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Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook Cross Head-to-Head in New “Running Man” Episode

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Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook Pass Head-to-Head in New “Running Man” Episodenotclaira November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook Go Head-to-Head in New “Running Man” Episode Everlasting squabblers Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook go head-to-head in the November 29 broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man.”

Guests come with Im Yo Hwan, Hong Jin Ho, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul, and EXID’s Hani. In the episode, the result ofthe primary game come to a decision who could be in the “senior” team and who will be in the “junior” team. The “junior” team has to obey and strengthen the “senior” team for the remainder of the episode.

Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook on an ordinary basis bicker at the show, and this time their competitiongot here to a head. “He’s the hyung, yet he acts like that because he needs to be called ‘hyung,’” Kim Jong Kook says.

Kim Jong Kook usually defeats Yoo Jae Suk via sheer strength, whilst Yoo Jae Suk annoys Kim Jong Kook with his nagging. So as to settle the dust, the 2 of them have a throwdown in a largefit at the finish of the episode.

The episode will air on November 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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‘Running Man’ Producer Talks About ‘100 v. 100’ Episode

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‘Running Man’ Producer Talks About ‘100 v. 100’ Episode

The popular SBS entertainment program "Running Man" producer Im Hyung Taek shared his thoughts on filming the "100 v. 100" episode.

Producer Im Hyung Taek shared with Sports Chosun on Nov. 9, 2015, that he learned the importance of people and relationship after filming this episode. "We wanted this episode to be like a school reunion event but in the end we realized that people and relationship is more important than anything," producer Im Hyung Taek said.

On the most recent episode of the popular SBS entertainment program "Running Man," which aired on Nov. 8, 2015, the popular SBS entertainment program "Running Man" members welcomed 193 guests. The days" episode was titled "100 v. 100." The "Running Man" members had invited athletes, comedians, k-pop idol stars and actors for a day of fun. The "Running Man" members invited 93 guests for this special episode called "100 v. 100." In related news, the SBS entertainment program "Running Man" is one of the most popular Korean TV shows with international fame. It airs every Sunday night. Running Man members Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo star on each weekend"s episode and play games with the guests.

The Best Running guy episode is this Sunday: '100 VS one hundred Race'!

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The Best Running guy episode is this Sunday: '100 VS one hundred Race'!

Just whilst you concept one of your favourite sort shows: "Running Man", couldn"t get any crazier. take into consideration the chaos when the race starts with 100 people?

On the approaching episode of Running Man, brace yourselves because it"s a race with 100 people! Each of the visitors were forged by way of fellow Running Man members, so we"re looking ahead to to peer the maximum efficient episode of Running Man yet!

I in my view have a troublesome time keeping up with the customary 7 individuals yet believe 100! Here is going to be epic! remain tuned for updates and a recap!

“Running Man” Has an Epic Maze Special Episode ready for enthusiasts (Spoiler)

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“Running Man” Has an Epic Maze Special Episode willing for Fans (Spoiler) Note: imaginable Spoilers Ahead

Get able “Running Man” fans because this week’s episode is going to be one fun-filled adventure!

You know the body of workers has prepared anything epic when there aren't any visitors in an episode. For this upcoming show, “Running Man” has planned something very unforeseen for the members.

When the individuals arrive, they are chauffeured in a posh limo and are taken to an overly beneficiant lunch.

The members are very shocked and satisfied yet also just a little suspicious. Their animal-like instincts are later shown correct for the explanation that members are then taken to a gigantic maze set.

It’s as though they’ve fallen into the rabbit hollow of “Alice in Wonderland” as they are left to figure out the maze and break out safely.

What occurs in the maze might be published when the following episode of “Running Man” airs on October 25 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

Catch up to the newest episode here!

Upcoming “Running guy” Episode to Feature Korea’s Representative Sports Stars and More!

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Upcoming “Running guy” Episode to Feature Korea’s Representative Sports Stars and More! “< robust>Running guy” is going to air any other a laugh, supernatural powers episode, and this time it’ll guest some of Korea’s representative sports superstars!

Former basketball player < robust>Hyun Joo Yeob, former football player < robust>Song Jong Gook, volleyball player < robust>Kim Yeon Kyung, pro bowler < robust>Shin Soo Ji, and representative e-sports superstar< robust> Hong Jin Ho will seem at the display, with special seemances from other execs as they summ at their supernatural powers.

This episode’s idea enables the visitors and the “Running guy” solid participants to bring out their psychic powers so as to stand execs that specialise in the games that they come upon.

To their surpupward thrust, the folk that seem are: Korea’s representative baduk player < robust>Jo Hoon Hyun, sound analyst < robust>Bae Myung Jin, profiler< robust> Pyo Chang Won, superstar chef < robust>Mikhail, webtoon artist < robust>Jo Suk, basic gukak musician < robust>Song So Hee.

The race to upward thrust as the most efficient of the most efficient is relatively a thrill ride as more than a few, unpredictable supernatural powers assist every one and every member thru their missions.

Having a more diverse line-up of visitors than ever prior to, see who prevails as without equal winner on “Running guy” when it airs on July 26 at 6:20 p.m. KST.

