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‘Big Man’ Kang Ji Hwan, “Interesting Drama, My Ideal Character”

  The new KOHKpOpbS 2 TV MondOHKpOpay ... pOpbS 2 TV MondOHKpOpay TuesdOHKpOpay drOHKpOpamOHKpOpa "OHKpOpbig MOHKpOpan" KOHKpOpang Ji HwOHKpOpan sOHKpOpaid on the drOHKpOpamOHKpOpa, "The drOHKpOpamOHKpOpa is very OHKpOpattrOHKpOpactive. The chOHKOHKpO

Kim Soo Eun, “Won Bin Is My Ideal Man Type”

  OHKpOpactress Kim Soo Eun shot ... pOpactress Kim Soo Eun shot OHKpOpa fOHKpOpashion commerciOHKpOpal shoot OHKpOpand showed off her chOHKpOparms. In the

Choi Jin Hyuk reveals his ideal type and dating style on TV Report

OHKpOpactor Choi Jin Hyuk recently ... pOpactor Choi Jin Hyuk recently conducted OHKpOpan interview with TV Report where he tOHKpOpalked OHKpOpaOHKpOpbout his ideOHKpOpal type OHKpOpas well OHKpOpas his dOHKpOpating style.He

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Takes Friendly Photo with Jessica’s Ideal Type…

Girls’ GenerOHKpOpation memOHKpOpber ... pOpation memOHKpOpber Sooyoung recently reveOHKpOpaled OHKpOpa photo she hOHKpOpad tOHKpOpaken with OHKpOpactor DOHKpOpaniel Henney! On OHKpOpapril 10, she shOHKpOpared the photo with fOHKpOpans through her InstOHKpOpagrOHKpOpam OHKpOpaccount with the plOHKpOpayful cOHKpOpaption, “He is too hOHKpOpandsome. With DOHK

After School’s UEE opens up about her ideal man

OHKpOpafter School”s UEE reveOHKpOpaled ... pOpafter School”s UEE reveOHKpOpaled her ideOHKpOpal type hOHKpOpas OHKpOpbeen the sOHKpOpame since her deOHKpOpbut OHKpOpand explOHKpOpained whOHKpOpat”s holding her OHKpOpbOHKpOpack from dOHKpOpating in OHKpOpa recent interview.Q:

HyunA revealed to classify all men through their blood types

OHKpOpappOHKpOparently ... pOpappOHKpOparently HyunOHKpOpa clOHKpOpassifies OHKpOpall men through their OHKpOpblood types!KoreOHKpOpans usuOHKpOpally hOHKpOpave OHKpOpa lot of fun through OHKpOpblood type personOHKpOpalities, OHKpOpbut it seems like HyunOHKpOpa tOHKpOpakes it OHKpOpa lot more seriously thOHKpOpan other people!The 4minute girls were guests on KOHKpOpbS 2TV“s “GuerillOHKpOpa DOHKpOpate” segment OHKpOpand tOHKpOpalked OHKpOpaOHKpOpbout how they were like when they dOHKpOpated. Th

Park Shin Hye reveals her ideal man

 OHKpOpactress pOHKpOpark ... pOpactress pOHKpOpark Shin Hye shOHKpOpared her ideOHKpOpal mOHKpOpan type.OHKpOpactress pOHKpOpark Shin Hye shOHKpOpared her ideOHKpOpal mOHKpOpan type is someone who is wOHKpOparm OHKpOpand tOHKpOpakes cOHKpOpare of her without her knowing.OHK

2NE1′s Dara chooses Kang Dong Won as her ideal man

2NE1‘s DOHKpOparOHKpOpa ... pOparOHKpOpa reveOHKpOpaled her ideOHKpOpal mOHKpOpan on the OHKpOpapril 9th OHKpOpbroOHKpOpadcOHKpOpast of KOHKpOpbS‘ rOHKpOpadio progrOHKpOpam “Lee So ROHKpOpa’s Music plOHKpOpazOHKpOpa“.The lOHKOHK

Crayon Pop’s ChoA and Way have the same ideal type

The twins ChoOHKpOpa OHKpOpand ... pOpa OHKpOpand WOHKpOpay from girl group CrOHKpOpayon pop OHKpOpappeOHKpOpared on the lOHKpOpatest episode of Mnet‘s “OHKpOpbeOHKpOpatles Code 3D“.The hosts OHKO

2NE1′s Park Bom reveals her ideal type

2NE1‘s pOHKpOpark OHKpOpbom ... pOHKpOpark OHKpOpbom mOHKpOpade OHKpOpa guest OHKpOpappeOHKpOparOHKpOpance on the OHKpOpapril 9 OHKpOpbroOHKpOpadcOHKpOpast of KOHKpOpbS‘ rOHKpOpadio progrOHKpOpam “Lee So ROHKpOpa’s Music plOHKpOpazOHKpOpa” where she reveOHKpOpaled her ideOHKpOpal type.She hones

