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Review of “Angel Eyes” Ep 3: Lee Sang Yoon has his 1st successful surgery

In Angel Eyes, episode 3, Park Dong Joo(played by Lee ... surgery.Dong Joo, who was a great doctor in America, applied for Seyoung Hospital and got accepted. On the first day, he saw an urgent patient being sent to the emergency room, and a kid that

Happy birthday to Apink's Namjoo

Birth Name: Kim Namjoo Stage Name: Namjoo Birthday: ... surgery.Dong Joo, who was a great doctor in America, applied for Seyoung Hospital and got accepted. On the first day, he saw an urgent patient being sent to the emergency room, and a kid that

Akdong Musician’s contract with YG Entertainment: “No plastic surgery!”

The talented Akdong Musician appeared on the April ... surgery in their contract with YG Entertainment.Lee Chan Hyuk brought up the plastic surgery clause, saying, “When we made the contract, we told them, ‘We will not get plastic surgery.’” The MC ask

Park Ji Yoon addresses rumors of her cosmetic surgery

On Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D“, singer Park Ji Yoon ... On Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D“, singer Park Ji Yoon denied undergoing any procedure to enhance her looks.MC Shin Dong Yup said, “There”s absolutely no difference between your graduation picture from school and your current self

Korean actresses who admit to having plastic surgery

There”s endless speculation about which kdrama actresses ... surgery and which actresses are natural beauties. Many do not want to discuss the subject. But as the incidence of plastic surgery becomes more common, especially in Korea, some actresses are being more candid about what they did to achieve their flawless good looks.One of those was actress Lee Si Young, who starred as Oh Min Ji, Geum J

APink’s Eunji impresses with Let It Go using her power vocals

apink’s Jung Eunji did it again! She ... apink’s Jung Eunji did it again! She totally wowed the audience with her cover of Frozen’s Let It Go on 7th April’s broadcast of Weekly Idol. As the main vocalist of apink, she never fails to amaze the crowd with her powerful vocals, and her smile is always there while she sings, making it seem so effortless to hit those high notes. Wi

K-Drama actors do plastic surgery for a better look

K-drama actors are more open about enhancing their ... surgery, it did lead to a discussion of the surgery that singer Hong Jin Young, his “We Got Married” virtual wife had

AKMU Reveals a “No Plastic Surgery” Clause with YG Entertainment

Sibling duo Akdong Musician, now officially known ... surgery,” said member Lee Chan Hyuk. “It wasn’t originally in the contract, but we put it in. However, YG just laughed and said, ‘We don’t do stuff like that

Akdong Musician Added ‘No Plastic Surgery’ into Contract with YG

Concerning plastic surgery, Akdong Musician ... surgery, Akdong Musician said no and made sure YG Entertainment knew. On April 9’s broadcast of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment, Akdong Musician was interviewed for its recent success with debut album Play. During the interv

Male Duo 2BiC Tries “Plastic Surgery” for Fourth Teaser for “Love Game”

There aren’t many days left before 2BiC releases ... There aren’t many days left before 2BiC releases its second mini album “Soulmate.” On April 8, the group dropped the fourth video teaser for title track “Love Game.” Just like the other teasers, this one is slightly comedic and a little outside of the norm

Singer Lyn’s Pre-Plastic Surgery Photos Resurface Online

Photos of Lyn prior to her plastic surgery ... surgery is creating a buzz and gaining the interest of many netizens. On the April 2 broadcast of MBC’s variety show, “Radio Star,” MC Yoon Jong Shin remarked, “We will not reveal pre-plastic surgery images of Lyn in order to protect our guests.” However, Yoon Jong Shin’s co

Lyn: “It has been 10 years since I did the surgery and my nose is like a pig’s nose.”

Lyn made a guest appearance on the April 2nd broadcast ... surgery..The singer shared, “There were a frenzy of comments. People asked, “If you did it, why do you look like that?”"She continued, “They say that you have to redo plastic surgery. I heard you have to do it once every ten years. Like in the case of the nose, they say that the implant gets stuck to

NS Yoon-G talks about cosmetic surgery + her cousin KARA’s Jiyoung

In a recent interview for her comeback, NS Yoon-G ... surgery and her cousin, KARA‘s Jiyoung.Regarding her surgery in the past, NS Yon-G shared, ”If I say that I didn”t get plastic surgery, that would be a lie. I”ve gotten plastic surgery before. Since I am a person whose

SNSD's Yuri vs Apink's Namjoo, who wore it better?

Recently, apink has revealed their teaser ... apink has revealed their teaser photos for comeback and Namjoo was spotted wearing the shirt of same design with SNSD's Yuri. The top with black and white stripes was first worn by Yuri for SNSD 2014 Calendar. It is from

“SSK2″ Contestant Park Bo Ram Looks Stunning After Losing Weight, Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Mnet‘s “Super Star K2” contestant Park Bo Ram ... Mnet‘s “Super Star K2” contestant Park Bo Ram has been topping headlines today for her surprising transformation by losing weight. On March 18, Hong Dae Kwang posted a teaser clip of “Thank You My Love,” featuring Park Bo Ram

APink's Eunji boasted to her mom about drinking wine with Song Hye Kyo

On March 15th, Eunji guested on MBC's "Quiz To Changes ... On March 15th, Eunji guested on MBC's "Quiz To Changes The World" and talked about her previous drama "That Winter The Wind Blows" with Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung.Eunji said,"Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung are myfavourite actor and actress so it felt like a dream that I could acting along with them"

APink Eunji drank wine with Song Hye Kyo

On 15th March, apink’s Jung Eunji appeared ... apink’s Jung Eunji appeared on MBC’s World Changing Quiz Show, revealing an interesting episode she had with former acting colleague Song Hye Kyo. The two actresses have acted together in the popular That Winter The Wind Blows, where both of them acted major roles in the TV drama series, and thus were able to establish a good relationship. On the show, E

4Minute, Crayon Pop, and APink Will All Make Their Comebacks in March

March became a month of girl group battles as Girls’ ... apink will all make their comeback by the end of this month. 4Minute will return on March 17 with the release of their 5th mini album, “4Minute World.” The girls will make their comeback with their song “What Are You Doing Today?” once again working with producer Brave Brothers

APink announce comeback in April with a new album

apink are coming back in April.A Cube told ... apink are coming back in April.A Cube told Star News on March 10, "apink are going to announce their new single on the first week of April and embark their album promotions."Moreover, officials from their agency said, "We are now in the finishing touches of apink's new album.

Happy birthday to Apink's Chorong

Birth Name: Park Cho-Rong Stage Name: Chorong Birthday: ... apink Posistion: Leader, Rapper, Vocalist Height: 163 cm Weight: 47 kg Specialty: Dance, Taekwondo Twitter: @apinkpcr -She has one older sister, and one younger sister. -She was in B2ST's music videos "Shock" (Japanese Version) and "Beautiful" -She was in BtoB's music video "Insane"