Girl groups battle on upcoming episode of "Running Man"

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Girl groups battle on upcoming episode of

-- SISTAR, Apink, AOA and Lee Guk Joo will be appearing on Running Man.

The upcoming episode of Running Man will feature a race to be the Queen of Chobok (chobok is the hottest day of the summer) just in time for summer. Comedienne Lee Guk Joo will be a guest alongside SISTAR′s Soyou and Bora, Apink′s Bo Mi and AOA′s Seolhyun.

As the concept of the upcoming episode is ′Queen of Chobok,′ the girls will battle it out in order to eat summer health foods. Rumor has it that the bright and bubbly girl group members in the opening turned the show on its head with their surprising strength and wrestling skills.

The girls will show their competitive spirit until the final mission, which will take place on a waterpark ride.

Tune in on July 12 to find out who will be crowned the Queen of Chobok!

Upcoming "Running Man" episode to have the appearance of some hot idols

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Bora, Soyu, Seolhyun, Bomi, and Lee Gook Joo Wrestle and Race on Running Man The upcoming episode of SBSs Running Man will feature a hot summer race with SISTARs Soyu and Bora, AOAs Seolhyun, A Pinks Bomi, and Lee Gook Joo. The winner of the race will be crowned queen and get to enjoy delicious and nutritious food.

After opening the episode looking lovely with flowers, the ladies show off their tough side as they start wrestling one another. While wrestling, Boras hair actually gets pulled off. However, its all fun and games as the rapper cheerfully flaunts the hair extensions that came loose.

They also head toward a water park for the final mission. Screams and laughs continue as the ladies compete each other for the ultimate win.

Watch the preview clip below!

You can watch this episode when it airs on July 12 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

The Sunday Social, 5/7: Which Running Man Episode(s) Do You Love?

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20150705_seoulbeats_runningman_leessang_gary_snsd_sooyoung_yoona The Sunday Social, 5/7: Which Running Man Episode(s) Do You Love? Written by Gaya On July 5, 2015 Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

Quick note: this post contains mild spoilers for the latest SNSD appearance on Running Man.

Its Sunday night in South Korea, which means another episode of Running Man has gone to air on (Korean) SBS. And the latest episode is a much-awaited one, with the now eight-membered SNSD making an appearance on the popular variety show.

This isnt the overall groups first appearance on Running Man  remember when Seohyun went all Predator during the final game? And Yoona and Yoo jae-suks couple couple outfits?so it will be interesting to see what the crew have in store for the members this time around.

I havent seen the episode yet, but I have already been spoiled about the appearance of a certain rap god in this special. This is mainly because of Sooyoung, who at one point kicks Minho in the groin: that image has spread like wildfire on social media, now also juxtaposed with a friendlier selca of the two Chois, taken from Sooyoungs Instagram account.

So, readers, which episodes of Running Man do you treasure? And if you have seen the latest one, wold you include it in that list?

I, personally, will always have a soft spot for the Melbourne episodes: though I had some thoughts on the Australia episodes overall, I still loved seeing the cast running around places that I so often visit!

(Images via: SBS, Instagram)

Baek Jin Hee to become a female member of 2PM for an upcoming episode of "Running Man"

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Baek Jin Hee to become a female member of 2PM for an upcoming episode of

Yay for 2PM on more variety shows! That "Running Man" producer really knows how to scout the best guests for the show!

SBS" "Running Man" producer Im Hyung Taek told Newsen, "2PM as well asBaek Jin Hee finished their filming yesterday (July 1)."

The producer continued, "Baek Jin Hee will become 2PM"s female member. We wanted a similar type of team, like how all of the "Running Man" members are male except for Song Ji Hyo. We"ve decided to bring Baek Jin Hee [onto the show] because she is an actress who hasn"t appeared in too many variety programs, she"s getting a lot of attention these days and she has a fresh charm."

He added, "We can"t "open" [reveal] what kind of special it is yet. But 2PM"s beast-dol charms will definitely be shown. It was one of the most unpredictable filming experiences yet."

The 2PM members have appeared several times on the show, and were a huge hit each and every time. So we"re quite excited to see them in an upcoming episode!

Their episode is set to air in the middle of July. Will you be tuning in?

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Two surprise guests to join Girls" Generation"s upcoming "Running Man" episode

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Two surprise guests to join Girls

As if we need another reason to watch the upcoming Girls" Generation episode of "Running Man", two more surprise guests have been confirmed for an appearance in their episode!

A producer for "Running Man" told Sports Today, "The "Running Man" episode to air this week on July 5 will have all of the Girls" Generation members. And this will be revealed during the broadcast, but two surprised guests will be appearing as well. It"s a secret as to who they are, but as soon as they appear, viewers will be very surprised."

We wonder who these surprise guests are! Any guesses?

The producer continued, "The Girls" Generation episode is being edited into one episode for the July 5 broadcast. The editing isn"t finished yet but since this is Girls" Generation"s first appearance as a whole, you can look forward to it."

Their episode airs soon on July 5 at 6:10pm KST! And check out the teaser below if you haven"t done so already!

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