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“Their Perfect Day” 2013 drew the empathy of upper-middle class women in their 30s

(Photo : KBS)“Their Perfect Day” drew the empathy ... g, producer Lee Won Ik) broadcast on April 14th, the drama picked at the bribing of gangnam mothers, bullying, private institute problems.On this episode, Soo Ah (played by Song Sun Mi) who was a working mom bravely resigned and joined the ganOHK

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang to Release Pictorial Record in Korea, Japan and China

Big Bang’s g-Dragon ... g Bang’s g-Dragon and Taeyang will be releasing a pictorial record containing photos and video footage from Paris.g-Dragon and Taeyang’s pictorial record g-Dragon X Taeyang In Paris 2014 will be released in Korea, China and Japan simultaneously on June 11.

Big Bang G-Dragon And Taeyang To Release Paris Photobook In Korea-Japan-China

group Big Bang members g-Dragon ... group Big Bang members g-Dragon and Taeyang will be releasing their Paris phonebook in Korea, China and Japan. They will be releasing their "g-DRAgON x TAEYANg IN PARIS 2014" photo book on June 11 in 3 countries.

G-Dragon and Taeyang to Release Paris Photo Book

On June 11, Big Bang will be releasing ... g Bang will be releasing a photo book of g-Dragon and Taeyang in Paris, called “g-DRAgON x TAEYANg IN PARIS 2014.” The photo

2NE1 Dara-G-Dragon, Picture At YG Family Concert

2NE1"s member Dara and Big Bang"s ... g Bang"s member g-Dragon revealed a picture together. (Photo : twitter) 2NE1"s member Dara and Big Bang"s member g-Dragon revealed a picture together. Today, Dara posted o

“G-DRAGON × TAEYANG IN PARIS 2014″ photobook to be issued in June

The photobook of Big Bang‘s g-Dragon ... g Bang‘s g-Dragon and Taeyang titled “g-DRAgON × TAEYANg IN PARIS 2014” will be issued in 3 countries including Korea, China, and Japan this June!The photobook will be available at the same time in Korea, China, and Japan on June 11.“g-DRAO

Sandara Park and G-Dragon Take a Goofy Shot Together

Yg Family‘s Sandara Park and g-Dragon ... g Family‘s Sandara Park and g-Dragon took a goofy picture together. This was posted through Sandara Park’s Twitter on which she also wrote, “gD and Top? No~ gD and San.

‘the SAEM’ bring out making-of video for G-Dragon’s new mascara CF

On April 15, “the SAEM” released the making ... g of video for g-Dragon and Seo Ye Ji“s mascara CF, which was released back in March.This video showed the dichotomy between the charismatic and sexy g-Dragon who held the mascara for the CF and the goofy g-Dragon who laughed and did funny stretches off camera.“the SAEM” said, “After g-DraO

2NE1′s Dara reveals photos posing with G-Dragon

2NE1″s Dara shared a snapshot of herself and Big ... g Bang”s g-Dragon at the “2014 Yg Family Concert” in Osaka, Japan this past April 12-13.She tweeted on the 15th, “gD&TOP? No, it”s about gD&SAN. Took a photo with gD while we were wait

Wassup to perform at '2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards'

Wassup is going to perform with ... going to perform with the professional basketball players at '2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards' which will end the basketball season. Wassup will perform 'Nom Nom Nom' with the basketball players like Doo Kyungmin, Park Jaehyun, Han Hobin, Kim Sangyu, Chang Minguk, Jeon Sunghyun, Lee Jaedo, and many more.The a

J.Y. Park named as the highest-paid composer in royalties for 2013

J.Y. Park was listed as the highest-paid composer ... ghest-paid composer in royalties for 2013, which was his third consecutive year at #1.According to the Korea Music Copyright Association‘s ’2013 Total Composer Revenue’, J.Y. Park was determined to be t

Lizzy shares her thoughts on past rumors with G-Dragon

The topic of Lizzy”s past dating rumor came ... g rumor came up on the March 28 episode of JTBC“s “Witch Hunt“. While no one specifically mentioned g-Dragon”s name, it was implied by their past rumor together as well as what she said on the show.Sung Si Kyung sa

Rain, Lyn, and G-Dragon receive awards at the “QQ Music Awards” in China

Rain, Lyn, and g-Dragon were recognized ... g-Dragon were recognized as the representative Korean artists at the ”QQ Music Awards” in Shenzhen, China!Rain thanked fans on his Weibo on the 27th, “Thanks to all of you, I received an award at the award ceremony. Thank you. See

CL, G-Dragon, Skrillex Collab Played At Ultra Music Festival In Miami: 2NE1 Member Minzy Reaches 500K Instagram Followers!

(Photo : Twitter) As the ladies of 2NE1 continue to ... g waves in very different ways. Maknae Minzy has recently reached a landmark in the world of social media by accruing over 500,000 followers on Instagram. The 2NE1 member updates Blackjacks around the world with photos of her university

G-Dragon revealed to had sent a birthday message to Jung Hyung Don

On the latest episode of MBC Everyone‘s “Weekly Idol“, ... g Hyung Don revealed that he had received a birthday message from Big Bang‘s g-Dragon.Hyung Don shared, “A few days ago, I got my first Kakaotalk from g-Dra

G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don’s Relationship Is Still Alive!

We thought that the Hyung Yong ... ght that the Hyung Yong Don Jyong couple was dead, but perhaps the relationship is just starting to bloom. On the April 2 broadcast of MBC Every1‘s “Weekly Idol,” MC Jung Hyung Don revealed the birthday text he received from g-Dragon. Alt

BEAST to Release a 2009-2013 Compilation, “BEAST Works”

BEAST will be releasing a best hits and clips ... g a best hits and clips collection called “BEAST Works” for 2009-2013! The group just revealed a teaser for the new compilation on YouTube, featuring clips from their biggest hits such as “Bad girl” (2009), “Beautiful” (2010), “Beautiful Night” (2012), and “Shadow” (2013). “BEAST Works 2009-

Masked G-Dragon Returns from Japan

preview nextview 1/5 preview nextview g-Dragon ... g-Dragon is ushered out by his entourage Big Bang′s g-Dragon was spotted at the gimpo International Airport on March 31, returning from a schedule in Japan.Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Han Hyung

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Seungri are Too Cute, SNSD’s Seohyun Spends the Day with Her Baby and More

preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview The warm ... g the stars’ and they’ve taken to the SNS world to spread the joy. Read about it all in today’s Twitter Roundup. SNSD’s Seohyun soaked up the spring sun, tweeting this photo on March 27 with the m

G-Dragon Shows Support for Good Friend and JYP’s Visual Director Seo Woo Tak

On March 26, BIg BANg’s g-Dragon ... g BANg’s g-Dragon made a surprise appearance at the preview exhibit for StoryOn’s “Art Star Korea” held at garosugil in Seoul. It was in order to support one of the contestants on the survival show who is also a good friend and the visual director at JYP Entertainment. g-D