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Insiders say "We Got Married" producers are looking for new couples for fresh season

Insiders say

Although producer Sun Hye Yoon has officially denied looking for replacements for the current season, there are still reports that “We Got Married” producers are searching for new couples for the reality show.. ... Read more

"I Am A Singer" 3rd Season Will Start In January 2015


MBC’s program “I Am A Singer” will be started in January 2015!

On November 13th, the Asia Today reported that, “”I Am A Singer” is planned to air regularly starting in January 2015… The broadcast time slot has not been confirmed, but it is expected to air on weekday nights.”. ... Read more

"Roommate" to end this season soon and kick off a new season with new members


Roommate” will be going through another lineup change!

A broadcast insider told Ilgan Sports, ““Roommate” will be finishing up its 2nd season and be continuing toward a 3rd season. The panel will include mostly actors who have not been on variety shows.“. ... Read more

Cha Tae Hyun talks about the Jo In Sung effect on "1N2D" viewer ratings and Song Jae Rim talks about his skinship with Kim So Eun

Cha Tae Hyun talks about the Jo In Sung effect on

Cha Tae Hyun and Song Jae Rim sat down for an interview with KBS 2TV“s “Entertainment Relay” during their advertisement shoot!

When asked about how he brought his friend and actor Jo In Sung to “1N2D“s best-friend special, Cha Tae Hyun shared, “The viewer ratings went up so much to an unbelievable 20-something percent. [Jo In Sung] texted me in the morning, saying, “Hyung, [our program] was #1 again.”” . ... Read more

"We Got Married - Global Edition" to end with season two for now


Sad news for those who enjoy watching the bridging of two different cultures through MBC“s “We Got Married – Global Edition“!

An MBC rep revealed to media outlet Newsen on September 16, “We will temporarily be halting production with the second season of “We Got Married – Global Edition” as the last. Additional seasons will no longer happen.” . ... Read more

‘It’s Okay, Roommate’ To Air Season 2 With New Members And Concept

‘It’s Okay, Roommate’ To Air Season 2 With New Members And Concept


SBS reality program “Roommate” went through difficult times during its first run, prompting it to undergo major changes as it enters a new season.

With the rumors, controversies, and cast departures that took place during the first season, “Roommate” representatives decided on changing its concept and name to better suit the audience and its cast. . ... Read more

"Roommate" unveils poster + additional BTS photos ahead of season premiere later today


SBS” “Roommate” unveiled a poster of its revamped cast and more ahead of its season premiere later today!

The poster confirms the 5 pairings of Park Joon Hyung-Otani RyoheiSunny-Bae Jong OkLee Kuk Ju-Nana-Youngji, Seo Kang Jun-Jackson, and Lee Dong Wook-Park Min WooJo Se Ho. . ... Read more

SBS Considers Making Changes For Next Season of "Roommate"

SBS Considers Making Changes For Next Season of

PD of SBS’ entertainment show “Roommate” revealed that they consider making changes for the next season!

Roommate′s PD, Park Sang Hyuk told Newsen on March 19, “We are preparing the next season, but nothing has been confirmed about the direction of the reformatting. We′re currently discussing it.”. ... Read more

Yoo In Na and Kim Jong Kook Team Up to Lead "Fashion King" Season 3

Yoo In Na and Kim Jong Kook Team Up to Lead

Kim Joong Kook and Yoo In Na have been selected as new host for the third season of  SBS’ fashion competition show “Fashion King.

According to industry insiders, the hosts recently confirmed their appearance on the show, and have already participated in the first shoot which was held today on March 5.. ... Read more

GOT7"s Jackson reveals he had actually failed the audition for first season of "Roommate"


During the press conference for SBS“s variety program, “Roommate,” at Seongbuk-dong on October 10, GOT7″s Jackson revealed that he had actually auditioned for the first season of the show. . ... Read more