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After School’s Uee in Talks to Join “Rules of the Jungle” in India

after school’s Uee is currently ... after school’s Uee is currently in talks to join the variety show “Rules of the Jungle,” to be held in India. An official at Pledis Entertainment said in a phone call with Newsen on April 22, “Uee has received a proposal to join SBS’s ‘Rules of the Jungle,’ and she is currently looking it over.

After School’s Uee Considers Going to ‘The Jungle’

after school’s Uee is currently positively ... after school’s Uee is currently positively considering joining SBS’ The Laws of the JungleUee’s agency, Pledis, spoke with Newsen on April 22, saying, “Uee received an offer to appear on The Laws of the Jungle and we are positively taking it into consideration

After School's UEE is the first female member to join 'Law of the Jungle'

after school members UEE is going ... after school members UEE is going to leave for Indian Ocean Island adventure as a new member for 'Law of the Jungle' next month.An SBS official told OSEN on 22nd, "UEE is the only female member to join Laws of the Jungle.

After School’s Jooyeon in Wedding Dress for Upcoming Drama

The production team of MBC’s new Wednesday – Thursday ... after school’s Joohyun on April 15. In the drama, Jooyeon plays Mi Ri, the leading female character Ji Yoon’s (Park Min Young) best friend. Through her character, Ji Yoon and Seok Joo (Kim Myung Min) meet for the first time. Ji Yoon and Seok Joo are invited t

Brave Brothers’ Next 10th Anniversary Collab Project with Juniel, Following 4Minute, After School, and Others

For producer Brave Brothers’ 10th anniversary project ... aftermath of a breakup: drunk-calling one’s boyfriend and not being able to remember anything the next day. This is Juniel’s first collaboration with the producer Brave Brothers, who, for his 10th debut anniversary, plans to release a 10 new songs this year with 10 different artists/teams

After School’s Jooyeon transforms into a beautiful bride for drama “A New Leaf”

Jooyeon from girl group after school ... after school transformed into a beautiful bride for upcoming MBC‘s Wednesday – Thursday drama ”A New Leaf“!In this drama, Jooyeon portrays Mi Ri, who is the best friend of Ji Yoon (played by Park Min Young). Ji Yoon and Suk Joo (

Actor So Ji Sub and After School’s Jooyeon are dating?

Actor So Ji sub (37) and Aftrer school“s ... sub (37) and Aftrer school“s Jooyeon (27) are rumored to be dating!According to the woman”s magazine Women Sense“s January issue, the pair have been dating for a year and 4 months already. They met i

Seo In Guk to become male lead for new drama “High School King”

Seo In Guk had a busy year and he has already chosen ... school student pretending to be an executive.In the past year he played the second lead, head security agent Kang Woo in the popular drama “The Master”s Sun.” after giving So Ji sub some competition for Gong Hyo Jin”s attentions, he fol

MBLAQ’s G.O. Explains Rumors on Setting Up So Ji Sub and After School’s Juyeon

MBLAQ’s G.O. expressed his thoughts on being falsely ... sub and after school’s Juyeon up on a blind date.During the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, MC Shindong brought up the issue saying, “I heard you got upset when you were involved in the dating rumors between So Ji sub and Juyeon.”G.O. explained, “I’ve known Juyeon for a long time. One day I was eating

Seo In Guk to co-star with Lee Hana in new tvN drama “King of High School Life”

tvN“s new Monday & Tuesday drama “King of High ... school Life” revealed on April 14 that the leads will be played by Seo In Guk and Lee Hana!According to the reps, Seo In Guk will be playing Lee Min Suk, an immature high school student and ice hockey player, who suddenly enters a major company as an executive in his brother”s stead. At the company, he meets Lee Hana”s character, Jung

After School Juyeon is lovely in wedding dress for MBC new drama 'A New Leaf'

after school Juyeon is a beautiful ... after school Juyeon is a beautiful bride in the preview photos from MBC's upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama 'A New Leaf'.Juyeon will play the role of Lee Mi Ri, a bubbly and energetic friend of female lead played by Park Min Young.

After School’s Nana to make a cameo appearance in upcoming movie ‘Fashion King’!

after school“s Nana will be playing ... after school“s Nana will be playing a cameo role in the upcoming film “Fashion King“!She will be playing the part of “Kim Hae Na”, the icon of sexiness at her high school

Uee Talks about Graduating from After School and Her Acting Career

Last month, Uee successfully finished the MBC weekend ... after school’s Uee, but the actress, Uee. Recently, Uee had an interview with Daily Sports on the drama and her career with after school. -I DON’T THINK WE’VE SEEN YOU TAKE A BREAK, GOING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN ACTING AND PERFORMING WITH afte

Seo In Guk to star in tvN's upcoming drama 'Life of A High School King'

Seo In Guk will make his comeback as an actor in an ... school King"(working title)."Life of A High school King" will be a romantic-comedy drama which is about Lee Min Suk(Seo In Guk) who is a high school student and also the best striker in a hockey team. As a reckless person, he suddenly becomes a substitute for his brother who works at an I

Seo In-guk and Lee Ha-na in "High School King"

Singer and actor Seo In-guk and actress Lee Ha-na ... school King". New tvN miniseries "High school King" is romantic comedy about a high school student becoming a part of management in a major company. Seo In-guk takes on the role of Lee Min-seok, a popular boy at school who sta

After School's Nana Set To Make A Cameo In Upcoming Movie 'Fashion King'

Great news to all after school"s Nana ... after school"s Nana fans, she will be making a cameo appearance for the upcoming Korean movie "Fashion King"!She will portray the role of "Kim Hae Na", a sex icon at her high school. Even though it is

After School’s Nana to Cameo in Joo Won and Sulli’s “Fashion King” Film

after school member Nana will make ... after school member Nana will make a cameo appearance in the film “Fashion King” as one of Korea’s sexiest female students. Her agency, Pledis, stated on April 14 KST, “Nana will make a cameo appear in film ‘Fashion King’ in the role of Kim Hye Na.

Crayon Pop’s Soyul talks about her popular during school days

On April 8, Mnet aired a new episode of “Beatles ... school days. Is that true?”Showing some timidity, Soyul said, “I was not a top five ulzzang, but I was in the top ten. Outside, male students would wait for me, and if it were my birthday, posters saying ‘Happy Birthday, Park Hae Kyung’ would be posted here and there

Eddy Kim revealed to be a fan of After School’s UEE

Eddy Kim dedicated his birthday song to after ... after school”s UEE!The rookie singer revealed himself to be a big UEE fan boy, sending her an early happy birthday message. Eddy Kim reworked the lyrics for his song “The Manual” from his debut album “Love Guide of You“ to fit the occassion.Check out the video above!

After School’s UEE opens up about her ideal man

after school”s UEE revealed her ... after school”s UEE revealed her ideal type has been the same since her debut and explained what”s holding her back from dating in a recent interview.Q: Do you have an ideal type?A: after I made my debut, my ideal type was none other than Gong Yoo sunbaenim