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Wives Grow More Weary of Married Life Than Men

Husbands are more satisfied with their spouses than ... Husbands are more satisfied with their spouses than vice versa, according to a report based on statistical data and various survey results released by Statistics Korea last month.The report claims that 71

Vietnamese Learn How to Become S. Koreans Wives

Special Contribution By Q. Trung & T. Liem The ... korean culture, food, clothing, transportation, and communication... Archive photo provided by Can Tho City's Women Union. It was raining out on an afternoon in late September. Rain had already poured acr

‘We Got Married’: Julien Kang, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon argue over their wives’ ranking

On the October 6th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘We Got ... wives. In this episode, the three guys had to drive to the grocery shopping for the ‘We Got Married’ village’s first monthly neighborhood meeting. During their car ride, Kwanghee

We Got Married, the hubbies happy remembering the wives’ sexy moments (Spoiler!)

On the December 31st episode of MBC’s ‘We ... wives’ looked sexy. For the year end special, all three couples got together in the studio for some time of open talks with each other. When the topic of ‘My wife is sexy when…&