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Korean Music Industry Insiders Suggest The Reign Of Girls' Generation May Soon Be Over

(Photo : SM Entertainment) In a Korea ... ainment) In a Korea Times feature about the current state of Girls" Generation, some Korean music industry insiders suggest that the famed girl group is nearing disbandment. Despite being re

What's Too Young? Child Girl Group Little Muse Debuts With 'Syubibi Syubappa'

(Photo : WEF Entertainment) It"s not rare ... ainment) It"s not rare for Korean entertainment companies to have middle schooler-aged trainees, but it is extremely rare for idols to debut that are younger than high school age. But WEF EntertOHK

K-Pop Concert 'WAPOP' April 19 Show Cancelled Due To Korean Ferry Incident

The Korean concert "WaPOP" show on ... an concert "WaPOP" show on april 19 was cancelled. (Photo : happy face entertainment) The Korean concert "WaPOP" scheduled on april 19 was cancelled. HOHKP

Korean Entertainment Comes To A Halt In the Wake Of A National Tragedy

With the rescue operations for the Se Wol ... ations for the Se Wol ferry"s shipwreck stymied by operational miscues, the Korean entertainment industry made an unilateral decision to shut down until the situation is improved. Korean fer

Korean movie 'Gyeongju' releases teaser posters of Shin Min Ah and Park Hae Il

Director Zhang Lu"s first comedy/melodrama ... ang Lu"s first comedy/melodrama movie "Gyeongju" released the teaser poster for actors Shin Min ah and Park Hae Il on april 17. The tw

South Korean Pop Stars Voice Support For Victims Of Jeju Ferry Disaster: Hundreds Of Passengers Still Feared Trapped

(Photo : South China Morning Post) (Photo ... a Morning Post) (Photo : Ktopia) South Korean authorities fear 278 people, many of them believed to be from a group of 300 students from Seoul on a class trip to Jeju Island, are trapped inside a ferry off of the nation"s southeast coast, after the vessel flipped on its side and filled with water on Wednesday. Four people OHKP

CJ E&M America Launches 'I Heart Korean Movies & Drama' Meetup Groups In LA & NYC

The "I Heart Korean movies ... art Korean movies & Dramas" Meetup groups will provide great entertainment for fans in the U.S. CJ E&M america has launched the monthly meetup group I Heart Korean movies & Drama.If you O

South Korean Entertainment Industry Halts Programming And Events In Wake Of Ferry Tragedy

a day after the a ... a day after the a South Korean ferry carrying hundreds of people sank 11 miles off the country"s coast, the Korean Entertainment industry has decided to halt programming and schedules while the search continues for the 290 missing passengers.

Choo Sung Hoon and his daughter Sarang become the new faces of Korean language learning

Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang have ... and Choo Sarang have scored another endorsement deal, this time for Korean language learning materials!a “Woongjin Think Big” rep stated on the 15th, “The “Choovely” father and daughter who are receiving love from the entire nation have been chosen as the models for “Woongjin Think Big”s “Master the Korean Language”. They held the

Korean actors and actresses to attend FIFA World Cup in Brazil in June

 While the entertainment industry is preparing ... ainment industry is preparing to go to the 2014 FIFa World Cup in Brazil this summer, KDramastars looked into a few entertainment programs and actors and actresses who are going to attend the World Cup.Currently, MBC en

Top 5 Korean Actresses in Their 20s!

 While the Korean media industry lacks ... an media industry lacks actresses in their 20s, five actresses, Park Shin Hye, Baek Jin Hee, Ko ah Ra, Yoona, and Jin Sae Yeon, seem to be the top actresses in their 20s.all fiv

EXO to bring out Korean and Chinese versions of ‘Overdose’ on April 21

EXO will release the two versions of their ... ase the two versions of their second mini-album “Overdose” in Korean and Chinese by EXO-K and EXO-M, respectively, on the 21st!SEE aLSO: EXO meet up with 100,000 fans at their first event in JapanSM Entertainment stated on the 15th, “as much as EXO will promote in Korea and China as EXO-K and EXO-M for their new album, two versions in Korean and Chinese will be released.”The mini-

Korean Actresses Who Experiennce Their First Kiss On TV

 How might it feel to have your first kiss ... ave your first kiss with strangers watching and the cameras rolling? That has happened to some k-drama actresses and probably a few actors too, although actresses seem more willing to confess as much.actress NOHKPO

TEEN TOP enjoy Korean food before leaving for Russia for world tour ‘High Kick’

TEEN TOP made sure to get their fix of Korean ... ade sure to get their fix of Korean food before heading off to Russia for their world tour.On april 9, the group tweeted the photo of the boys chowing down above as well as the message, “TEEN TOP eating up Korean food before leaving for Russia.” The T

Which Korean dramas and movies will take off this year?

Ongoing SBS dramas Three Days ... amas Three Days and God’s Gift – 14 Days are currently getting positive reviews and feedbacks from the viewers.God’s Gift

Jun.K-Lena Park, Korean National Anthem At K-Pop Concert In The U.S.

Group 2PM"s member Jun.K revealed a ... aled a picture taken with Lena Park at the K-pop festival held in La. (Photo : twitter) Group 2PM"s member Jun.K revealed a

Korean Celebrity Couple: Won Bin and Lee Na Young

This week celebrity couple Won Bin and Lee ... and Lee Na Young were seen at Incheon airport boarding a flight to New York. Eden 9, the agency that represents them both would not say whether it was work related or a vacation.It would not be the first time the

Lee Min Ho revealed to meet South Korean president Park Geun Hye

actor Lee Min Ho was reported to have ... actor Lee Min Ho was reported to have met South Korean president Park Geun Hye on april 4. He was invited to take part in the third meeting of the Committee of Flourishing Culture by the Korea Creative Content agency

Playing Tough Guys Becomes A Hot Trend For Korean Actors

This was the year when quite a ... as the year when quite a few stars known for their gentle onscreen personalities tried playing tough guy roles.Perhaps the most macho transformation of all was Kim Hyun Joong”s. K-dr

Miranda Kerr looks pretty in traditional Korean hanbok

Model Miranda Kerr showed off a ... anda Kerr showed off a hanbok she tried on while visiting Korea for a Reebok event.She posted the picture onto her Instagram on april 1 and said, “Thank you hanboklynn for my beautiful Hanbok! korea.” In t