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IU,Shin Seung Hoon, Lena Park And More To Welcome Spring With Intimate Concerts

Cherry blossoms are blooming, birds are chirping, ... holding small, intimate concerts for their fans. Who Are the Stars? With all the huge performances that are going on, some of your idols are scaling things back and will perform at much smaller venues during the spring se

Jo Seung Woo fondly looks after Baro and his styling in 'God's Gift - 14 Days' BTS footage

SBS uploaded a new video of some behind-the-scenes ... howed B1A4"s Baro at the police office, acting convincingly as his character, Young Kyu, who has the mentality of a six-year-old and recently got beaten up while trying to protect Lee Bo Young"s missing daughter in the drama. oked after Baro as he patted the young idol-turned-actor"s head and made sure his hair was on point for his close ups

Ryu Seung Ryong Acted in 95% of the Action Scenes in “The Target” Without a Stunt Double

Ryu seung Ryong sure knows how to ... seung Ryong sure knows how to make a mark in his first action movie! The actor revealed that he had not utilized a stunt double for 95% of the action scenes in his new movie, “The Target.”

Jo Seung Woo goes straight into musical 'Hedwig' after 'God's Gift - 14 Days'

In the wake of his popularity for his performance in ... seung Woo revealed he started rehearsing for the upcoming musical "Hedwig" as soon as the drama finished. Jo seung Woo had to take part in filming until the very day of the final episo

'God's Gift" Jo Seung Woo's Death Was Planned

(Photo : SBS) The ending of "God"s Gift-14 ... hoto : SBS) The ending of "God"s Gift-14 Days" that ended on April 22nd was already decided from the beginning. A staff member of "God"s Gift" said on April 23rd on a phone call with , "The ending of the piece was already hinted in the synopsis before the braodcasting. I

Five Fun Facts About Cha Seung Won

Cha seung Won plays Seo Pan Suk, the captain ... seung Won plays Seo Pan Suk, the captain of the violent crimes unit in the upcoming drama "You"re Surrounded." He will show rookie cops Lee seung Gi and Ahn Jae Hyun the rules and the ropes.  

Empress Ki" Tal Tal And Seung Nyang Look So Well

(Photo : MBC) Ki seung Nyang (played ... hoto : MBC) Ki seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) who learns of Maha"s death orders Park Bool Wha (played by Choi Moo Sung) to kill Bayan (played by Lim Joo Eun) and to get Yeom Byung Soo (played by Jung Woong In). A

“You’re All Surrounded” Actor Cha Seung Won Makes Donation to Ferry Disaster Charity

Cha seung Won, star of hit drama “The Greatest ... seung Won, star of hit drama “The Greatest Love”, has pledged 100 million won (roughly US$96,300) to a charity committed to helping the families and victims of the Sewol ferry disaster. Th

Cha Seung Won and Kim Tae Kyun donate millions of won for Sewol rescue operation

Many celebrities are coming out with their donations ... seung Won donated 100 million won to the Community Chest of Korea this afternoon. First baseman Kim Tae Kyun who is currently playing for Hanhwa Eagles in the Korean Baseball Organization also donated 50 milli

Cha Seung-won donates 100 million won

Actor Cha seung-won donated 100 million won ... seung-won donated 100 million won with his condolences. According to the Community Chest of Korea, Cha seung-won gave 100 million in his name through the Fruit of Love. This donation is to be used to support the search and rescue of victims from the sunken ship Sewol. Other tha

"God's Gift - 14 Days" Jo Seung-woo kills Kim Yoo-bin-I

Lee Myeong-han (Joo Jin-mo) ordered for the murder ... yoo-bin-I) to Hwang Kyeong-soo (Choi Min-cheol) on the final episode of the SBS drama "God's Gift - 14 Days". He claimed that he couldn't kill her but was coaxed by Lee Myeong-han. He told Hwang Kyeong-soo that his son's execution date will be drawn clos

