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Kim In-kwon, fingers paralyzed?

The press conference for "Apostle" was held in Lotte ... fingers. It didn't come back for a month". "The director took another cut of the scene but I wasn't sane. I wanted it to end". Netizens say, "What kind of a movie is it?", "This reminds me of Si Wan", "I am curious abo

Girls' Generation Sunny, Eating Pictures 'Even Eating Her Fingers'

girls generation, sunny girls generation sunny ... girls generation, sunny girls generation sunny eating pictures Girls' Generation's member Sunny revealed pictures of herself eating. Today, Sunny posted on her Instagram, "Okay! Okay! There's nothing like eating pictures to calm down our fans

T-ARA Eunjung Receives Official Apology from SBS 'Five Fingers' Staff

T-ARA, Eunjung, SBS, five fingers ... five fingers T-ARA Eunjung, who had been withdrawn from her role in the SBS "five fingers" drama received a formal apology from the staff. On January 23, t

B.A.Ps Himchan breaks his fingers

B.A.P are currently having a difficult time. On February ... 13, TS Entertainment, B.A.PR17;s agency reported, “B.A.PR17;s Himchan recently broke his fingers and underwent an operation, so only five members of the group will promote the new album, One Shot.̶1; Himchan broke the ring finger and the lit

"Five Fingers" apologizes to Ham Eun-jeong

The production of "five fingers" made ... five fingers" made an official apology to T-ara's Ham Eun-jeong. Yein ENM revealed the letter of apology it sent to the Association of Celebrity Management on its official homepage to Ham Eun-jeong. It was written, "

Producers of ‘Five Fingers’ issue an official apology to T-ara’s Eunjung

YEIN E&M issued an official apology to T-araR17;s ... 17;s Eunjung for booting her off from the R16;five fingersR16; drama. The apology was addressed on January 23rd to the korean Actors Labor Union. The full apology reads, We wish you tremendous succ

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA: “Kissing is better than intertwining fingers.”

Brown Eyed Girls‘ JeA made a guest appearance ... episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ where she revealed her weird phobia. The singer confessed, “Since a long time ago, I could never intertwine fingers with the opposite or same sex. Whenever my members try to intertwine fingers with me, I scream

Ji Chang Wook confessed that he secretly dated during the filming of ‘Five Fingers’”

Appeared on the December 27th broadcast of SBSR17;s ... 17;s “Good Morning”, actor Ji Chang Wook confessed during the “Nation’s Son: Ji Chang Wook’s Trip to Singapore” segment that he secretly dated while starring in dramafive fingers.” When being asked about his love life, the act

Ji Chang Wook to Take Photo with Co-Stars at the “Five Fingers” Farewell Party

On November 27th, actor Ji Chang Wook tweeted, “Ah ... 1;, along with the photos from SBS series “five fingers.” Everyone involved in “five fingers” threw a farewell party on November 26th at a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul. The artists came together to celebrate  their efforts over the past

[Spoiler] "Five Fingers" Chae Si-ra touches Joo Ji-hoon's face and cries

Chae Si-ra cried as she touched Joo Ji-hoon's face. ... episode of the SBS weekend drama "five fingers", Yeong-rang was in a dangerous situation where she was walking the streets and suddenly her vision became unclear and was almost hit by a car. She felt she was going blind and went into a sleeping Ji-ho's

“Five Fingers” Jin Se Yeon chosen as model for Somang Cosmetics.

Actress Jin Se Yeon, who has been receiving a lot of ... dramafive fingers”, has recently been chosen as an endorsement model for Somang Cosmetics. A representative of the brand stated, “Actress Jin Se Yeon has the fresh and bright image that Somang believes is perfect for the brand. Even though she’s still young, she showed her competent acting skills thro

Five Fingers Episodes 29 Synopsis and Video Preview

five fingers episodes 29 Preview ... five fingers episodes 29 Preview Recap five fingers episodes 29 Synopsis by happy22qt: Ji Ho was unable to control himself and eventually pushed Lawyer Choi over the railing but In Ha sees the scene and frantically rushed forward and reaches out his hand to Lawyer Choi to pull him up

Ji Chang Wook Gets Slimmer For His Role in “Five Fingers”

Actor Ji Chang Wook revealed that he shed 10kg ... 10kg (22 pounds) for his character in SBS’s weekend dramafive fingers.” Ji Chang Wook shared that he weighed 72kg (158 pounds) throughout his filming for “Warrior Baek Dong Soo.” He shed 9kg (~20 pounds) after playin

Ji Chang-wook loses 10kg for "Five Fingers"

Actor Ji Chang-wook lost 10kg for the SBS weekend ... 10kg for the SBS weekend drama "five fingers". According to sources, Ji Chang-wook lost 10 kg to increase the intensity of the role of In-ha. Ji is the son of Yeong-

"Five Fingers" Jin Se-yeon done

Actress Jin Se-yeon couldn't help but be upset her ... drama "five fingers" is done. He posted on her Twitter on the 20th, "I am done with the drama at episode twenty-nine. I am sad". In the picture, she is holding up her script with

KEMA continues boycott measures against the production agency for "Five Fingers"

T-ara's Eunjung sent in an official request to ... korean Management Entertainment Association (KEMA) to withdraw their plans of boycotting the production of the drama "five fingers." On November 16th, KEMA sent an official notice

T-ara’s Eunjung asks KEMA to withdraw the two-year ban on ‘Five Fingers’ production company

Back in August, T-ara‘s Eunjung was suddenly dropped ... five fingers‘ without notice after T-ara’s bullying controversy. Her agency, Core Contents Media, then sued the production company of the drama for 140 million Won ($128,225 USD) due to their breach of contract. The Korea Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) released a statem

Five Fingers Episodes 28 Synopsis and Video Preview

five fingers episodes 28 Synopsis ... five fingers episodes 28 Synopsis by happy22qt: Young Rang as soon as she wakes up starts worrying about Ji Ho's next move while In Ha was shocked to see her appearance. Nam Joo wants Da Mi to quit her job at the company and continue her studies but Da Mi remains unfazed and wants to stay close to Ji Ho

Five Fingers Episodes 27 Synopsis and Video Preview

five fingers episodes 27 Synopsis ... five fingers episodes 27 Synopsis by happy22qt: Young Rang was in shock when the true identity of President Elvin Kim was revealed and it is none other Jung Wook who had deliberately lied to her

The CEMA plans to boycott the production company that canceled T-ara Eunjung’s appearance in Five Fingers

It seems like there will be a boycott on the production ... five fingers episodes 27 Synopsis by happy22qt: Young Rang was in shock when the true identity of President Elvin Kim was revealed and it is none other Jung Wook who had deliberately lied to her