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IU - A Pink - Akdong Musician - ‘Pure’ Is The Selling Point For April

January was sexy (Girl"s Day"s "Something"), February ... January was sexy (Girl"s Day"s "Something"), February was moving (Idina Menzel"s "Let It Go"), March was sweet (Soyou and Junggigo"s "Some"), and April has "pure" songs that are occupying music charts

Akdong Musician Are Giving It Their "200%" And They Are Unstoppable

Brother and sister musician group akdong ... musician group akdong musician (Lee Soo-hyun and Lee Chan-hyuk) has maintained their #1 position on all the main online music charts for two weeks straight. Taking a look at

Akdong Musician take 2nd 'M! Countdown' trophy with '200%'

akdong musician have taken another ... akdong musician have taken another #1 trophy with "200%" on the April 24th canceled broadcast of "M! Countdown"! SEE ALSO: akdong musician take their first #1 trophy on April 17th "M! Countdown" This is the duo"s second consecutive win on the show since they debuted with "200%" earlier this month

Akdong Musician Continues Winning Streak with Second “M!Countdown” Win

The adorable siblings of akdong musician ... akdong musician have taken home their second consecutive trophy on “M!Countdown!” While the show did not air today, this week’s Top 5 was revealed through MNet’s homepage. Due to the Sewol ferry t

Akdong Musician Profile

Group name: akdong musician (악동뮤지션)/ ... akdong musician (악동뮤지션)/ AKMU Label: YG entertainment Debut date: April 6th, 2014 Debut album: PLAY - AKMU is a duo consisting of siblings Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun. - They are

“K-Pop Star” Seniors 15& Beat Juniors Akdong Musician and Rise to the Top

"K-Pop Star: Season 1""s winner Park Ji Min"s group ... akdong musician and took the top. On April 22, Soribada concluded that 15&"s "Can"t Hide It" took #1 for April"s third week weekly charts. Written by JYP, "Can"t Hide It" is an innocent song portraying the members of 15& as young, inno

Akdong Musician’s “200%” Tops Music Charts for Second Week in a Row

YG Entertainment announced that for the second week ... akdong musician topped five Korean online music charts with their title song “200%.” From April 14 to April 20, “200%” had been ranked number one on Melon, Mnet, Genie, Olleh Music, and Naver Music. Furthermore, during the same week, the duo’s song “200%” ranked second on Sori

Akdong Musician belatedly win first place on 'Inkigayo'

Despite the cancellations of music programs in respect ... akdong musician proved their popularity by winning on this week"s "Inkigayo" for catchy tune "200%". "Inkigayo" updated their official homepage with the rankings as they could not air a new episode. akdong musician took first place with "200%" and

Music Charts Stagnate with Akdong Musician, HIGH4, and Park Hyo Shin Among Top Five

Following the general pause in the music industry ... akdong musician’s “200%,” HIGH4 and IU’s “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms,” A Pink’s “Mr

15& and Akdong Musician go head to head on Soribada's weekly chart

akdong musician, who have been sweeping ... akdong musician, who have been sweeping the charts with their debut, found themselves going head to head with 15& on Soribada"s weekly chart. But it was 15& and their "K-Pop Star" sunbae Park Ji Min who came out on top for this week

Akdong Musician's '200%' Shoots To Number 1 On Billboard K-Pop Hot 100

(Photo : Facebook ) Brother-sister "K-Pop Star 2"-winners ... akdong musician soared to the top of the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 this week, taking home the number one and number three spot in the second week their debut album "Play" entered the chart. The leadoff single "200%" is currently at number one, af

Akdong Musician, HIGH4 + IU, and 15& top Instiz chart for third week of April 2014

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety ... akdong musician - "200%" - 46,649 Points 2. HIGH4 ft. IU - "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" - 33,054 Points 3

Akdong Musician Takes First on “Inkigayo” After Dominating “M Countdown”

akdong musician won first place on ... akdong musician won first place on "Inkigayo" after their victory on "M Countdown". akdong musician placed first on SBS "Inkigayo", which did not air on April 20. This was their second trophy after the April 17 airing of Mnet"s "M Countdown".

Akdong Musician Remains On Top With '200%'

The talented siblings, akdong musician ... akdong musician really dominated the chart as "monster rookies", remaining on their top spot with "200%".The song really push the limit and achieved the top spot and has currently remained at the #1 position for almost two weeks. The song tops about si

Akdong Musician Shared Their Pre-Debut Diet Routine

Adorable siblings akdong musician ... akdong musician made a name for themselves even though they are considered rookies in the music industry. Still, even the duo had to cross tough paths in order to achieve their dreams. One of the greates

Akdong Musician Wins No.1 for SBS Inkigayo with “200%”

Sibling duo akdong musician has taken ... akdong musician has taken their second win with debut track “200%“! Following one from “M!Countdown,” akdong musician won first place at SBS “Inkigayo.” Unfortu

Akdong Musician dishes about their pre-debut diet routine

Although akdong musician is already ... akdong musician has taken their second win with debut track “200%“! Following one from “M!Countdown,” akdong musician won first place at SBS “Inkigayo.” Unfortu

Akdong Musician Claims #1 For The First Time Ever On A Music Broadcast!

Source: Ilgan Sports akdong musician ... akdong musician has snatched their first music show win since their debut! On the April 17 broadcast of Mnet"s M! Countdown, the brother and sister duo won first place with their title track "200%" off their debut album PLAY. Despite the upbeat news,

Akdong Musician’s Soo Hyun Found Dieting Difficult

akdong musician, who has been topping ... akdong musician, who has been topping charts with their debut album “Play,” not only worked hard to the best music they could, but also physically prepare themselves for the camera.

Akdong Musician maintains their position on top of the charts with '200%'

akdong musician seems to have solidified ... akdong musician seems to have solidified their title as the next "monster rookies" with a monster showing with "200%"! The song has yet to let go of its vice-grip on top of the charts, staying at the #1 position for two weeks straight! The track has maintained its lead on six real-time charts, including Melon, Olleh, Genie, Daum, Naver, and Monkey3