Son Seung Hun and On Joo Wan Show the Difference Between Good Guy and Bad Guy in New Movie Stills

The recently released movie stills of the upcoming ... seung Hun acts as a military superior name Jin Pyung and On Joo Wan acts as one of Jin Pyung’s inferiors, Woo Suk, the movie will focus on two men’s love for one woman within the military quarters. “Human Addiction” will display a superior officer’s innocent love for a woman that contrasts to an inferior’s manipulative use of h

South Korean Celebs Kim Yuna, Ha Ji Won, Cha Seung Won Donate $100,000 To Victims Of Sewol Ferry Tragedy

(Photo : blogspot) (Photo : WikiMedia ... hoto : blogspot) (Photo : WikiMedia Commons) (Photo : WikiMedia Commons) As divers continue to search for survivors among the wreckage of the Sewol ferry, several of South Korea"s top celebrities have pledged their support for the victims and their loved ones in the form of generous charity donations.

God’s Gift – 14 Days Finale Review: Jo Seung Woo was the Killer of Kim Yoo Bin!

In the last episode of God’s Gift – 14 Days, ... seung Woo) was the killer of Han Saet Byul(played by Kim yoo Bin) before time warp. Previously, Hwang Kyung Soo(played by Choi Min Chul) made Dong Chan drunk. Dong Chan, who had an alcohol amnesia, got a call from a woman with his mother

God’s Gift – 14 Days Finale Review: Jo Seung Woo Lies to the Media Save Jung Eun Pyo

In the last episode of God’s Gift – 14 Days, ... seung Woo) lied to the media to save Ki Dong ho(played by Jung Eun Pyo). It was the day before Dong ho’s execution. Dong Chan, who knew it was not his brother who killed Lee S

‘God’s Gift’ Jung Eun Pyo & Jo Seung Woo Are Like Real Brothers

  SBS Monday Tuesday drama "God"s Gift - 14 Days" ... seung Woo acted as if they were real brothers, crying together. In the most recent episode of the SBS Monday Tuesday drama "God"s Gift - 14 Days," which aired in the evening of April 21, 2014, Ki Dong ho told his brother Ki Dong Chan of the murder mystery of Lee Soo Jung that he witnessed. Ki Dong Chan met his brother on this day"s episode and asked him, "What

Cha Seung Won is the next generous celebrity to donate $100,000 to the ferry accident

Many celebrities have been showing their generosity ... howing their generosity and sympathy in relation to the ferry incident by donating a large sum of money to help out in any way possible. Just yesterday, Kim Yuna and Ha Ji Won were revealed to have donated 100 million won (~ $100,000 USD). Now, actor Cha seu

Actor Cha Seung Won donates 100 million won for Sewol tragedy

According to Community Chest Board of South Korea ... seung Won donates 100 million won to the deprived and rescue operations relating to the Sewol tragedy.Aside from him, various actors and celebrities had donated as well like Song seung Heon, Kim Yuna, Han Ji Won, On Joo Wan, Jung Il Woo, Joo Sang Wook, Park Jae Min, Kim Bo Seong, and more. more.Meanwhile, Cha seung Won is cast in the upcoming SBS drama

Gong Hyo Jin dishes on Cha Seung Won and So Ji Sub... Lucky girl!

Gong Hyo Jin dished on what her former co-stars Cha ... seung Won and So Ji Sub are really like! During a recent interview with Chinese media outlet Sina, Gong Hyo Jin commented on her "The Greatest Love" co-star Cha seung Won, "He is a really fun sunbae... Not only does he have more eclectic experience tha

"God's Gift - 14 Days" Kim Tae-woo kneels in front of Jo Seung-woo

On the fifteenth episode of the SBS drama "God's ... hoon (Kim Tae-woo) and Kim Soo-hyeon (Lee Boo-yeong) failed to rescue their daughter Han Set-byeol (Kim yoo-bin-I). Ki Dong-chan (Jo seung-woo) and Kim Soo-hyeon needed the evidenc