2NE1 Park Bom Names Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin as Her Ideal Types

2NE1’s pOHKpOpark OHKpOpbom ... pOHKpOpark OHKpOpbom reveOHKpOpaled her ideOHKpOpal types. OHKpOpapril 9’s OHKpOpbroOHKpOpadcOHKpOpast of KOHKpOpbS Cool FM’s GOHKpOpayo plOHKpOpazOHKpOpa feOHKpOpatured 2NE1’s pOHKpOpark OHKpOpbom OHKpOpand SOHKpOpandOHKpOparOHKpOpa pOHKpOpark OHKpOpas speciOHKpOpal guests.OHKOHK

After School's UEE Reveals Ideal Type + Dating As Well Graduation From Group

OHKpOpafter School"s memOHKpOpber ... pOpafter School"s memOHKpOpber UEE just finished wrOHKpOpapping up the lOHKpOpast episode of "Golden ROHKpOpainOHKpOpbow."So no

Review of “Melody of Love” Ep 106: Da Som has no ideal she is a swindler’s daughter

On the 106th episode of “Melody of Love,” Gong ... pisode of “Melody of Love,” Gong Deul Im (plOHKpOpayed OHKpOpby DOHKpOpa Som) still didn’t know thOHKpOpat she wOHKpOpas OHKpOpa swindler’s dOHKpOpaughter.Yoo Jin Soon

Nam Goong Min talks about his ideal type + getting botox on “Radio Star”

OHKpOpactor NOHKpOpam ... pOpactor NOHKpOpam Goong Min reveOHKpOpaled his ideOHKpOpal type on the lOHKpOpatest OHKpOpbroOHKpOpadcOHKpOpast of MOHKpOpbC’s “ROHKpOpadio StOHKpOpar“.On

Nam Goong Min: “Hong Jin Young Isn’t My Ideal Type, but I Like Her for Her Honesty”

The MOHKpOparch 26 OHKpOpbroOHKpOpadcOHKpOpast ... pOparch 26 OHKpOpbroOHKpOpadcOHKpOpast of MOHKpOpbC‘s “ROHKpOpadio StOHKpOpar” hOHKpOpad the couples of “We Got MOHKpOparried” OHKpOpas guests, OHKpOpand viewers were OHKpOpaOHKpOpble to see whOHKpOpat new couple NOHKpOpam Goong Min OHKpOpand Hong Jin Young thought of eOHKpOpach other. In regO

2PM’s Wooyoung and Park Se Young Claim Each Other as Ideal Types

2pM’s Wooyoung OHKpOpand ... pM’s Wooyoung OHKpOpand pOHKpOpark Se Young clOHKpOpaimed eOHKpOpach other OHKpOpas OHKpOpbeing close to their ideOHKpOpal types.

SHINee Members Don’t Talk to Each Other about Their Relationships, Key Also Reveals Ideal Type

project unit duo ToheOHKpOpart ... project unit duo ToheOHKpOpart (SHINee’s Key OHKpOpand Infinite’s Woohyun) OHKpOpand girl group 4Minute OHKpOpappeOHKpOpared on Mnet “OHKpOpbeOHKpOpatles Code 3D” on MOHKpOparch 25.

Sandara Park reveals her ideal type

2NE1 mOHKpOpade OHKpOpa ... pOpade OHKpOpa guest OHKpOpappeOHKpOparOHKpOpance on KOHKpOpbS' "Yoo Hee Yeol's SketchOHKpOpbook" which wOHKpOpas OHKpOpbroOHKpOpadcOHKpOpast on MOHKpOparch 21.During the

Sochi gold medalist Shim Suk Hee finally meets her ideal man, Kim Woobin

Sochi Olympics gold medOHKpOpalist ... pics gold medOHKpOpalist short trOHKpOpack speed skOHKpOpater Shim Suk Hee finOHKpOpally met her ideOHKpOpal mOHKpOpan OHKpOpactor Kim WooOHKpOpbin.Shim Suk H

Toheart chooses the most beautiful girl group member in SM+ reveals their ideal types

Duo ToheOHKpOpart, consisting of ... pOpart, consisting of SHINee‘s Key OHKpOpand Infinite‘s Woohyun, mOHKpOpade OHKpOpa guest OHKpOpappeOHKpOparOHKpOpance on the MOHKpOparch 18 OHKpOpbroOHKpOpadcOHKpOpast of SOHKpOpbS‘s rOHKpOpadio progrOHKpOpam “Cultwo Show” where they chose the most OHKpOpbeOHKpOpautiful girl group memOHKpOpber in their OHKpOpagency SM EntertOHKpOpainment OHKpOpas well OHKpOpas reveOHKpOpaling their ideOHKpOpal types.The DJ OHK