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K-Pop Covers: Teen Wolf's Arden Cho Performed BEAST's 'Beatiful Night' And It Was Pretty Great

(Photo : Tumblr ) (Photo : Tumblr Image ) Arden Cho"s ... beast song, "Beautiful Night" on the video sharing website, back in 2012. Now that "Teen Wolf" is on a summer hiatus, I thought it would be the perfect time to revisit her version of "Beautiful Night

EXO, INFINITE, BEAST - The Pretty Boys Are Coming Back

This spring season has been an exciting season of ... beast are coming back to satiate their fans" thirst. EXO, the ones who are being called the "Trend of K-Pop", held their "Comeback Show" in front of 8,000 fans with a new mini album, "Overdose." Suho commented on the new album, saying, "We really gave it our all. Even though we are splitting up as

Yoseob's Yang Gang Ee & Junhyung's Hyung Nim Ee - Who Wins the Battle of the Dogs?

MBC Everyone"s "Showtime - Burning the beast" ... beast" featured a meeting of the two famous celebrity dogs, Hyung Nim Ee and Yang Gang Ee. Yong Junhyung"s dog, Hyung Nim Ee (lit. Boss/Older Brother/Leader), was introduced for the first time on the April 17th episode of "Burning the beast". Yang yoseob"s dog Yang Gang Ee

Can You Guess What BEAST Members Do When Visiting Yong Jun Hyung’s House?

What do you think beast members do when visiting ... beast members do when visiting fellow member Yong Jun Hyung’s house? A recent image shows the members enjoying Yong Jun Hyung’s home as if it was their own! On April 15, MBC Every1‘s “Showtime” staffs uploaded a photo on their official Twitter that previewed this Thursday’s episode. The photo showed

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang Becomes First Male Idol to Appear on “Witch Hunt”

Lee Kikwang of male group beast will appear ... beast will appear on the witty and naughty talk show “Witch Hunt” as a special guest. According to sources in the entertainment industry, the idol participated in filming the episode on April 14. While many female idols,

BEAST roars on 'Show Time - Burning the BEAST' 1st episode

After EXO, beast is the next group that ... beast is the next group that is featured on MBC Every1's reality program, 'Show Time.' 'Show Time - Burning the beast' was premiered on April 10th. The first episode showed that each of the six members visited different places that have special spot on their heart. At one point

BEAST Yong Junhyung, Updates Fans With Self-Camera "Don't Forget To Carry Around A Jacket"

Group beast"s member Yong Junhyung updated ... beast"s member Yong Junhyung updated his fans with a self-camera photo. (Photo : instagram) Group beast"s member Yong Junhyung updated his fans with a self-camera photo. Today, Yong Junhyung posted on his Instagram, "The diurnal temperature range is big, don"t forget to always carry around a jacket" along with a picture. I

‘Showtime’ BEAST Yong Junhyung Lips Are Finally Unsealed!

How did beast"s Yong Junhyung ever contain ... beast"s Yong Junhyung ever contain his sense of entertainment? For the first time in 6 years his lips have finally been unsealed. Viewers were pleasantly surprised to see that Yong Junhyung really enjoys talking. Yon

BEAST's Hyunseung reveals the next artist he wants to work with!

beast's Hyunseung revealed the next artist ... beast's Hyunseung revealed the next artist he wants to collaborate with after his very successful 'Trouble Maker' tandem with 4Minute's HyunA.On the April 10th episode of MBC Every1 'Show Time Burning The beast,' Hyunseung was asked by his fellow members on the next artist he wants to work with.

PD Explains Difference Between BEAST’s “Showtime” And EXO’s “Showtime”

beast will be returning to meet with their ... beast will be returning to meet with their fans through a reality show! On April 10, beast attended a press conference for their upcoming MBC Every1 reality show, “Showtime.” After wrapping up their promotions for “Shadow” last year, beast plans to make their comeback in May, making it ten months since the group last reunited for official activities.

B2ST attract 3,600 fans to the finale of their ‘BEAST JAPAN TOUR 2014′

B2ST successfully wrapped up their Japanese tour with ... beast JAPAN TOUR 2014” finale was held at NHK Hall, Tokyo on April 3 with 3,600 fans. B2ST met a total of 30,000 fans at 12 concerts across 7 cities in Japan for their tour, which kicked off in Chiba in January and moved on to Aichi Prefecture, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Tokyo. The concert was streamed live in 65 theaters across Japan

BEAST Doojoon talks nonstop in the CF for Nongshim noodles

beast Doojoon takes advantage of his visual ... beast Doojoon takes advantage of his visual in the CF released for Nongshim 'Typhoon Noodle' CF along with actress Kim So Hyun.The handsome idol-actor slurps the noodles in the most appetizing expression ever.

BEAST Doojoon, Kikwang, Gu Ja Myung, and More Confirmed For ‘Cool Kiz On The Block’ Soccer!

(Photo : Star News) beast"s Yoon Doojoon and ... beast"s Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang will be joining Suh Ji Suk, Lee Jung, Gu Ja Myung, and others to make up the KBS "Cool Kiz on the Block" team for their soccer special. A KBS entertain

Popular Group Comeback Lineups! EXO, INFINITE, BEAST, 2PM

Here"s the order of lineups for top group comebacks! ... beast, and 2PM will be unveiling their new music in that order. With the exception of EXO, the groups are currently juggling between two or three probably comeback dates. Since comeback dates can play a big part in a group"s success, it looks l

BEAST Confirms Comeback in May “An All-New BEAST”

beast confirmed that they will return in May. ... beast confirmed that they will return in May. beast, who has been determined to come back with a new style in music, finally reached the planning and implementation process of album preparation.

Hong Suk Chun Runs into BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang and Yoon Doo Joon

Actor Hong Suk Chun recently shared of a photo he ... beast members Lee Ki Kwang and Yoon Doo Joon! He shared the photo through his Twitter account on April 7 with the caption, “I met up with Doo Joon and Ki Kwang for the first time in a while. They’re still the amazing dongsaengs I know.” In the p

Beast to make a comeback in May

beast confirms to make a comeback in May this ... beast confirms to make a comeback in May this year after 10 months.On April 9th, Cube Entertainment said,"beast is preparing for their comeback in mid-May","There will be a variety of different music genres and also many attempts have been made for this album".

BEAST Confirmed to Make Comeback in May

It seems that waiting as paid off as it was confirmed ... beast would be making their comeback. After continuously changing the date of comeback, the group’s agency announced that the comeback date has been finalized to take place in May. As much as the group had been away from their Korean fans

BEAST Hyunseung Likely to Be Cast for Musical “Bonnie and Clyde”

beast member Hyunseung may be cast for the ... beast member Hyunseung may be cast for the musical "Bonnie and Clyde". According to multiple sources, beast"s Hyunseung has been cast for the role of Clyde. Since he has previously played the role of Clyde in Trouble Maker"s music video of "Now", fans" attention is gathered on how he will reinterpret Clyde in the musical setting.

“Full House” the Musical Starring BEAST’s Yoseob, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and VIXX’s Leo Reveals Poster

Popular comic-turned-drama “Full House” gets a ... beast’s yoseob, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and VIXX’s Leo, among others. “Full House” races towards its grand opening with the release of a poster. “Full House” the musical follows closely the 2004 dram