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Son Jin Young becomes a new member of Faith Entertainment

Singer Son Jin Young, who has been earning a lot of ... faith Entertainment.On February 18, a representative from faith Entertainment confirmed, “Son Jin Young, who entered the path as a singer following MBC’s ‘Birth of A Great Star’ and joined Boohwal Enter

Kim Hee Sun’s Daughter Became Angry When She Saw Her Mom’s Kiss Scene with Lee Min Ho in “Faith”

At the February 18 press conference for KBS‘ new ... At the February 18 press conference for KBS‘ new weekend drama, “Wonderful Days,” ( a.k.a. “Very Good Days”), its heroine Kim Hee Sun opened up about being a mother and an actress. When asked about her daughter Yeon Ah, Kim Hee Sun immediately smiled and proudly proclaimed, “She knows how to ski

2NE1 Minzy, Happy New Years Message "Year Full Of Faith, Hope, and Love"

Girl group 2NE1's member Minzi revealed a self-camera ... faith, love, and hope!" along with a picture. In the picture, Minzy is showing off her flawless skin and increased beauty

Kdrama’s Popularity Soars In Latin America And Cuba

When actor Yoon Sang Hyun traveled to Cuba ... eption from Cuban fans and why did theycall him Seo? These enthusiastic fans knew him as Butler Seo from "MyFair Lady."  The fans that met him at the airport not only loved his drama "MyFair Lady." They also knew him from the kdrama "Queen of Housewives" andwere eager

Kdrama Couple: Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo

They met when Ji Hyun Woo played a time-traveling ... They met when Ji Hyun Woo played a time-traveling Joseon-era scholarand Yoo In Na played an actress playing Queen Inhyun in the historicaldrama "Queen Inhyun's Man." His character found dating much easier inmodern times and tried to remain there next to the woman he loved

The History Of Park Shin Hye's Kdrama Kisses

Park Shin Hye recently spoke about ... Park Shin Hye recently spoke about her onscreen kisses with Lee MinHo in "The Heirs." She mentioned being surprised in one kiss scene whenshe thought they were not going to touch lips only to have the directorsay that they were really going to kiss that time

The Top Ten Female Kdrama Characters Of 2013

It's hard to separate ... eparate the top ten characters from the actresses whoplayed them because without an actress to breathe life into a characterit's just words on paper. But, given that, here are the female characters we liked a lot in 2013 and why. She saw ghosts. Ghosts tortured T

The Top Kdrama Issues of 2013: Part Five

The Internet offers fans more ... 2013 was the year in which many k-celebrities decided to fight back against those who spread false and hurtful comments. Gossiping with your friends is not against the law but postingcareer-

The Top Ten Kdrama Kisses of 2013

  kdrama kissing ... kdrama kissing scenes are memorable for several reasons. They may bepoignant, signifying something important in the plot. They may be cleversuch as the coca cola kiss in "Lie To Me" or the foam kiss in "SecretGarden." Or they may just be great

The Top Kdrama Issues Of 2013: Part Two

  The second case that riveted the ... kdrama actresses accused of abusing the drug Propofol,the anesthetic implicated in the death of superstar Michael Jackson. Propofol was only classified as an illicit drug in Korea in 2011. The case raised a

Kdrama Fans Cast Their Votes And So Far "The Heirs" Leads

  The contest is on and, ... episodesbeing the final installments of the series, the excitement is at a peak

The Ten Best Kdrama Couples In 2013

  Deciding which kdrama ... kdrama couples were best is not the same as decidingon the best drama. A drama could be a critical or ratings flop and stillfeature charismatic actors with plenty of chemistry. Here are a fewthat made our heart flutter

The Top Kdrama Issues Of 2013: Part One

  Park Shi Hoo made a name for himself ... 2013, both for his acting andthe long-lasting scandal that may have permanently tarnished his name. At the beginning of the year, the actor was enjoying the success ofhis comedy "Cheomdamdung Alice." His film "I Am A Murderer" was due tobe released in Jap

Understanding Kdrama: Fate

  When Kim Soo Hyun was discussing ...   When Kim Soo Hyun was discussing the love story in his new drama "ManFrom the Stars," he talked about how his character Do Min Joon waited400 years to fall in love. Why the long wait? It was a matter of fate

Kdrama Couple: Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Jun

  Hwang Jung Eum did not have a very ...   Hwang Jung Eum did not have a very successful love life on her recenthit drama "Secrets." First her character went to jail for herboyfriend's crime. After her character got out of jail, things did notimprove

Kdrama The Heirs Episode 19 Synopsis and preview

Korean Drama "The Heirs" episode 19 Video Preview The ... episode 19 Video Preview The Heirs episode 19 Synopsis and preview     Kim Tan: I would like to formally date Eun Sang. Eun Sang’s mom: I

Second Lead Syndrome: A Kdrama Malady

  Has watching "The Heirs" and ...   Has watching "The Heirs" and "Future's Choice" given you second leadsyndrome? If so, you're not alone. Both dramas have second leads thatare appealing enough to make any heart waver

Kdrama's Wealthiest Child Actors

  With so many flashbacks ... kdramas, there are plenty of opportunitiesfor child actors to work. And growing up on set means a few favoredactors will also make a smooth transition to adult roles. Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk are examples of actor

Kdrama 'The Heirs' Episode 18 Recap

kdrama the heirs episode 18 Live Recap ... kdrama the heirs episode 18 Live Recap by joonni   YD yells at Tan, “If you miss her, then go see her.” Tan replies he isn’t going anymore. “You can have her