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“Thrice Married Woman”: Everyone happy with Son Yeo Eun’s pregnant

(Photo : SBS)SBS drama “Thrice Married Woman” ... pregnant with Song Chang Yi”s kid.On the 40th episode of SBS drama “Thrice Married Woman” broadcast on March 30th, Han Chae Rin (played by Son Yeo Eun) was pregnant with Jung Tae Won (played by Song Chang Yi)”s child.On this day, Chae Rin couldn”t really eat because of her

“Thrice Married Woman”: Son Yeo Eun gets pregnant

(Photo : SBS)SBS drama “Thrice Married Woman” ... pregnant with Song Chang Yi”s kid and enjoyed a happy ending.On the 40th episode of SBS drama “Thrice Married Woman” broadcast on March 30th, Han Chae Rin (played by Son Yeo Eun) was pregnant with Jung Tae Won (played by Song Chang Yi)”s child.After remarrying Tae Won, Chae Rin wreaked havoc in the house and

“God’s Gift”: Kim Soo Hyun begs Joo Min Ah not to harm Han Saet Byul

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “God”s Gift – 14 Days” ... isode on March 25.On this episode, Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) begged her husband’s paramour, Joo Min Ah, not to harm her daughter Han Saet byul.Previously, Kim Soo Hyun was broken after discovering that her h

“God’s Gift – 14 Days”: Jang Moon Soo pointed as the second suspect of Han Saet Byul’s murder

(Photo : SBS)On the March 18th episode of ... isode of SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “God”s Gift – 14 Days“, Jang Moon Soo (played by Oh Tae Kyung) was noticed as the second suspect of Han Saet byul (played by Kim Yoo Bin)’s murder.Kim Soo Hyun (played by Lee Bo Yo

Seo Taiji's wife is reported to be pregnant for 4 months

Seo Taiji and actress Lee Eun Sung will become parents ... is wife is currently baring a 4 months pregnancy and the couple will become parents in August.A representative also said that he wanted to inform the news through his last birthday

The Woman Who Married Three Times Episode 36: Lee Ji Ah Tells Kim Ji Young about Her Getting Pregnant

In The Woman Who Married Three Times, episode ... isode 36, Oh Eun Soo(played by Lee Ji Ah) told Jung Seul Ki(played by Kim Ji Young) about her pregnancy.As Seul Ki found a book about pregnancy, Eun Soo confessed, “Mommy have a baby. There’s a baby inside mommy’s bell

Park Han Byul Donates 350 Million Won Worth of Clothing

Park Han byul made a generous donation for ... byul made a generous donation for hunger relief. According to Korea Food for the Hungry International, Park Han byul made the first donation in her life by giving 7,000 pieces of clothing, worth around 350 million KRW (~320,000 USD).The dona

Kim Hyo-jin is beautifully pregnant

Netizens say, "is she pregnant?", ... is she pregnant?", "You can't hide that beauty", "She doesn't seem married" about Kim Hyo-jin. The Christian Dior Boutique Renewal event was held on the 25th. Kim Hyo-jin was one of them that attended. She looked fem

Byul shows her love to her cute son Dream

byul recently updated everyone on her cute ... byul recently updated everyone on her cute son Dream!The solo singer shared a photo of herself on her Twitter with the title, “Shy, shy teehee,” catching attention with her young look as a new mother

Park Han Byul and Jung Suk Won once again leave fans in awe with their toned physique in 'Bodyguard' underwear

Park Han byul and Jung Suk Won teamed up once ... byul and Jung Suk Won teamed up once again to showcase the new undergarment collection for "Bodyguard" as its endorsement models. SEE ALSO: Drama Review Emergency Couple Episode 4 The "Bodyguard" models unbuttoned their shirts for the brand"s "2014 Spring Underwear Pictorial" and looked "fresh chic" in flirty red leopard-print. Their w

Lil Wayne Dead Rumors Surface Again as Rumors Spread Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant With Lil Wayne's Child; Twitter Goes Nuts

(Photo : Wikimedia Commons) Lil Wayne is ... is alive and well, Twitter be damned.  Lil Wayne Twitter rumors spread quickly this week. Lil Wayne's Twitter followers immediately chimed in. One wrote "I'm starting to think Lil Wayne OHK

Cube Entertainment Threatens Legal Action For Author Of Fake Article Claiming Trouble Maker's Hyuna Is Pregnant

  (Photo : Facebook) Executives at Cube ... is two-weeks pregnant with her Trouble Maker bandmate Hyun Seung's child. The lawyers at Cube Entertainment, the label that represents Trouble Maker as well as Hyun and Hyuna's other groups, the wildly successful acts BEAST and 4Minute respectively, a

Kim Hyo-jin, four weeks pregnant

Actress Kim Hyo-jin is pregnant. It's ... is pregnant. It's been about 4~5 weeks according to her agency. Kim Hyo-jin has been married 2 years with actor Yoo Ji-tae. She was to star in Lim Sang-soo's movie "There's No Today" but had to step down due to her pregnancy. Release date OHKP

Actress Kim Hyo Jin Is Pregnant, Leaves Upcoming Movie

It has been announced that actress Kim Hyo Jin is ... is pregnant. She will be expecting a child with her actor husband Yoo Ji Tae whom she married in December 2011. However, due the pregnancy, the actress will have to leave her role in the upcoming movie “There’s No Today.” She was supposed to start filming for th

Lee Yo-won pregnant for the second time in 10 years

Actress Lee Yo-won is pregnant. A media ... is pregnant. A media reported recently that Lee Yo-won was pregnant with her second child. She's been abroad on vacation since the end of the drama "Empire of Gold" and now she's at home, concentrating on resting for the baby. Netizens say, "Co

Park Han Byul, Self-Camera With Short Hair 'A Boy?'

Actress Park Han byul updated her fans. (Photo ... byul updated her fans. (Photo : twitter) Actress Park Han byul updated her fans. Today, Park Han byul posted on her Twitter, "Clogged nose for a week because of a cold. Please understand

Park Han Byul Models Her New Hair Style and an All White Look for InStyle

Actress Park Han byul dressed in all white ... byul dressed in all white and modeled her new hairstyle in her recent photo shoot with “InStyle Korea.”  Park Han byul completed her winter white look with a knit bra top, a white faux leather wrap skirt and a white fur coat matching it with a pair of long cutout boots. In the interview

Park Han Byul Chops Off Hair and Transforms into High School Boy for Upcoming Drama

Actress Park Han byul has chopped off her ... byul has chopped off her lovely locks for the first time in 11 years since her debut for her new drama. Park Han byul’s long, straight hair was her trademark so this change of hair is becoming a hot topic. Her new style OH

Seo Ji-yeong pregnant

Seo Ji-yeong from the group Sharp is pregnant. ... is pregnant. She told a media that she was 15 weeks pregnant and was due next May. She said, "I want to meet my child and I'm so happy to become a mother". Seo Ji-yeong married an older bu

'90s pop star Seo Ji-yeong pregnant

Seo Ji-yeong, a former member of 1990s pop group Sharp, ... is 15 weeks pregnant according to Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily. "I really want to give birth to this baby soon", she said to newspaper. "I'm really delighted and also nervous about becoming