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Akdong Musician dishes about their pre-debut diet routine

Although akdong musician is already ...

Akdong Musician Claims #1 For The First Time Ever On A Music Broadcast!

Source: Ilgan Sports akdong musician ... akdong musician has snatched their first music show win since their debut! On the April 17 broadcast of Mnet"s M! Countdown, the brother and sister duo won first place with their title track "200%" off their debut album PLAY. Despite the upbeat news,

Akdong Musician’s Soo Hyun Found Dieting Difficult

akdong musician, who has been topping ... akdong musician, who has been topping charts with their debut album “Play,” not only worked hard to the best music they could, but also physically prepare themselves for the camera.

Akdong Musician maintains their position on top of the charts with '200%'

akdong musician seems to have solidified ... akdong musician seems to have solidified their title as the next "monster rookies" with a monster showing with "200%"! The song has yet to let go of its vice-grip on top of the charts, staying at the #1 position for two weeks straight! The track has maintained its lead on six real-time charts, including Melon, Olleh, Genie, Daum, Naver, and Monkey3

Akdong Musician wins this week's 'M!Countdown'

It was revealed that the winner for "M!Countdown" ... akdong musician.Because of the ferry accident, all music shows decided to cancel broadcasts this week to show condolences to all the victims and their families. For "M!Coundown", the winner was announced on its official sit

Akdong Musician Tops 8 Different Charts!

Brother and sister group akdong musician have ... akdong musician have recently topped 8 different charts! Their first title track "200%", off their debut album PLAY, has reached the #1 spot in national charts such as Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Ole, Soribada, Naver Music, Daum Music and Genie. On Monkey the duo ranked

Akdong Musician's Autographed Albums!

YG Entertainment"s newest sibling sensation, akdong ... akdong musician consisting of 17-year-old Lee Chan Hyuk and his 14-year-old sister Lee Soo Hyun has taken the K-Pop industry by storm!  Their debut album "PLAY" has been dominating the charts! That"s not all as their fun and playful music video for "200%" has gone viral with over 2.6 million hits on YouTube! They also display th

Akdong Musician take their first #1 trophy on April 17th 'M! Countdown'

akdong musician took their first #1 ... akdong musician took their first #1 trophy on the April 17th canceled episode of "M! Countdown". Their win with "200%" was the duo"s first on a music show since their debut earlier this month

Akdong Musician’s “M! Countdown” Win Posted Online Due to Sewol Ferry Tragedy

akdong musician won their first live ... akdong musician won their first live music program award! On April 17, akdong musician took first place on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” with their hit track, “200%.” However, the results were instead posted on Mnet’s official website since no episode was broadcast to pay respect to the victims and their loved ones affected by the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

Akdong Musician's Debut Album Ranks Second On U.S. Billboard World Albums Chart

Duo akdong musician has made it to ... akdong musician has made it to number 2 on the U.S. Billboard World Albums Chart. On April 18, Billboard revealed that akdong musician"s debut album, PLAY, had ranked number 2 on the World Albums chart.

Akdong Musician Rank #2 on Billboard’s World Album Chart!

The brother and sister duo, akdong musician, ... akdong musician, once again showed the immense popularity their songs among music lovers. On April 18, Billboard’s Wold Album Chart recorded akdong musician’s debut album, “Play,” as second on the chart. First on the chart was the

Akdong Musician's '200%' ranks #1 on the Genie real-time chart for 150 hours and counting

akdong musician"s "200%" has been ranking ... akdong musician"s "200%" has been ranking #1 on Genie"s real-time music chart for 150 hours and counting! SEE ALSO: akdong musician charts at #2 on Billboard"s World Album Chart According to KT Music"s Genie on April 18, akdong musician"s "200%" ranked #1 on the real-time chart for a cumulative total of 149 hours (six days) and counting

Akdong Musician charts at #2 on Billboard's World Album Chart

akdong musician"s debut album "PLAY" ... akdong musician"s debut album "PLAY" charted at #2 on Billboard"s latest weekly World Albums Chart! SEE ALSO: akdong musician"s "Galaxy" deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS akdong musician made their successful debut with "PLAY" which achieved an all-kill on its day of release on April 7 and their "200%" MV surpassed one million views on YouTube within just three days

Akdong Musician Stays at No.1 for 149 Hours and No.2 on Billboard World Album Charts

Only just getting started, akdong musician ... akdong musician is seeing much success with its first album, Play,/strong>. As of April 18, akdong musician’s title song 200% has stayed in the number one position on the real time charts of the online music site, Genie, for a total of six days. The real-time chart takes

Akdong Musician Tops Gaon Weekly Charts

Duo akdong musician"s new album and ... akdong musician"s new album and title song, "200%" has toped the Gaon weekly chart. Gaon revealed that akdong musician had topped the album, BGM, Streaming, download and digital comprehensive charts and showed their immense popularity.

A Pink, 15&, Akdong Musician, And More; Who Ranks #1 This Week?

Another week is here and there is a new number one ... Another week is here and there is a new number one artist.Young group 15& who consist of members Park Jimin and Baek Yerin, made their return by releasing a new single.Everyone"s favorite young princess IU, worked with new male group High4 for their debut single

Review: Akdong Musician's 'Melted' MV Explores The Root Of Human Suffering But Nonetheless Leaves Us Feeling Hopeful

(Photo : YG Entertainment) Brother and sister duo ... akdong musician has released the music video for "Melted," the second title track out of three from their debut album, Play. Source: OSEN YG Entertainment released the music video on April 15 via their official blog, online music websites, and YouTube. The music video is meant to be a visual aid to t

Akdong Musician's 'Galaxy' deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS

KBS is being its usual strict self as akdong ... akdong musician"s "Galaxy" from their debut album "PLAY" has been deemed unsuitable for broadcast. A YG Entertainment rep stated on the 16th, "According to the review by the three major broadcast stations (KBS, SBS, MBC), "Galaxy" has been deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS... We do not plan on sending it for re

Akdong Musician's 'Galaxy' deems inappropriate for broadcast on KBS

On April 16th, KBS announced that akdong musician's ... akdong musician's "Galaxy" is banned from broadcast.The reason is because the world "galaxy" in the lyrics are repeated 9 times in the song, so people might mistake it as a CF song for the smartphone brand Samsung Galaxy. Meanwhile the other songs in the

Akdong Musician’s “Galaxy” Ruled Unfit for Broadcast by KBS

KBS has been on a roll lately. On April 16, it was ... akdong musician’s songs, “Galaxy,” from the duo’s debut album “Play.” The reasoning was that the lyrics of the song include the word ‘galaxy’ a total of nine times, which could potentially lead listeners to think that it is an endorsement for the Samsung brand of the same name. MBC and SBS, however, did not find a problem with the song