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A Pink Discuss Their Dieting Woes: 'The Fans Know Right Away If We Put On A Little Weight' Eunji Claims

(Photo : Facebook) With fans like these, who needs ... korean publication Newsen, 20-year-old A Pink singer Jung Eunji revealed just how closely the group"s followers scrutinize their bodies. "Since we"re in the public eye there"s a certain appearance we"re expected to conform to. It mot

SISTAR’s Dasom Stops Eating and Drinking If Someone Says She Gained Weight

Living in a society that’s obsessed with body image, ... of KBS’ Hello, Dasom appeared as guest to hear out a woman who has a friend constantly asking about how she looks. “My friend already has an answer she wants to hear in mind and will continue to ask questions about her looks until she hears

“SSK2″ Contestant Park Bo Ram Looks Stunning After Losing Weight, Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Mnet‘s “Super Star K2” contestant Park Bo Ram ... weight. On March 18, Hong Dae Kwang posted a teaser clip of “Thank You My Love,” featuring Park Bo Ram. After “Super Star K2″ ended, Park Bo Ram had been updating her fans with photos of herself, getting more and more s

Girls’ Generation YoonA Talks Dating Style, Weight Loss, and Acting

girls’ Generation member YoonA, Sooyoung, ... girls’ Generation member YoonA, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon were guests for the March 11 broadcast of radio show “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 o’clock Date.” Since the group’s comeback with mini album “Mr.

Lee Youngja to reveal her weight on-air

Actor Hong Kyungin and Kim Inkwon, singer Gain ... of KBS nationwide talk show “Hello Counselor.” One of the panelists in her twenties with a worry about her too skinny body appears and pours her heart out. “People point their fingers at me and even it is a huge problem when getting a job.” In t

SPICA’s Bohyung proudly reveals her weight

SPICA’s Bohyung is praised for her honesty and ... of Y-STAR’s program “Gourmet Road,” comedian Shinyoung noticed and commended Bohyung as she appeared now slimmer than when she debuted. Bohyung proudly disclosed, “I weigh 51 kilograms now.” In K-Pop scene, her

Spica’s Bohyung Reveals Her Weight, Delightfully Alarming Her Fellow Members

Spica’s Bohyung recently revealed her current and ... weight with zero qualms whatsoever, at the delightful alarm of her fellow members. Spica members Joo Hyun, Narae, and Bohyung appeared on the March 1 episode of Y-Star’s “Gourmet Road.” On the episode, when Kim Shin Young commented that B

SPICA’s Bohyung reveals her weight

SPICA’s Bohyung reveals her weight Many ... weight Many female idol group members have been known to be extremely slim and weighing from around 40-50 kilograms, and never exceeding 50 kilograms. However SPICA’s Bohyung has broken that stereotype and confessed that she weighs 51 kilograms, and rather proudly. On the 1st of March

Ga In and HEYNE reveal their unbelievable body weight on “Hello”

Ga In and HEYNE appeared as guests on the February ... of KBS 2TV“s “Hello” and left viewers in shock with their real body weights.During the show, there was a woman talking about her thin body which made people feel disgusting. Her height was 158 cm (~ 5″2″) and her weight was

Noh Hong Chul Gains Back All Lost Weight and Gives Up on Modeling

Noh Hong Chul, who made headlines just a few month ... weight loss, has returned to his original weight. The “Infinity Challenge” star made an appearance on tvN’s “The Genius: Rule Breaker” on February 22. What caught everyone’s eye was his slightly plump face and overall la

The average age ranking of female groups revealed

girl's Day Baidu Bar revealed the average ... girl's Day Baidu Bar revealed the average age ranking of some top female groups in Korea.Do you have any idea which group is the 'oldest'?Check out the ranking below:Brown Eyed girls (31.

MBLAQ G.O, Update Self-Camera "I'm Trying To Lose Weight"

Idol group MBLAQ"s member G.O revealed a self-camera ... weight. But why do people gain weight? Why do they lose weight? Then you might as well not have gained at all. Right? Hahahaha" along with a picture. In the picture, G.O is wearing an

MBLAQ's G.O talks about losing weight

MBLAQ"s G.O updated fans on what he"s been up to, ... weight, perhaps for the group"s impending comeback? He tweeted, "I am losing weight. Why do I gain weight? Why do I lose weight? Then, I should just not have gained weight. Right? Kyakyakyakyakyakya." In the picture, he is looking sweetly into the came

Koyote's Shinji dishes on her secret to losing weight

Koyote held the press conference for the release of ... of their 17th anniversary mini-album "1999" on January 21 at a cafe in Seoul, and Shinji discussed how she lost weight, revealing that the most effective thing she did was to stop drinking. She said, "Starting from the "Hollywood" prom

Jung Joon Ha shares his thought on successful weight loss

Jung Joon Ha appeared as guest on the January 24th ... of radio program “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” and revealed his thought on his successful weight loss The television personality shared, “There were many people trying to distract me from my diet. I now have the nickname ‘Grandfather Jung Joon.’” DJ Ki

Review: 4Minute's New Collaboration With Brave Brothers 'Only Gained Weight' Is A Catchy Nod To Classic TLC

(Photo : Facebook) (Photo : Facebook) Brave Brothers ... girl group entered the recording studio together once more and again came out with dance floor gold, this time on the new single "Only Gained weight." The song is the second installment of the Brave Brothers "10th Anniversary Project," a concept begun in December, where the superstar producer will release one song per month, each

Dasom reveals she's eating 1 meal a day to lose weight

Dasom revealed she"s eating only one meal a day for ... girl group, I have to have an intense diet. I combine diets and exercise. I like weight training and aerobic exercises." can"t get enough strength for the drama if I don"t eat. Also, if I don"t eat, the s

4-minute release 'Only Gain Weight' single for Brave Brother's 10th anniversary

4-minute members Sohyun, Gayoo and Hyuna sing 'Only ... weight' as a commemorative single for hit producers Brave Brother's 10th anniversary.With the members' individual color, their harmony is use matched to this medium-tempo pop song that talks about an ex-lover who doesn't have courage to approach his girl.The song is just a product of Brave Brothers' tre

4minute's 'Only Gained Weight' sweeps music charts without any promotions!

4minute"s "Only Gained weight" has swept charts ... weight" has swept charts already! The song is sung by Gayoon, HyunA and Sohyun, and is part of producer Brave Brothers" 10th anniversary album! Brave Brothers will be celebrating their 10th anniversary since debut by releasing a new song with a new artist each month for 10 months. The song is curren

4minute drops digital single 'Only Gained Weight' for Brave Brothers' anniversary album!

Sohyun, Gayoon and HyunA of 4minute have released ... of 4minute have released their new digital single as part of producer Brave Brothers" 10th anniversary album! Titled "Only Gained weight", the digital single is a perfect example of Brave Brothers" trademark sound and a sampling of what one of K-Pop"s top producers have to offer. Check out the music