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Leeteuk’s Sister, Actress Park In Young, Opens Up About the Loss of Her Family

Actress Park In Young (Super Junior leeteuk‘s ... leeteuk‘s sister) opened up about the loss of her family. February 24, on Y-STAR’s “Star News Live,” Park In Young had an interview where she spoke about her and her brother’s loss. She said, “I’d be just doing noth

Leeteuk’s sister Park In Young talks about the sudden deaths of her father and grandparents

leeteuk‘s sister Park In Young recently ... leeteuk‘s sister Park In Young recently opened up about the sudden deaths of her father and grandparents.During an interview with YSTAR‘s “Live Star News“, Park In Young shared, “I become sad even when I”m not doing anything, and start tearing up even when I”m reading

Park In Young is Proud of Her Brother, SUJU’s Leeteuk

Dealing with the recent death of her father and grandparents, ... leeteuk’s sister, Park In Young, spoke up about her current state of mind.In an interview with Y-Star’s Star News, Park In Young said, “I often get sad and depressed on random occasions. I would be reading a book and tear up all of a sudden.”“Both my grand

Super Junior Leeteuk's father and grandparents pass away due to a car accident

Dealing with the recent death of her father and grandparents, ... leeteuk"s father and his grandparents have passed away due to a car accident. ater on. Police have revealed that the three were discovered already having passed in their home. Read more in

More information revealed by the police on the passing of Leeteuk's father and grandparents

More details have been released regarding the tragic ... leeteuk"s father and grandparents passing away. Although the very first reports had cited a car accident, it was later revealed to be false as police and fire department reps have indicated that the three were found already passed at their home. It"s also been mentioned that a note has been found at the

Leeteuk attends his father and grandparents' funeral

On January 8, SBS"s "One Night of TV Entertainment" ... leeteuk"s father and grandparents, who were discovered passed away in their home two days ago. Many celebrity friends came out to give their support to leeteuk and his family as well as relay their condolences. Unsurprisingly, the Super Junior members canceled their schedules in o

The deaths of Leeteuk's father and grandparents deemed possible suicide

It was revealed earlier that the father and grandparents ... leeteuk had died after a fatal car accident. However, reps from the fire and police department are reporting that it was not a car accident, but rather a possible suicide as the three of them were discovered in their home. A rep from the Dongjak Fire Station in Seoul told news outlet MBN Sta

Super Junior's Leeteuk Back To His Military Duties!

Recently, fans of Super Junior's leeteuk ... leeteuk were suddened with hearing the news of his father and grandparents' deaths. The incident called for an emergency leave from military service on his behalf. Now, the idol went back to his military s

Leeteuk to Return to Military Service Today

Super Junior member leeteuk will be returning ... leeteuk will be returning back to his army base after taking a few days leave due to the death of his father and grandparents.  He was put on vacation from  his military service on January 6, when he heard news that his father and his grandparents had passed away. leeteuk, his

Kim Jang Hoon, Kim Chang Ryul, 2PM, f(x), And Super Junior Console Leeteuk

(Photo : Sports Seoul) Super Junior members, ... leeteuk for his loss. It's a terrible tragedy that leeteuk had to say farewell to his father and his grandparents at the same time. His entertainment colleagues stayed with him for the funeral procession. leeteuk was full of grief at the fu

SJ's Leeteuk attends funeral of father, grandparents

Members of Super Junior accompanied fellow bandmate ... leeteuk to the funeral of his father and grandparents yesterday at Korea University Guro Hospital in southwestern Seoul. leeteuk's father and grandparents were found dead on Monday at their home. A suicide note was found at the scene, which appea

Netizens react to media coverage of Leeteuk's deceased's funeral

Not only Super Junior fans, but also netizens are ... leeteuk's father and grandparents funeral today, January 8. Various Korean media outlets are releasing their video and photo coverage of the funeral showing the Super Junior members attending and the family in unbearable situation. Prior to this, netizens are in rage asking the photos to be taken down. They flooded the

SM Entertainment, "Please Stop Spreading Rumors On Leeteuk's Dad and Grandparents' Death"

With group Super Junior's member Lee Teuk's father ... leeteuk's father and grandparents passing away yesterday, his agency SM Entertainment asked for assumptions and rumors to be stopped. Today, agency SM Entertainment said, "Lee Teuk is in great sorrow

What Leeteuk Needs Now Is Not Attention But Consolation

Super Junior leader leeteuk lost ... leeteuk lost his father and grandparents all at once. Fans were even more shocked and saddened that the death was ruled a suicide, not a car accident. Police reported leeteuk's father killed leeteuk's grandparents, who suffered from dementia, and then killed himself on January 7. Police found a note at the sc

Leeteuk's Singer Friends Console Him For The Tragic Accident

Super Junior leader leeteuk's father ... leeteuk's father and grandparents passed away on January 6. leeteuk's colleagues continue to offer their condolences to him and his family. Many celebrities including Super Junior members, TVXQ Changmin, and Beast Yoon Doo Joon attended the wake into the early hours of the morning. Others like 2PM Chansung, FTI

Worldwide K-pop Community Unites to Console Leeteuk and Family For the Death of Super Junior Leader's Father and Grandparents

Earlier this week, news broke out of leeteuk's ... leeteuk's father and grandparents passing away.While various reports are coming out as to the nature of the deaths, the K-pop community is uniting from all around the world to offer leeteuk consolation.   On Twitter, fans send their

2PM Chansung and Super Junior M Jomi Mourn Leeteuk's Loss

2PM member Hwang Chansung and Super Junior ... leeteuk's family. Hwang Chansung posted on his Twitter page, "Have strength, leeteuk hyung," on January 6. Jomi wrote, "leeteuk, I am worried about you. Praying that everything will be okay." An

Tragic Turn in Death of Leeteuk's Father and Grandparents

Tragic Turn in Death of leeteuk’s Father ... leeteuk’s Father and Grandparents It had been reported that Super Junior leader leeteuk‘s father and grandparents had perished in a car accident. However, Local authorities are said to have revealed that the cause of death may in fact be a murder-suicide at Mr. Park’s residence

Is Celebrity’s Family Life A “Right To Know?” Different Feedbacks Arise For Leeteuk

Popular boy group Superjunior's leader leeteuk ... leeteuk on January 6 lost his father and grandparents, and the public is expressing their opinions regarding the unveiling of leeteuk's family life. Many believe it is too cruel to have lee

Shindong Absent From Live Recording of Radio Show to Attend Leeteuk Family's Wake

In the midst of Super Junior leader leeteuk ... leeteuk losing his father and grandparents in a tragic car accident and fans mourning his loss, group member Shindong will be absent from a live recording of his radio show. Shindong is currently the DJ of the radi