘s” three MCs, After School/Orange ... style Log‘s” three MCs, After School/Orange Caramel’s Nana, Hong Jong Hyun and Jo Min Ho got together for a pretty snapshot posted on the official web site. The three are in trendy street fashion and showing off a cool attitude. I

Actress Kim Ji Soo to Make Onscreen Comeback in New Film, “Gangnam Blues”

Actress Kim Ji Soo will be making her first onscreen ... gangnam Blues.” According to the actress’ agency, Namoo Actors, “Actress Kim Ji Soo has decided to make a special appearance in the film, ‘gangnam Blues.’” “gangnam Blues” is set in the development district of Youngdong, Seoul during the 1970s, w

f Member Krystal Models Sporty Style for “Puma” with Ahn Jae Hyun

Photos from f(x) member Krystal’s “Puma” pictorial ... style brand “Puma” released new photos on April 2 of Krystal in short training pants and a blue graphic tee. In one photo, Krystal showcased her slender legs with shin socks and trendy puma sneakers t

Airport Fashion Spotlight: Onew's Track Suit Style, Is it Too Comfortable?

Onew Recently, SHINee"s Onew and Shinhwa"s Minwoo came ... Onew Recently, SHINee"s Onew and Shinhwa"s Minwoo came back to Korea after filming for the season of reality show "Laws of the Jungle" in Brazil. Onew and Minwoo had filmed only half of the show since they had conflicts with their schedule

4Minute Reveals Their Closet At 'Get It Style'

Girl group 4minute will be the first guests of Onstyle ... style "Get It style". (Photo : onstyle) Girl group 4Minute will be the first guests of Onstyle "Get It style". In "Get It style" airing for the first time today, 4Minute will be coming out in the section "Celebrity"s Closet" and will be talking about the style of their new album. They will also be talking about the behind stor

g.o.d’s members gather in wedding pictorial for “Gangnam Style” choreographer Lee Joo Sun

g.o.d‘s members recently gathered in a wedding pictorial ... gangnam style“.Park Joon Hyung, Son Ho Young, Danny Ahn, and Kim Tae Woo reunited on March 27 and posed with the bride and groom for the wedding pictorial.The “Wise Wedding” director shared, “The

Super Junior-M Shows Up to ′Music Bank′ Rehearsal in Style

preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview Henry ... music Bank at KBS Hall in Seoul on March 28.Photo credit: Newsen/An Seong Hu Henry pays the cameras no mind Super Junior-M was spotted on its way to rehearsal for KBS′ music Bank at KBS Hall in Seoul on