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IU, MBLAQ's Thunder, Fiestar's Hyemi & HIGH4's Kim SungGu release group photo taken in 2012

Kpop idols have surprising deep friendship indeed. ... Kpop idols have surprising deep friendship indeed. Among your bias groups, who have been good friends for a long time?A group photo taken in a photobooth reveals an unexpected friendship between idols which we're not even aware of

Kim Woo Bin treats Olympic medalist Shim Suk Hee with a dinner

olympic medalist Shim Suk Hee recently had ... olympic medalist Shim Suk Hee recently had a chance to meet her favorite actor Kim Woo Bin!Kim Woo Bin agency SidusHQ shared, “Shim Suk Hee has regularly mentioned in interviews that she is Kim Woo Bin”s fan and that he is her ideal type

Busker Busker’s 2012 Hit “Cherry Blossom Ending” Enters Top 10 Chart Once Again

With the upcoming spring season and warm weather in ... With the upcoming spring season and warm weather in Korea, Busker Busker‘s springtime hit “Cherry Blossom Ending” has entered the Top 10 charts for various music portals. As of 3PM (KST) on March 16, “Cherry Blossom Ending” ranked #3 on Melon

Olympic gold medalists Lee Sang Hwa, Park Seung Hi, and Cho Hae Ri to appear on “Dad, Where Are You Going?”

olympic gold medalists Lee Sang Hwa, Park Seung ... olympic gold medalists Lee Sang Hwa, Park Seung Hi, and Cho Hae Ri will appear as skating coaches on the upcoming episode of “Dad, Where Are You Going?“.During the recent pre-recording, the athletes paid a visit to the six families at an ice rink in Seongnam

Korea Olympic Team returns with chocolate medals!

Korea olympic Team returns with chocolate medals! ... olympic Team returns with chocolate medals! After 17 days of fierce and heated competition at the 2014 Sochi Winter olympics, the 91 total South Korean team members including athletes and other affiliates returned home on the afternoon of February 25th at Incheon International Airport. As

Olympic Champion Usain Bolt Sends a Reply Tweet to “Infinity Challenge”

Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter and olympic ... olympic Champion, sent a message to MBC’s “Infinity Challenge.” On the Jamaica special on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” which aired on February 22, HaHa, Noh Hong Chul, and Jung Hyung Don made an attempt to get in contact with Usain Boil through Twitter. The reply Usain Bolt sent to HaH

Korea Says Adios and Thank You to Kim Yuna in Her Last Olympic Program

Just as Chun Song Yi said good bye in SBS’ You Who ... olympic program of her career. Past 3AM (KST), Kim Yuna skated in her last free skate program at the 2014 Sochi olympics. Despite a clean cut program, the previous gold medalist placed second behind Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova. Knowing

‘Healing Camp’ to make interview with Olympic gold medalist Lee Sang Hwa and more in Sochi

“Healing Camp” MCs Sung Yuri and Lee Kyung Kyu ... olympics‘ in Sochi, Russia. On February 12, Lee Kyung Kyu and Sung Yuri left Korea for Russia to interview the Korean athletes who are taking part in the ’2014 Winter olympics’. Sung Yuri’s a

"Hero - Drama - 2012"

OCN has taken a big step into the world of dramas ... 2012' is OCN's drama directed by Kim Hong-seon-I ('Fireworks - 2006', 'Warrior Baek Dong-soo') and written by Goo Dong-hoi ('Yaksha')

Kang Ye Won, Park Seo Jun, Son Ho Jun to guest on Running Man Winter Olympic Special

More guests are coming for Running Man Winter olympic ... olympic Special.Today on January 27th, according to official broadcasters Running Man is currently filming at Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, and aside from Seo In Guk and Baro who were previously revealed, Kang Ye Won, Park Seo Jun and Son Ho Jun also participated in the recording.The concept is based on the 2014 Sochi Winter

VIXX: From Boy Scouts in 2012 to Boy Voodoo Dolls in 2013 - Year in Review

VIXX Voodoo Poster VIXX started the year off with ... VIXX Voodoo Poster VIXX started the year off with a bang when leader N tweeted I don't want to be an idol..... I have to worry about cameras, managers;;; I can't even date... It has to turn out well.

Kim Yu-na to Unveil Olympic Program in Croatia

Reigning olympic figure skating champion Kim ... olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na turned up at the official practice sessions on Wednesday and Thursday in Croatia to prepare for the Golden Spin of Zagreb.The event lasts from Friday to Sunday.Kim put

Shinhwa Lee Min Woo to Release '2012 Christmas Live Concert' Story Book

Shinhwa, Lee Min Woo, Christmas, Storybook Shinhwa ... 2012 Christmas Live Concert' Story Book Shinhwa member Lee Min Woo will be releasing his solo story book. This story book will contain his 'Christmas Live Concert-ORIGINAL' that took place la

YG, SM Entertainment, and CJ E&M See Massive Increase in Exports in 2012

Following our previous report on the financial state ... 2012, which includes the K-Pop industry as a whole. First the general picture. The companies that are represented in the report are Danal Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment, CJ E&M, SM Entertainment, Soribada, Yedang Entertainment, KT Music, Neowiz Internet Corp, Candle Media, YG Entertainment, and lastly JYP Entertainment

Lolo Jones Twitter Comment Shows She’s Ready for Her Closeup in Her Acting Debut; Can the Olympic Athlete Take Home the Gold at the Oscars?

, Lolo Jones, Twitter, Comment, acting, nicolas cage ... olympics, but she is branching even further as she makes her acting debut

Beast performs for crowds at Olympic Park

Beast performing its title track "Shadow" from its ... olympic Park, southeastern Seoul, in the Gymnastics Hall. Boy group Beast thrilled its fans at its fourth concert "2013 Beautiful Show" held on July 20 and 21 in olympic Park, southeastern

Korea tops global smartphone penetration in 2012

Korea has the highest level of smartphone ownership ... Korea has the highest level of smartphone ownership in the world, an American market research group said. Korea ranked top in world smartphone penetration last year by recording 67.6 percent, the U.S.-based Strategy Analytics reported on June 25

Exhibition at Olympic Park to Honor Seo Taiji

A year-long exhibition dedicated to pop icon Seo Taiji ... olympic Park in Seoul next month. It is part of commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Seo's debut and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Recording Industry Association of Korea, Seo's management firm Seo Taiji Company, and fans. Most of the budget will be coming from state coffers, the first time t

YG Entertainment: All About Big Bang in 2012 but Now It's All About 2NE1

Big Bang, 2NE1, yg entertainment YG: 2012 ... 2012 About Big Bang, 2013 About 2NE1 For YG Entertainment, 2012 was certainly about promoting Big Bang, putting out back-to-back songs with combinations of G-Dragon as a solo and the team as a whole. This year, YG seems to be employing a simi

U.S. K-Drama Site Reveals 'Respond 1997' Seo In Guk-A Pink Jung Eunji as Best Kiss of 2012

A Pink, Seo In Guk, Jung Eunji, Respond 1997 ... 2012 "Respond 1997" and "Vampire Prosecutor" both received awards at the 2012 DramaFever Award hosted by the American media company, DramaFever. 2012 DramaFever Award, based on online fan votes, selects various honors among Korean dramas from 2012. The month-long v