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“Inspiring Generation” Ending: Song Jae Rim reveals his feelings

(Photo : KBS)Actor Kim Hyun Joong described his feelings ... ending “Inspiring Generation”.On April 3rd, who was acting in the role of Mo Il Wha in KBS 2TV “Inspiring Generation” revealed his feelings.In the drama “Inspiring Generation” Song Jae Rim attr

SoReal make a cover of Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending”

SoReal made a cover of Busker Busker‘s hit song “Cherry ... ending” to welcome the Spring.The rookie boy group showed off their voices and smooth harmony in the song with acoustic guitar sounds.Check out their cover above? What do you think?Tip: anon

Bebop's '251 Project' begins with a cover of 'Cherry Blossom Ending'

Bebop opened their '251 Project' with their own interpretation ... ending.''The name of '251 Project' is derived from the basic chord sequence 2-5-1 that is used famous music nowadays. Bebop will release covers of songs of different artists every two weeks. Watch below: written b

Bebop makes a cover of Busker Busker’s ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’

New idol band Bebop, who recently debuted with “I”m ... ending“! The group”s slender voice fits perfectly into the song, which reminds listeners that spring is on its way. Check out the cool cover above! 

Song Chang Yi hints at the ending of “Thrice Married Woman”

(Photo : SBS)On the March 19th broadcast of SBS‘ ... ending of her current drama “Thrice Married Woman“.On the most recent episode of “Thrice Married Woman”, stepmother Lee Chae Rin (played by Son Yeo Eun) was revealed to had abused daughter Jung Seul Ki (played by Kim Ji Young). Upon knowing this matter, Jung Tae Won (played by Song Chang Yi) decided to divorce Lee Chae Rin

Busker Busker’s 2012 Hit “Cherry Blossom Ending” Enters Top 10 Chart Once Again

With the upcoming spring season and warm weather in ... ending” has entered the Top 10 charts for various music portals. As of 3PM (KST) on March 16, “Cherry Blossom ending” ranked #3 on Melon. The song entered the Top 100 starting from last month and slowly made its way up to the Top 20. Finally, it h

Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” appears in charts again

Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom ending” ... ending” appears in charts again As the weather gets warmer in Korea, many people are excited to finally say ‘adieu’ to Winter and ‘hello’ to Spring. Not only are people already weari

When Spring Comes Back... Busker Busker's 'Cherry Blossom Ending' Comes Back Too

Band Busker Busker"s song "Cherry Blossom ending" ... ending" that was released in 2012 is coming back to the trend. (Photo : busker busker) Band Busker Busker"s song "Cherry Blossom ending" that was released in 2012 is coming back into the trend. Yesterday, "Cherry Blossom endin

“Some” #1 on Four Music Charts While “Cherry Blossom Ending” Ranks in Top 20

SISTAR"s Soyou and JungGiGo is holding onto #1 on ... SISTAR"s Soyou and JungGiGo is holding onto #1 on music charts. "Some" is currently ranked on the top of four music charts Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, and Genie. Released in the beginning of last month, the song continues to demonstrate its popularity even after a month

Kim Soo Hyun Wanted a Sad Ending for ‘You Who Came From the Stars’

Although the drama’s satisfied many of the viewers ... ending, Kim Soo Hyun revealed that he wanted a sad ending for You Who Came From the Stars.During an interview with reporters after filming the final episode of SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars, Kim Soo Hyun said “No one, including the director, knew how the drama was going to end until the last minute.”There were several clues that indicated a possible sad e

The Ending Of "You Who Came From The Stars" Raises More Questions

"You Who Came from The Stars" had its finale last ... ending, raised more questions that it answered. For several episodes now, the chief question has been whether DoMin Joon, Kim Soo Hyun"s character, would stay or go, die or live. Hedecided he wanted to stay with Chun Song Yi, Jun Ji Hyun"s character,even if it mea

‘You Who Came From the Stars’ Closes with Meaningful Ending

Thursday came the dreaded and long-awaited end to SBS’ ... ending with Do Min Joon leaving earth to prevent death from happening, writer Park Ji Eun threw in a worm hole, allowing Do Min Joon to recuperate, while giving him a portal to teleport back to earth

Production Team Gives Tantalizing Hint: “Man from the Stars” Ending to be Unpredictable

With the SBS drama “Man from the Stars” ending ... ending this week, the interest in its finale is at its peak. The result of such fervor means that the production and filming is in lock down, with every detail and the staff kept hush-hush. Yet the production team can’t help teasin

"Kind Words" ends in a happy ending

"Kind Words" ended with the reconciliation of the ... "Kind Words" ended with the reconciliation of the two married couples. The final episode of the SBS drama "Kind Words" showed the two married couples recovering their relationship. Song Mi-kyeong (Kim Ji-soo) tailed her husband as he was in an affair with Na Eun-jin (Kim Hye-jin) and approached her purposefully

Kim Soo Hyun Sings “In Front of Your House” for “Man from the Stars,” Lyrics Foreshadow Sad Ending?

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is already well-known for his singing ... ending well with Kim Soo Hyun’s voice

‘Prime Minister and I’ Ends with Sweet Ending, Unfortunate Ratings

Holding onto both smiles and tears, KBS’ Prime Minster ... Holding onto both smiles and tears, KBS’ Prime Minster and I came to an end on Tuesday night. The drama jumped from 4.9 to 6.1 percent with its final episode, but still remained in third place in the Monday-Tuesday drama competition

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Why Deep Brown's 'Final Ending' Featuring T.why Is The Hottest Track You Haven't Heard

(Photo : YouTube still) "K-Pop Beyond The Charts" ... ending." "Final ending," uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, is irresistibly funky, even demonstrating shades of late 1960s Isaac Hayes

Girl’s Day Turn Bridal for "Something" Showcase

Girl’s Day released their music video for “Something,” ... Girl’s Day released their music video for “Something,” written by Double Sidekick, off their third mini-album, on January 3. They held a showcase in Gangnam yesterday to promote their new album, “Every Day Girl’s Day III – Something

Hyorin Sings "Let It Go" for the Ending Credits of Disney's "Frozen"

“Next generation diva” Hyorin sang the end credit ... “Next generation diva” Hyorin sang the end credit soundtrack (Korea release), “Let It Go,” for the Disney animation, “Frozen,” which was the most nominated animation movie for the upcoming 71st Golden Globes

[Introduction] 2013 KBS & SBS Drama Awards - Ending The Year With A Bang

The live blog team is currently running on dangerous ... ending the year with a bang by proving live blog coverage of the 2013 SBS Drama Awards AND the 2013 KBS Drama Awards,  which are airing later today at the same time