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"Wish - 2013" Lee Re, Best Actress at BIFF

Actress Lee Re from the movie "Wish - 2013" ... 2013" received The Best Actress Award at the 4th Beijing International Film Festival. Lee Re is the only Korean actress to have won an award this day. However, she wasn't at the ceremony. Lee Re left a good impression as a ki

“Their Perfect Day” 2013 drew the empathy of upper-middle class women in their 30s

(Photo : KBS)“Their Perfect Day” drew the empathy ... (Photo : KBS)“Their Perfect Day” drew the empathy of housewives.On the KBS2TV 4-part special “Their Perfect Day” (script Kim Hyun Jung, producer Lee Won Ik) broadcast on April 14th, the drama picked at the bribing of Gangnam mothers, bullying, private institute problems

Wassup to perform at '2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards'

Wassup is going to perform with the professional ... 2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards' which will end the basketball season. Wassup will perform 'Nom Nom Nom' with the basketball players like Doo Kyungmin, Park Jaehyun, Han Hobin, Kim Sangyu, Chang Minguk, Jeon Sunghyun, Lee Jaedo, and many more.The agency of Wassup said, “Expect a very fantastic performance from Was

J.Y. Park named as the highest-paid composer in royalties for 2013

J.Y. Park was listed as the highest-paid composer ... 2013, which was his third consecutive year at #1.According to the Korea Music Copyright Association‘s ’2013 Total Composer Revenue’, J.Y. Park was determined to be the composer with the highest total ro

BTOB Members to Compete Against Each Other on ‘Real Guys BTOB’

btob will be showing off its manly charms in ... btob will be showing off its manly charms in the upcoming episode of Real Guys btob.April 1’s broadcast of SBS MTV’s Real Guys btob will feature the members competing against each other on their physical fitness, senses and networks

BEAST to Release a 2009-2013 Compilation, “BEAST Works”

BEAST will be releasing a best hits and clips collection ... 2013! The group just revealed a teaser for the new compilation on YouTube, featuring clips from their biggest hits such as “Bad Girl” (2009), “Beautiful” (2010), “Beautiful Night” (2012), and “Shadow” (2013). “BEAST Works 2009-2013″ will be a 2CD limited edition, with both group and so

BTOB to perform on ‘Immortal Song’ for the first time

btob will be joining “Immortal Song 2“!The ... btob will be joining “Immortal Song 2“!The boy group will start filming for the show on March 31st. All members will perform on stage for the Son Seok Woo special.Member Eunkwang shared, “Many people are supporting us already, so we”ll do our best in performing a stage to show btob”s real color

CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry” Is One of 2013′s Most Loved Songs in Taiwan

Idol band CNBLUE‘s “I’m Sorry” has been confirmed ... 2013. CNBLUE confirmed their popularity by landing on the sixth spot on the list. Out of the 100 most played tracks, 54 songs are sung in Chinese, 18 tracks are from Indonesia, and the rest are from various countries

BTOB's Minhyuk cast in MBC's upcoming drama 'A New Leaf'

btob Minhyuk will be busy for drama shooting ... btob Minhyuk will be busy for drama shooting after their goodbye stages for Beep Beep as he is cast in the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘A New Leaf’.Lee Minhyuk is going to play the character of Jihyuk, younger brother of female lead played by actress Lee Jiyoon.

4minute, BTOB, 100% and More Pump Up ′M COUNTDOWN′

preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview 4minute ... preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview 4minute is ready to party Idol groups stormed the March 27 broadcast of Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN, filling the stage with high energy performances.Photo credit: Hea Jung Min The evolution of 100%? Idol groups stormed the March 27 broadcast of Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN, filling the stage with high energy performances

BTOB’s Minhyuk joins the cast of “A New Leaf”

btob‘s Minhyuk will be joining the cast of MBC new ... btob‘s Minhyuk will be joining the cast of MBC new drama “A New Leaf“!MBC’s representative confirmed this news on March 25. In this drama, Minhyuk will portray Lee Ji Hyuk, the younger brother of Lee Ji Yoon (played by Park Min Young)

“America’s Next Top Model” catwalk coach Miss J. is now a BTOB’s member?

J. Alexander a.k.a “Miss J.“, who is currently ... btob.On March 25, Miss. J updated his Twitter account with the statement, “I”m now the New K.pop boy band member of btob.” along with the above photo.“Miss J.” and ”America’s Next T

Taiwan Chooses CN Blue’s ‘I’m Sorry’ as the Most Loved Korean Song in 2013

CN Blue’s I’m Sorry ranked as the most loved Korean ... 2013.According to Taiwanese radio music program called Hit FM, CN Blue’s I’m Sorry ranked number six on the 100 songs single chart in 2013. Out of the 100 songs, 54 were Chinese songs, 18 were international pop a

Taiwan Radio Program Hit FM Reveals CNBLUE 'I'm Sorry' To Be Most Loved K-Pop Song For 2013

Band CNBLUE"s song, "I"m Sorry," was chosen as the ... 2013 in Taiwan. On March 26, FNC Entertainment stated that Taiwan radio program, Hit FM, revealed that CNBLUE"s song, "I"m Sorry" was ranked number 6 on the 2013 100 Song Single Chart with Chinese and pop songs combined. This chart had 54 Chinese songs, 18 international songs and 17 Korean s

BTOB’s Lee Min Hyuk Cast in New Drama with Park Min Young

Joining Park Min Young, btob’s Lee Min Hyuk ... btob’s Lee Min Hyuk has been cast in the upcoming MBC drama Reformation (tentative title). On March 25, MBC announced that Lee Min Hyuk will act as Lee Ji Hyuk, the little brother of Lee Ji Yoon, played by Park Min Young. Lee Min Hyuk has previ

BTOB’s Minhyuk Cast for MBC’s New Drama “A New Leaf”

Minhyuk of idol group btob has joined the ... btob has joined the cast of MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “A New Leaf.” On March 25, it was announced through MBC’s Twitter account that Minhyuk has been confirmed for the role of Ji Hyuk. This will mark his bi

BTOB Snaps A Shot With 'America's Next Top Model' MC Miss J

U.S. "America"s Next Top Model" MC Miss J was seen ... btob. On March 24, Miss J posted on twitter, "I"m now the new k-pop boy band member of btob," along with a photo. In the picture, btob is seen posing with Miss J at the shoot.

Miss J Alexander Declares Himself the Newest Member of BTOB

“America’s Next Top Model‘s” catwalk guru ... btob and declared that he was their newest member. On March 25, Miss J Alexander tweeted a photo he took with the group and wrote, “I’m now the new K-Pop boy band member of B2B sic.” In the both Miss J Alexander and the members of btob raise their hands and make excited photos in a g

BTOB to appear as judges on 'America's Next Top Model'

Boy Group btob are appearing as judges in ... btob are appearing as judges in this season of 'America's Next Top Model'.On March 22, the group appeared in Sinchon with the staff and participants of ‘America’s Next Top Model’. They met

BTOB to Appear on “America’s Next Top Model!”

The hit U.S reality show, “America’s Next Top ... btob‘s agency, Cube Entertainment, recently commented, “On March 22nd btob participated in the filming of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ that took place in Korea. As Miss J Alexander and the model contestants were present, btob judged how the models danced to ‘Beep Beep