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Legendary first generation girl group S.E.S show fans their strong relationship

Legendary first generation girl group S.E.S recently ... <strong>bestrong>rs Eugene and Shoo, showing that nothing has changed. The three still look <strong>bestrong>autiful and are extremely close. We are three. We still get along quite well. Life is <strong>bestrong>autiful.” Netizens responded, “It”s nice to see

Lee Seung Gi reveals his thoughts after Kang Ho Dong left “Strong Heart”

Although Lee Seung Gi did an amazing job as the sole ... strong Heart” after Kang Ho Dong”s leave, he revealed that it wasn”t as easy as it appeared and he felt like running away several times <strong>bestrong>cause of the responsibility and pressure.On the April 14th broadcast of Lee Sun Hee‘s special on SBS

Legendary Idol Group S.E.S Members Show Off Their Strong, Lasting Friendship in Recent Reunion

Legendary idol group S.E.S mem<strong>bestrong>rs Eugene, ... <strong>bestrong>rs Eugene, Bada, and Shoo reunited, and pictures of their reunion was posted by Bada on April 15 through her Twitter. Alongside the pictures, the singer wrote, “We are three…we still look good together. Life is <strong>bestrong>autiful.”

"Empress Qi" stands strong

MBC drama "Empress Qi" came in 1st. According to ... <strong>bestrong>en 29.2% but it hasn't <strong>bestrong>en able to step over 30%. Will it break the curse of weekday dramas and break through 30%? Source : www

Lee Seung Gi Wanted to Run Away When He Had to Host ‘Strong Heart’ Alone

Lee Seung Gi confessed that he constantly wanted to ... strong Heart. During April 14’s broadcast of SBS’s Healing Camp, Lee Seung Gi reminisced over the time he had to host strong Heart alone when Kang Ho Dong suddenly left the show.Lee Seung Gi said, “When I first started variety shows through KBS2’s 1 Night 2 Day

"Empress Qi" strong in the lead

According to Nielsen Korea on the 2nd, "Empress Qi" ... <strong>bestrong>en way ahead of competing SBS drama "God's Gift - 14 Days" although it's close yet, far from reaching 30%. "Empress Qi" on this day showed Wang Yoo (Joo Jin-mo) <strong>bestrong>ing caught by Dang Gi-se (kim Jeong-hyeon) and his men. Meanwhile, KBS 2TV "The Full Sun"

‘Mister Peter Pan’ Shin Dong Yup Vs ‘Law Of The Jungle’ Kim Byung Man

Shin Dong Yup and kim Byung Man will <strong>bestrong> ... kim Byung Man will <strong>bestrong> going head to head, as their show times have <strong>bestrong>en confirmed. KBS" new pilot program "mister Peter Pan" will air its first episode on April 4th at 10PM. "mist

Park Ji Yoon: “I think playing a bad woman or strong character would suit me.”

Singer-Actress Park Ji Yoon appeared on the latest ... Singer-Actress Park Ji Yoon appeared on the latest broadcast of KBS 2TV“s “1 Vs. 100.”She expressed, “This is my first time on a quiz program since my debut, so I am really nervous.”MC Han Suk Joon asked her, “How was acting?” to which Park Ji Yoon shared, “This year, I”ve made cameo appearances, so I did them with a light heart

“Mister Peter Pan” drops out poster + announces premiere date

The new KBS 2TV variety show “mister Peter ... mister Peter Pan” has dropped out its official poster featuring five MCs including Shin Dong Yup, Yoon Jong Shin, singer kim Kyung Ho, actor Han Jae Suk, and Jung Man Shik!‘mister Peter Pan’ will center around five middle-aged celebrities who gather to dish on various topics and play games together.The pilot episode of ‘m

A Cube Entertainment to take strong action against leaked images of “Pink Blossom” album jacket

A Cu<strong>bestrong> Entertainment to take strong ... <strong>bestrong> Entertainment to take strong action against leaked images of “Pink Blossom” album jacket A Pink’s album jacket for their upcoming album, “Pink Blossom” had <strong>bestrong>en leaked online and was spreading through various SNS platforms like wild fire, and thus A Cu<strong>bestrong> Entertainment have decided to respond with strong measures. T

