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“Hotel King”: Im Seulong impresses viewers with his fluency in English, Chinese and Sign Language

MBC Weekend drama Hotel King has received various reactions ... english, Chinese and Sign Language.On the 4th episode, Sun Woo (Im Seulong) responded in perfect english while in a conversation.Go San (Jung Suk Yong) was asked by Hong Joon (Kim Sun Hyuk) to recommend a good menu but to respond in

Eddy Kim reveals his muscule, English skills and more in “I’m: Eddy Kim”

Mystic89“s newest singer Eddy Kim has been on a ... totheK, he reveals even more details about himself.A self-proclaimed “Push & Pull” novice, Eddy Kim is actually a sweet and calm guy. However, underneath his warmness are 6-pack abs of steal which he shyly shows during th

Review of “Hotel King” Ep 4: Lim Seul Ong shows off his English and Chinese skills

In Hotel King, episode 4, Sun Woo Hyun(played by Lim ... english and Chinese.Hong Joon(played by Kim Sun Hyuk) asked Go San(played by Jung Suk Yong) to recommend him the best menu in english. As Go San answered in Korean, Hong Joon said, “I asked you in eng

FIESTAR hint at their comeback with lyrics for ‘One More’

FIESTAR, who recently said goodbye to member ... to member Cheska, are signaling a return with lyrics from their upcoming song “One More“!FIESTAR announced their comeback with a photo on their Facebook on the 12th. The handwritten note in the image

Orange Caramel dish on their English skills + “fishy” concept

People had a fun time listening in on KBS“s “Lee ... english skills and a bad sushi experience.Lizzy first addressed the rumors that she was a decent english speaker: “When I was young, I received a lot of early education. I was going to go to a high school abroad. I learned a lot of this and that.” The other members chimed in, “She even

Eddy Kim Wishes After School’s Uee a Happy Birthday by Changing Up His Song’s Lyrics

Soloist Eddy Kim has an online reality program through ... lyrics for “The Manual” as a birthday song. He asked if there’s a celebrity with a birthday coming up, and after realizing After School’s Uee’s birthday is around the corner, dedicated the song to her

Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan to study English in Canada

Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan is leaving for Canada, but ... to perform as an artist. As his three-year contract with Live Works Company has ended, Kim Dongwan is going to be in Canada to study english. However, it will not be so long because he will come

Crayon Pop’s “Uh-ee” Ruled Unfit for Broadcast Due to Japanese Lyrics

Girl group Crayon Pop’s new song “Uh-ee” was ... to the song’s use of “bbikka bbunjjuk,” which is the Japanese style expression for the Korean equivalent of “bbunjjuk bbunjjuk,” meaning ‘shiny.’ In the reviews done by MBC and SBS, however, these lyrics did not pose any problem. C

San E to Return in April with Provoking and Unconventional Lyrics

Rapper San E will return this April, according to ... to Brand New Music. Agency staff claimed: "San E"s new album will carry provoking and unconventional lyrics not seen in his previous albums. San E has sought to show a different

Super Junior-M’s Henry Says He Has Fake Phone Calls in English to Attract Women

Spilling his dating secrets one by one on television, ... to get girls on KBS’ Happy together. Henry appeared as a guest on March 27’s broadcast of Happy together, where he said that based on his experience, Korean women tend to like men who speak english. “It comes off a lot more polite,” said Henry. “I would go next to the woman I like an

IU gives a peek at her lyrics for HIGH4′s debut song

IU gave a sneak peek at her lyrics for HIGH4″s ... lyrics for HIGH4″s debut song “Besides Spring, Love, and Cherry Blossoms“, for which she”ll be also featuring in. IU shared her self-written lyrics on her fan cafe on the 25th. The lyrics read,

IU Reveals Lyrics for Rookie Group High4′s Debut Track

Singer IU recently revealed a part of the lyrics ... lyrics for HIGH4″s debut song “Besides Spring, Love, and Cherry Blossoms“, for which she”ll be also featuring in. IU shared her self-written lyrics on her fan cafe on the 25th. The lyrics read,

Singer IU Reveals Handwritten Lyrics Written For Rookie Group High4's Debut Song

Singer IU revealed her handwritten lyrics ... lyrics for rookie group, High4"s debut song. On March 25, IU posted on her fan cafe a photo of part of the lyrics for High4"s debut song, "Besides Spring, Love and Cherry Blossoms." The lyrics reveal a s

Rookie Male Artist Bro’s Debut Single “That Kind of Guy” Stirs Controversy for Negative Lyrics About Women

Rookie male artist Bro has been the talk of the town ... town for the past couple of days. Bro recently released his debut single, “That Kind of Guy,” which has stirred up some controversy from the public. However, the song is gaining popularity at the

Gummy Sings and Writes Lyrics for ‘Three Days’ OST

Gummy has released a self-composed song for the SBS ... lyrics herself and participating in the composition.”“I’ve been watching Three Days attentively. I wanted to include the strength and thankfulness you feel when someone is on your side, since the character Han Tae Kyung is stuck in a lonely and difficult situation,”

How good is INFINITE Sungyeol’s English?

As the Korean Wave becomes a worldwide phenomenon, ... to learn the english language. Since english is an international language for most of the global fans, hearing their Korean idols speak in a language they understand definitely allows the idols to gain bonus points. A group that has especially experienced this would be INFINITE, who has just completed

Some English terms that K-Pop fans like to use

Following the “Korean terms for K-Pop fans” least ... to introduce some english terms that K-Pop fans like to use.Let’s see!fighting (hwaiting)This is something you”ll hear often (but may be pronounced like “hwaiting”)! This isn”t a cheer telling people to fight each other, but rather to fight the circumstances. It is a supportive cheer, so when you want people to cheer up and do

Girls' Generation Lyrics Slammed By Eat Your Kimchi: SM Entertainment To Blame For 'Mr.Mr.' Korean Verses?

(Photo : Twitter) As Girls" Generation makes ... to : Twitter) As Girls" Generation makes their long-awaited return with "Mr.Mr.", popular YouTube channel Eat Your Kimchi is taking a stand against its Korean lyrics. In a recent Music Monday video, the Eat Your Kimchi crew dissected and opined on the latest Girls" Generation single and music video. Dur

m-flo and Taeyang Release Lyrics Video for “Go Crazy”

Big Bang member Taeyang was recently featured on Japanese ... lyrics video was uploaded on m-flo’s official YouTube channel for “Go Crazy” on March 3! m-flo’s 8th album, “Future Is Wow” will feature other artists such as Ayumi, Japanese girl group Flower’s vocalist Washio R

Rock Band YB Release High-octane, English-language “Cigarette Girl” Single and MV

Rock band YB is officially diving into music ... to music markets outside of Korea with the release of their first english-language single, “Cigarette Girl.” They join hands with former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein for this foray into the American and European markets. Vocal Yoon Do Hyun explains “Cig