Tablo’s Daughter Haru Continues to Show Her Strong G-Dragon Love

On this week’s “Superman Returns,” Tablo‘s ... <strong>bestrong>loved G-Dragon that she deliciously ate her breakfast! She also said, “Can you tell me if Jiyong oppa ate something as delicious as this as well,” referring to her cereal

Lee Seung Gi Says He’s a ‘Strong Heart’ in Relationships

Actor/singer Lee Seung Gi revealed that he’s a ‘strong ... strong heart’ when dating. The March 15 episode of KBS2‘s “Entertainment Weekly” visited Lee Seung Gi on the set of an advertisement shoot, where he, a company man, was having some difficulty maneuvering a bike. Lee Seung Gi joked, “There’s nothing that I do

Yoon Jong Shin becomes one of the MCs for “Mister Peter Pan”

Yoon Jong Shin has <strong>bestrong>en added to the MC line-up ... <strong>bestrong>en added to the MC line-up of new program ’mister Peter Pan‘!He will now <strong>bestrong> joining Shin Dong Yup, singer kim Kyung Ho, actors Han Jae Suk, and Jung Man Shik.A representative f

'M! Countdown Highlight': Girls' Generation Is Too Strong For CNBLUE By Winning #1 On The March 6, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

"M! Countdown" is here once again which numerous ... "M! Countdown" is here once again which numerous stars made their return.The stars showed awesome performances and the audience screamed as well fan chanted.Stars who made their return were Lyn by performing "Miss You

New KBS Pilot “Mister Peter Pan” Will Feature Shin Dong Yup, Yoon Jong Shin, and Others

The lineup for KBS’s pilot variety “mister ... mister Peter Pan” has <strong>bestrong>en finalized! On March 6, an official of “mister Peter Pan” told TV Report the final lineup for the program, which will <strong>bestrong> Shin Dong Yup, Yoon Jong Shin, Han Jae Suk, kim Kyung Ho, and Jung Man Shik. Directed by PD Oh Hyun Sook, “OHKPO

Yoo In Na and IU’s Strong Friendship Reflected through OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty”

A recent selfie of Yoo In Na and her BFF IU has <strong>bestrong>en ... <strong>bestrong>en widely circulating the Web. Cable channel OnStyle‘s “Get It <strong>bestrong>auty” revealed this selfie of the show’s new MC Yoo In Na and her special guest IU through its official Facebook page. Yoo In Na and IU are sitting next to each othe

BEAST Leave A Strong Impression On Fans In China At The 'I Want Music Power Concert in Shenzhen'

(Photo : Cu<strong>bestrong> Entertainment) Approximately ... <strong>bestrong> Entertainment) Approximately 20,000 Chinese fans were able to see one of Korea"s top boy bands, <strong>bestrong>AST, perform live over the weekend in the city of Shenzhen. <strong>bestrong>AST were selected as representatives from South Korea for the international concert that brought many acts from around Asia together in one un<strong>bestrong>lievable show. Shenzh

How Strong Will 2NE1's Comeback Be?

How strong will 2NE1"s comeback <strong>bestrong>? ... strong will 2NE1"s comeback <strong>bestrong>? 2NE1 is known to <strong>bestrong> a group that delivers a fresh new sound when it comes to their comebacks. Every time they release a new mini-album or single, they always shock their fans with new looks and unorthodox performances. La

Shin Dong Yup, Kim Kyung Ho and Jung Man Shik to serve as co-hosts for “Mister Peter Pan”

MC Shin Dong Yup, singer kim Kyung Ho and ... kim Kyung Ho and actor Jung Man Shik will <strong>bestrong> serving as the co-hosts for the pilot program ‘mister Peter Pan‘!On February 18, a representative from KBS told MBN Star, “Shin Dong Yup, Jung Man Shik, and kim Kyung Ho have <strong>bestrong>en confirmed as MCs for the pilot program ‘mister Peter Pan’… Bong Man Dae and Han Jae Suk are still in talks. The first filming is se

Shin Dong Yup, Kim Kyung Ho and Others Join New Variety Show “Mister Peter Pan”

MC Shin Dong Yup, rocker kim Kyung Ho, director ... kim Kyung Ho, director Bong Man Dae and actor Jung Man Shik, will <strong>bestrong> joining hands in a new KBS variety show. According to a broadcast representative, the four have confirmed that they will <strong>bestrong> appearing in a KBS pilot variety program “mister Peter Pan” (working title). KBS is preparing the show